Christmas Tree Cakes in 2022 – Ice Cream Cakes & Dips

The wrapping papers are rustling, Christmas lights are twinkling and Christmas tree cakes are ready to serve. They are ready to serve nationwide.

how to make a christmas tree for a cake

Christmas Tree Cake Festive

Christmas tree cakes are the holiday tradition in everyone’s house. They are quite hard to find. People can now make these in their homes.

They are easy to make with the easiest recipe. Serve the Christmas tree cakes at your holiday party and you will steal the show.

This is a sandwich that is filled with crème between two layers of soft vanilla cake. They are like Christmas-shaped cookies and each cake is coated in white candy. These are decorated with green sprinkles and red garlands.

Hostess Christmas Tree Cakes

Hostess Christmas tree cakes 2022 launched something unique. It’s a Christmas tree with meat ornaments. It is one of the holiday hostess trees. 

These Christmas tree hostess cakes are simple. Just add huckleberry leaves and parsley sprigs stapled by hand with wire screen staples to a cone. These cakes are one of the best holiday treats for family and friends.

Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream

Get ready to celebrate the holidays this year with an iconic snack. The Hostess Christmas tree cakes ice creams are a whole new way to enjoy an iconic cake that features pound cake pieces as a Christmas treat. 

The icy revamp of the Christmas tree cakes features vanilla ice cream that is swirled with green sprinkles, golden cake, and red icing.

christmas tree cake dip

These ice creams are described as a rich vanilla flavor loaded with golden cake chunks and with red icing and green sprinkle.

Christmas tree cake ice cream is loved by the customers and they got a good sale. This genius ice cream idea naturally met with success.

The little Debbie Christmas tree ice cream is available nationwide with its different flavors as well.

Get Christmas Tree Cakes from the following stores

1. Walmart Christmas Tree Cake

  • Get Christmas tree cakes from Walmart easily.
  • The family pack cost only $17.99 which is 8.52 oz. with 5 counts on Walmart.
  • Christmas tree cake vanilla ice cream with red icing and green sprinkles is also available at Walmart which costs $2.50.
  • People can order online with free shipping now.

2. Amazon Christmas Tree Cake

  • Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are available on Amazon.
  • These are the vanilla flavors.
  • They are $9 on Amazon with a 0.27 Kg package weight.
  • Amazon is also offering 30 individual packs with 6 boxes for $45.

3. Sainsbury’s Christmas Tree Cake

  • Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes are one of the holiday traditions and classic treats for many.
  • Sainsbury’s also offers Christmas tree cakes at discounted prices.
  • Their vanilla cake packs are $5 on their website and they can deliver them to your door steps as well. 

4. eBay Christmas Tree Cake

  • Christmas cakes are also available on eBay with 5 snack cakes.
  • They help in serving 5 people easily and cost only $12.
  • A big pack box with 6 big cakes costs only $15 that contains around more than 10 quantities.
  • Delivery charges for these items may vary from area to area. 

5. Gosupps Christmas Tree Cake

  • Gosupps is one of the best platforms where people can get Christmas tree cakes.
  • They are offering vanilla Christmas tree cakes 3 boxes of 5 (total of 15 cakes) for only $44.99.
  • They are selling for $58.49 but they are offering a big discount and selling for $44.99.
  • Catch your cake now and enjoy Christmas.

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Christmas Tree Cake dip

Fans of Christmas tree cakes will go crazy over the amazing Christmas tree cake dip recipes. It combines everything people love about the classic Christmas tree cakes into a rich dip with many ingredients such as cream cheese.

Not only do these dips taste amazing but they also look gorgeous. Whip these up for dessert or snacks that are perfect for parties, movie nights, and more. It’s a very good and amazing thing to make the mood strike.

christmas tree cake ice cream

Christmas Tree Cakes Dippers

Hostess Christmas tree cake dip is a delicious treat and a brilliant idea. There are many kinds of amazing dippers and they have an amazing fan following. Below you will get to know what kind of dippers are to serve.


People can use any type they prefer. Most of them use sticks but twists would be delicious too.

Vanilla wafers

People love adding vanilla dips to their cookie trays. Christmas tree cakes taste very amazing with the dips.

Animal crackers

This is one of the classic cookies that dips very perfectly.

Graham cracker

People can use graham crackers and they can even get cinnamon sugar ones.


This includes ginger snap, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip dips that taste very amazing.


Apple slices and strawberries taste very good with these dips.


Why do people love Christmas tree cake dips?

The ingredients are simple and they are easy to purchase. The dips looked fancy but they only took a few minutes to prepare. People love bringing dips to holiday parties as a perfect appetizer.

How to make a Christmas tree for a cake?

Use a 3 or 4-inch Christmas tree cookie. Cut down 20 or more Christmas trees from the cakes. Then make it filling with a few ingredients. Pipe the frosting from all over the top one by one Christmas tree. Then finally Place the Christmas trees into the freezer for 2 hours.


This is a simple snack but it is one of them that surpasses time. Christmas tree cake is packed individually and its shape is like a Christmas tree.

Outside it has a coating of icing and sprinkles. Inside it contains a delicious cake. Christmas tree cakes and dips are the amazing festive treat to make this holiday season the best one.

The dips are very easy and fast to make and yet so decadent. These dips, if stored properly, last about a week. You should store them in the refrigerator to make them stay fresh for an easy snack.

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