Chuys Catering Menu Prices 2023

Let’s have a look at the details regarding Chuys Catering, which you have been unaware of. This article is going to make you explore Chuy’s catering menu, Chuy’s wedding catering, Chuy’s secret menu, and Chuy’s happy hour.

About Chuy Restaurant

Chuy restaurant is a Tex-Mex Chain Restaurant that was accepted and recognized in 1982 in Austin, by John Zapp, and by Mike Young. It is also known for its well-decorated dine-in. This adorned site and colorful meal plates force people to come, sit and have a meal there.  

Owners: Its founders are, John Zapp and Mike Young. They laid the foundation of this restaurant, giving the best services today. 

Does Chuy cater? 

Chuy’s is a restaurant with a significant role for caterers. They will provide you with bulk food for your events like weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, and meetups.

If you want your guests to cheer up with the goodness of fresh ingredients and nice processing then this is the place you must book your order for your special occasions. 

What is the best food from Chuy’s?

Here is to tell you the specialty and the specials to make you aware of the best food there. 

chuy's catering menu

Chuy’s Catering Specials

The most famous item on their menu is “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” enchiladas. This sizzling item is genuinely so hot enough to excite your taste buds.

The question arises, what is exciting in this item? The secret lies in the processing. The cheese is processed with hot chili, giving rise to this special item. 

Another special one is Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken. They are served with the most favourite snack i.e., Lays. This is just addictive. You will be in love with them. 

Chuy’s Catering Specialty

Their specialty lies in quality processing. They claim to have a fine set of ingredients in their food. It is to tell you that it is not just a claim though.

It is a reality and you can explore it yourself by visiting and nourishing your taste buds there. The homemade sauces, handmade delights, and nutritious packages are evidence of their fame. 

Everything there is free from frozen ingredients. All you get there is 100 per cent pre, fresh and organic. No canned items are selected. 

The tomato pastes, lime juices, and sauces are made every day. Raw food items are not appreciated at all. Even they also say no to the powdered or flavoured substituents in their dishes. The food is genuinely made from scratch. 

How much is Chuys Catering?

Chuy’s Catering menu prices are affordable. This menu details with the price information will help you compute a map about the calculations regarding Chuy’s Catering.

Chuy’s Catering Menu and Prices

The finely processed Chuy’s Catering Menu includes mainly the, 

chuy's catering

 Chuys Catering Menu Appetizers with Prices

  • This portion includes aromatic hunger exciters like Salsa Fresca which is available in three sizes in a range that serves almost 2 to 12 people.
  • From the smallest to the largest, these are priced between $2.89 and 49.99.
  • Then another excitement here is Creamy Jalapeno which is enough for a maximum of 12 people and a minimum of 2, ranging the price between $3.85 and $12.75.
  • Similarly, Guacamole and Chile Con Queso serve the same number of guests with the prices between $6.75 to the most inflated big deal of $25.50.
  • Quesadillas are suggested for 1 person, for which you have to pay $23.50 per dozen.
Chuy’s Catering AppetizersPrices
Salsa Fresca (serves 2-4)$2.85
Salsa Fresca (serves 6-8)$5.29
Salsa Fresca (serves 10-12)$9.99
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 2-4)$3.85
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 6-8)$6.75
Creamy Jalapeno (serves 10-12)$12.75
Guacamole (serves 2-4)$6.75
Guacamole (serves 6-8)$12.99
Guacamole (serves 10-12)$24.69
Chile Con Queso (serves 2-4)$7.50
Chile Con Queso (serves 6-8)$13.75
Chile Con Queso (serves 10-12)$25.50
Chicken Flautas (Suggested 2 Per Person)$13.75/dozen
Quesadillas (Suggested 1 Per Person)$23.50/dozen
Quesadillas with Chicken (Suggested 1 Per Person)$27.50/dozen

Chuys Catering Menu Packages with Prices

  • Packages have the most colorful items like Fajita Bar for $15.25, and Peace, Love & Enchiladas for $10.39/per person.
  • Here are some average-priced items including, The Chiquito Burrito with fajita chicken or beef, Nacho Bar, Taco Salad, and Mexi-Cobb Salad.
  • All this nutritious love is available in a reasonable price range of $8.29-$10.59 per person. 
Chuy’s Catering PackagesPrices
Fajita Bar (The Big Daddio)$15.25
Fajita Bar (The Mamacita)$12.00
Peace, Love & Enchiladas$10.39/person
The Chiquito Burrito$8.25/person
The Chiquito Burrito with fajita chicken or beef$9.25/person
Nacho Bar$8.29/person
Taco Salad$9.99/person
Mexi-Cobb Salad$10.59/person

Chuys Catering menu Sides with Prices

  • Here comes the most organic portion of the menu, the siders. Rice and Beans are the most liked option here which can serve a maximum group of 12 people.
  • It is ranked by the sizes of the bowls. You have to withdraw an average of $6 from your pocket. Iced Tea is available for $9.00 per gallon. 
  • There is a long list of sauces there on the menu including, Green Chile, Hatch Green Chile and Boom-Boom, Tex-Mex, Deluxe Tomatillo, and many more. 
Chuy’s Catering SidesPrices
Rice or Beans (serves 2-4)$1.50
Rice or Beans (serves 6-8)$2.85
Rice or Beans (serves 10-12)$5.29
Tres Leches$45.00/sheet
Iced Tea$9.00/gallon

How to order Chuy’s wedding catering?

Ordering for weddings at Chuy’s is so simple and easy. All you have to do is, 

  • Search for the official site first. 
  • Go for the locator.
  • Locate the Chuy’s restaurant near to you. 
  • Then select wedding catering from their menu.
  • Then direct them to the address details. 

You can also contact the director directly if you want huge gathering arrangements to be done nicely and in time by your assurance. You can easily find the contact information and details on the same website.

As we know that they prefer hand-made processing, so it is to be noted that the order must be placed some days before the setting so they may get ample time to organize a nice event there. 

Chuy’s Happy Hour

Chuy’s happy hour starts from 4 pm to 7 pm from Monday through Friday.

There are no happy hours available on Saturdays and Sundays but you can have the food specials on these days.

chuy's happy hour menu prices

There are a lot of happy deals available for the guests which will please their stomachs. These items include salsa, queso, taco meat, and chips. The additional daily happy hours specials include,

  • Hatched Chicken Enchiladas
  • Chicken Velvet Enchiladas
  • Cosmic Combo
  • Pork Boom-Boom Enchiladas
  • Macho Burrito

Normally there are a limited number of specials available per day. These happy hours are enough to perk the cravings of your customers. 

Chuy’s Catering Customer Services

FAQs Regarding Chuys Catering Menu

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