Bob Evans Thanksgiving Menu 2022 & Reviews

Are you excited to have the best and most memorable thanksgiving meal with your family? Bob Evans Thanksgiving menu has everything you would need to treat your taste buds and enjoy the perfect thanksgiving 2022!

bob Evans thanksgiving menu

Bob Evans Thanksgiving Menu: Should You Go For It?

Do you have a sweet tooth for tasty and popular restaurant menus? We all love to have a tasty meal at the end of a tough and tiring day or on special weekends, right? But it can be tough to choose where to have the best experience. Besides, foodie no-foodie, you need a tasty meal to treat your taste buds on special occasions.

Now, what can be a better day to enjoy tasty food and an exciting menu than thanksgiving? But hey, on a holiday that is all about tasty food and an exciting combination of menu, where do you go to experience the best combination?

WE KNOW – how about Bob Evans Thanksgiving menu? Does that make your mouth water and your mind wander in the journey of imagining all the tasty food Bob Evans family meals may look and taste like?

We thought so! Wait, before you wander off in your imagination, let’s explore everything about Bob Evans and the Bob Evans thanksgiving menu 2022.

What’s in Bob Evans Thanksgiving Dinner 2022?

Are you ready to explore the mouth-watering menu of Bob Evans thanksgiving dinner 2022? While we all love good taste, having it come from a popular brand makes it even more special.

After all, when you need to make your Thanksgiving holiday special and memorable with your family, there can’t be a better meal option than Bob Evan’s thanksgiving celebration meal.

bob Evans thanksgiving menu

Bob Evans Thanksgiving Dinner includes:

  • Thanksgiving Premium Platter – which includes signature slow-roasted turkey AND hickory-smoked ham, buttered corn, green beans with ham, and mashed potatoes and gravy. Is it just me, or are you also craving this combination?
  • Signature slow-roasted turkey – everyone’s favorite and a must-have for sure!
  • Cook up comforting Farmhouse sides – which include mashed potatoes and gravy as a topping to make your holiday meal complete. All you have to do is heat, serve, and enjoy its juicy taste! So it’s the perfect Bob Evans thanksgiving dinner to go and cook for a quick and memorable family and friends gathering.
  • Seasonal Pies – To please your sweet tooth every holiday by Bob Evan’s best chef’s freshly baked seasonal pie.

Bob Evans Family Meals and Thanksgiving Meal Days:

So are you also asking yourself if Bob Evans is open on thanksgiving? Wait, what if we tell you that that’s not the only day you can eat the tasty Bob Evan’s Thanksgiving meal? Oh, so you were expecting us to give you a date to run over to Bob Evans for their tasty, creamy, and oh-so-unforgettable thanksgiving turkey meal?

bob evans family meals

Well, here’s good news – Bob Evan’s thanksgiving dinner 2022, consisting of their signature slow-roasted turkey, is available on the menu seven days a week. So you can enjoy the taste of thanksgiving with Bob Evans, without waiting for thanksgiving to arrive. Isn’t that exciting?

Other famous Thanksgiving Menus 2022

This Thanksgiving, you can be thankful for food. We’ve compiled a list of some delicacies that will make your holiday feast even more special.

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All About Bob Evans:

So what is Bob Evans? You have heard a lot about the Bob Evans family meals, but is that all to the hype or have you also tried visiting this popular American restaurant? If you haven’t yet tasted the healthy and mouth-watering dishes from bob Evan’s thanksgiving menu 2022, then there’s good news for you.

No, this isn’t about the affordable variety of Bob Evan’s thanksgiving menu prices (sure, that’s a plus point of this popular and high-quality restaurant). But we’re also referring to the fact that Bob Evans is so popular that it has a chain of restaurants under its belt.

Owned by Golden Gate Capital, this New Albany, Ohio-based restaurant was founded in 1948 by Robert Lewis Evans. Since then, Robert, who was a restaurateur and marketer of pork sausage products, has ensured that the quality of the ingredients is fully maintained.

That is certainly one of the major factors that have contributed to the success of this American restaurant, bringing multiple restaurant chains under its name.

Bob Evans himself is the founder of the company Golden Gate Capital and Owens Country Sausage. What adds uniqueness to this food chain is that this restaurant first started in the Bob Evans Farm, and its branch there is still open for 35 days of the year for the visitors.

Now with all the tasty and healthy dishes being served in an environment as healthy as a farm, there’s no way your Bob Evans Thanksgiving dinner 2022 wouldn’t be memorable, right?

But just in case you can’t make it there, there are more chains of this amazing American restaurant that you can always visit and make your weekends special.

FAQs about Bob Evans Thanksgiving

Is Bob Evans open on Thanksgiving?

Yes, Bob Evans restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner every Thanksgiving day. Bob Evans is open from 8 AM until 7 PM for a special homestyle Thanksgiving meal. 

Can I place my order online for Thanksgiving?

Yes, You can order thanksgiving dinner online, by using their official website.

Does Bob Evans serve breakfast on Thanksgiving?

Yes, Bob Evans serves breakfast on Thanksgiving. Bob Evans serves special breakfast menu items for those looking for a pre-holiday feast meal.


Now you know what comes with bob Evan’s family meals plan. What’s next? Well, it’s time you choose your favorite dish and head to Bob Evans for a tasty family meal. Besides, one thing you can never get bored of is tasty food. So go grab it!

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