Boston Market Christmas Dinner 2022

Boston market made its name as Holiday Experts because of its amazing dinners. When December comes, people start waiting for the Boston Market Christmas dinner and upcoming New Year treats.

Those looking for pre-cooked meals find this place ideal because they don’t have to cook at home and miss any Christmas bash.

Boston market Christmas dinner

You can spend time with your friends, family, and partners if everything is ready on the table. Boston market Christmas hours could be different near you, but the service is there for sure.

You will get yummy menus wherever you live in the US because the restaurant serves in all states. Boston market started 30 years back and it had more than 300 franchises in various cities of the United States.

It started as a corporation and its main office is in Golden, Colorado Boston. It serves home-style food on different holidays.

It aims to provide you a fresh and organic food free from gluten. Besides, whatever meat you get, it is free from antibiotics and any hormones.

Boston Market Christmas Dinner 2022

The holiday meals come in various forms, like traditional and modern for all types of customers. Boston market Christmas dinner menu would not lack delicious Heat n Serve meal, a spiral sliced ham.

The A La Carte, Rotisserie prime rib, and much more. Just call your guests for Christmas and leave the rest for chefs of the Boston market.

Boston Market Christmas Dinner Options,

  1. Heat and Serve Meal
  2. A La Carte Menu
  3. Home-Delivered Meals
  4. Christmas Dinner Catering
boston market christmas dinner catering

Boston Market Christmas Dinner for Individual

Price for Individual $13.99

  • (1) Boneless Ham (7oz) OR Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast (7oz) OR Half Signature Rotisserie Chicken (1 – 1½ chicken)
  • (2) Sides
  • (1) Dinner Roll
  • (1) Slice of Apple Pie OR Pumpkin Pie

Boston Market Christmas Dinner For 3

Price for 3: $39.99

  • (1) Hand Carved Ham OR Sliced Roasted Turkey Breast OR Signature Rotisserie Chicken (1 – 1½ chicken)
  • (3) Large Sides
  • (3) Dinner Rolls
  • (1) Whole Apple Pie OR Pumpkin Pie

Boston Market Christmas Dinner Home Style Sides

  • Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Sweet Corn
  • Vegetable Stuffing

Boston Market Christmas dinner Prices 2022

Boston Market Christmas Heat and Serve Meal

Prime Rib Meal

Prime Rib Meal$149.99

Turkey Breast & Ham Meal

Turkey Breast & Ham Meal$129.99

Ham Meals

Complete Spiral-Sliced Ham – Meal for 12 people$129.99
Complete Half-Boneless Honey-Glazed Ham$89.99
Essential Half Honey-Glazed Ham$79.99

Turkey Meals

Complete Whole Roasted Turkey$129.99
Complete Boneless Roasted Turkey Breast$89.99
Essential Whole Roasted Turkey$109.99
Essential Boneless Roasted Turkey Breast$79.99

Boston Market Christmas A La Carte Menu

Crave-Worthy Menu

Spiral-Sliced Ham (11 lb avg)$64.99
Whole Boneless Honey-Glazed Ham (8 lb avg)$69.99
1/2 Boneless Honey-Glazed Ham (4.25 lb avg)$45.99
Whole Roasted Turkey (11 lb avg)$54.99
Boneless Roasted Turkey Breast (5 lb avg)$45.99

Side & Apps

Mashed Potatoes$11.99
Sweet Corn$11.99
Vegetable Stuffing$12.99
Creamed Spinach$12.99
Sweet Potato Casserole$12.99
Mac & Cheese$12.99
Cinnamon Apples$12.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip and Crackers$14.99
12 oz. Cranberry Walnut Relish$4.99
12 Dinner Rolls$4.99
12 Fresh-Baked Cornbread$5.99


9″ Whole Apple Pie$6.49
9″ Whole Pumpkin Pie$6.49
9″ Whole Pecan Pie$8.99

Boston Market Christmas Home-Delivered Meals

Turkey Breast And Ham Meal

Turkey Breast And Ham Meal$139.99

Ham Meal

Essential Half-Honey Glazed Ham$ 89.99
Complete Half-Boneless Honey-Glazed Ham$ 99.99
Complete Spiral-Sliced Ham$139.99

Turkey Meal 

Complete whole roasted turkey – Meal for 12$129.99
Essential boneless roasted turkey breast – Meal for 4-6 people$ 89.99
Essential whole-roasted turkey$ 109.99

Boston Market Christmas A La Carte

Signature Holiday Sides

Signature Holiday Sides$ 39.99


Whole Roasted Turkey (5 lb. avg.)$59.99
Spiral-Sliced Ham (9 lb. avg.)$64.99


Dessert Duo: Chocolate Cake & Apple Pie$32.99

Boston Market Christmas Catering Menu

Boston market Christmas dinner is quite affordable, be it traditional food or some other. The good thing is that the catering service is also within your reach because the restaurant owner wants you to feel cool throughout Christmas.

Its platter Christmas day meal includes a piece from the roasted Turkey breast, boneless ham, rotisserie chicken as half,  one dinner roll, two sides, and some pie of your choices, like apple or pumpkin.

Boston Market also offers gift cards with amazing deals for its guests to save some amount. These deals last till Dec 31, and the card allows you to buy food of your choice through online order.

Boston Market also offers a loyalty program for those who visit it throughout the year. The loyal guest rewards like the Rotisserie reward are very popular, which work through points.

You get points against the money you spend here and then you can redeem these points for a 12 persons’ holiday meal, so wow, isn’t it cool.

Boston Market Christmas Dinner Catering Prices

The restaurant offers meals with catering which is often suitable for those who have more guests on Christmas. However, a small party can also get this opportunity.

You will get a hot dinner just like what you have at the restaurant buffet. The Christmas dinner with catering will be enough for 10 guests or more depending on your limit.

boston market christmas dinner menu

Those who want extra treats in the form of sides, desserts, and appetizers can odor the A La Carte. Besides, you can have ready-made meals for your guests, which are available as chilled.

These foods are mostly available from Dec 14 to Jan 1st. You can pick the meal from the restaurant and serve it after heating. You will know the heating time of each meal by the restaurant staff.

Create Your Own Buffet$10
Deluxe Buffet$12
Premium Buffet$14

Ordering Boston Market Christmas Dinner in 2022

The home delivery is also there through the Boston market app, and it includes eight kinds of pre-cooked meals. You can order Boston market Christmas dinner after Dec15 and get them straight to your home.

  • Platter catering lets you choose from four popular menu items – rotisserie turkey breast with gravy; 
  • chicken salad sandwich on white.
  • roast beef with au jus; 
  • ham & Swiss cheese sandwich on honey oat bread with buttery spread; 

Boston Market Christmas Dinner Review

Boston Market Christmas dinner reviews are generally positive. Boston Market Christmas Dinner is typically served with a choice of white or dark meat, and customers can choose to add gravy to their order.

Boston Market reviews indicate that the majority of customers are satisfied with the taste and quality of Boston Market Christmas Dinner.

Some reviewers have noted that the portions are small, but this is to be expected from a fast casual restaurant. Overall, Boston Market Christmas Dinner is a popular dish that is well-reviewed by customers.

Boston Market Christmas Eve Hours

Boston Market will remain open on Christmas Eve for limited hours. It will not work on Christmas day, so place your online order before the event. You can check its hours by calling your nearby franchise.  

However, the restaurant will have regular hours on all other holidays.

Boston Market Christmas HoursDateOpening & Closing Hours
Boston Market Christmas Eve HoursDec 24 10:30 AM -10:00 PM
Boston Market Christmas Day HoursDec 25 10:30 AM – 10:00 PM

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