Costco Food Court Menu Prices 2024

Costco, a prominent wholesale giant, has become a staple in the retail landscape, not just for its vast range of consumer goods but also for its famed food court. From the iconic $1.50 hot dog combo to the new $9.99 roast beef sandwich, Costco’s food court merges culinary delight with affordability.

costco food court menu prices

However, some items, like the roast beef sandwich, have sparked debates over pricing among the throngs of Costco members. This article delves into the intricate balance Costco maintains between quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

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Costco Food Court Menu Items with their Prices

Costco, known for its passionate fanbase, offers a range of value-packed products, from their famous rotisserie chicken to bulk toilet paper. Their food court, a must-visit for shoppers, requires a Costco membership for access. Operating hours typically align with the store’s, but for large orders, it’s advisable to order ahead.

Key offerings at Costco food court include:

  • Hot Dog and Drink Combo ($1.50): A longstanding favorite, offering a quarter-pound all-beef hotdog with a 20-ounce drink, maintaining its price since 1985.
  • Roast Beef Sandwich ($9.99): Introduced in 2023, it features roast beef, onion relish, and a blend of sauces on an artisan roll. While large and tasty, its price is a bit steep for some.
  • Pizza ($1.99-$9.95): A household staple, available in cheese or pepperoni, sold by the slice or as a whole 18-inch pizza.
  • Soda ($0.69): A refreshing 20-ounce soda with a refill option.
  • Churro ($1.49): A popular cinnamon-and-sugar treat.
  • Ice Cream Sundae ($2.49): Vanilla ice cream with strawberries or chocolate topping.
  • Ice Cream Cup ($1.99): A simple dessert in vanilla or strawberry.
  • Cold Brew Mocha Freeze ($2.99): A combination of cold-brew coffee and chocolate.
  • Mango Smoothie ($2.99): A fruity drink with four servings of fruit and no added sugar.
  • Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad ($6.99): Featuring rotisserie chicken breast with romaine, Parmesan, and Caesar dressing.
  • Chicken Bake ($3.99): A filling option with chicken breast, cheese, bacon, and Caesar dressing in bread.

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Costco’s food court, more than just a place to eat, mirrors the company’s core values of quality and affordability, despite occasional mismatches in pricing expectations. Serving as a crucial aspect of the shopping experience, it exemplifies Costco’s commitment to evolving and catering to the diverse needs of its customers within a vibrant retail setting.

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