Dickeys Catering Prices 2023

The fame-stamped Dickey’s catering is famous for the overnight smoked, aromatic meat platters with sizzling sides to add to your taste, plus Dickeys catering prices. It is the best place to promptly satisfy your meaty cravings.

You can order online for delivery, takeout, and catering options.  They are best in the authenticity of the ratioed ingredients. The prolonged constant array of ingredients through generations makes quality products.

dickeys barbecue catering menu

This article is going to be very informative for you and will help you to know all the details regarding,

  • Dickey’s BBQ catering prices
  • Dickeys barbecue catering menu
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You will not remain unaware of all this anymore after consulting this article. Let’s first have a look at their meritorious hospitality, encircling their supplies and offers.

What makes Dickeys BBQ Pit Catering unusual?

There are a lot of items available for you to taste there. You are not confined to only a restricted menu. Their special BBQ catering is obtainable in,

  • Delivery Buffet Catering
  • Box Lunch Catering
  • Full-service Catering

There are choices for you to opt-in meat like you can have beef, chicken, and pork. There are separate alternatives in salads there for you according to every taste bud.

This is the best place to come and please your guests’ stomachs. They will enjoy themselves there. It is not only an amusement for the guests but will be favorable for hosts concerning affordable services.

Box lunch catering provides you with exciting boxes containing organic and delightful sandwiches, sweet cookies, and aromatic chips. This is the best offer to give out to 10 members or more. This will be enough for them.

If you are inviting a large group of people like it is a grand birthday celebration, a wedding or a reception. Then full-services catering is the best of all the choices here.

Either the list of the items or the menu is the same here but the waiters will assist you in serving, portioning, and cutting the food.

You don’t need to bother to come to every guest and help them make their plates. In this way, you will also enjoy the party session conveniently like the guests. Here you can say that hosts serve as guests. 

Dickey’s Catering Menu with Prices in 2023

Dickey’s Catering BBQ Prices

Delivery BuffetPrices
 Barbecue Buffet$14.69

Dickey’s Catering Box Lunches Prices

Box LunchesPrices
 Deluxe Box Lunch$12.61
 Standard Box Lunch$11.26
 Chicken Caesar Salad Box Lunch$11.03
 Deluxe Westerner Box Lunch$14.48
 Loaded Baker W/ Meat Box Lunch$11.24

Dickey’s Catering Party Packs Menu Prices

Party PacksPrices
 BYB Original Party Pack$136.92
 BYB Texas Brisket Party Pack$174.58
 BYB Classic Sandwich Pack$119.24
 BYB Pulled Pork Party Pack$114.50

Dickey’s Catering Entrees Prices

Hot EntreesPrices
Barbecue Sliders Platter$54.71
 1 Meat Plate$13.64
Butcher Tacos Platter$49.15

Dickey’s Catering Meat Menu Prices

Meats By the PoundPrices
Chicken Breast$18.56
Beef Brisket$24.43
Pulled Pork$17.62
Pork Ribs$16.56
Spicy Cheddar Sausage$19.19

Dickey’s Catering Hot Entrees

Individually Packaged Hot EntreesPrices
 2-Meat Plate$15.62

Dickey’s Catering Family Sides Menu with Prices

Family SidesPrices
Baked Potato Casserole$22.79

Dickey’s Catering Salads & sides Menu Prices

Salads & SidesPrices
Caesar Salad$29.42
Mac and Cheese$29.54
Barbecue Beans$29.60

Dickey’s Catering Sides Prices

Creamy Coleslaw$29.22

Dickey’s Catering Salads Menu

Individually Packaged Salads & SidesPrices
 Green Beans$12.81

Dickey’s Catering Desserts Menu Prices

 Assorted Dessert Platter$32.19
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.89
Whole Pecan Pie$24.24
Whole Pie$22.94
 Blondie Brownie$3.26
Pecan Pie$6.02
Slice of Pecan Pie$3.30
Blondie Brownies$2.99
Pecan Pie Slice$3.91

Dickey’s Catering Beverages Menu Prices

Gallon Sweet Tea$8.93
Gallon Unsweet Tea$8.93
Gallon Lemonade$9.63
 Gallon Soda$9.65

What is on the Dickeys BBQ catering menu?

catering dickies bbq

Dickey’s menu contains every boosting item to excite your taste buds and cravings,

  • Meat (half a Pound), you can opt for beef ribs, chicken pieces, pulled pork, etc. A meat plate comes with two optional sides, digestion-boosting pickles and onions. These items vary from day to day but this will be a healthy addition to your plate no matter what the day-based combinations are. 
  • Family snacks
  • Butcher Tacos
  • Home-style sides
  • Family packs
  • Sandwiches
  • Drinks
  • Desserts

Sandwiches are added with pickles, onions, and BBQ sauce. The westerner, big BBQ, and Lil’ Hoagie are among the most famous ones.

Dickeys Catering Prices with Menu Items

Dickeys Catering Box Lunch

Feed up to 10 person minimum

  • Standard Box Lunch
    (they are classic Sandwiches, a bag of chips, and cookies)
  • Deluxe Box Lunch
    (with a side added)
  • Baker Box Lunch
    (There large loaded baked potato)
  • Chicken Caesar Salad Box Lunch

Dickeys Catering Delivery Buffet

Complimentary delivery within 10 miles.

Feed up to 10 person minimum

Dickeys Classic Buffet includes your choice of:

  • 2 Slow-Smoked Meats & 3 Sides
  • Buttery Rolls, relish tray, choice of barbecue sauce & paperware
  • Option to serve Buffet Style or Individually Packaged and Plated

Dickeys Catering Full Service

Complimentary delivery within 10 miles.

Feed up to 100 person
Dickeys catering menu Full-Service Buffet catering starts with your choice of:

  • 2 Slow-Smoked Meats & 3 Sides
  • Buttery Rolls, relish tray, choice of barbecue sauce & paperware
  • Dickey’s staff sets up, serves, and cleans up the buffet

Dickeys Party Platters & Packs

Feeds up to 12 people

Party platters include Perfect Appetizers, Snacks & Desserts for any event.

  • Barbecue Slider Platter
  • Assorted Dessert Platter
  • Classic Sandwich Platter

Call for ordering online Catering: 1-866-227-2328

Why are Dickeys catering prices so attractive?

Let’s overview the prices to make you calculate your budget if you are interested in placing your catering order here,

Dickeys catering prices are ranked according to the size of the plate, from quarter meal plates to three meal plates the prices inflated from $8.95 to $13.50. 

Dickeys catering menu prices

Talking about the sandwiches, the cheesy one is the most inflated item on this menu at $7.95. others are in a range between $4.50 and $5.95. the salad options offer a selection between $6.50 – $7.95. 

Family packs include three packs, an XL family pack, a medium family pack, and a picnic pack with the price of between $26.95 and $59.95. For drinks and desserts, you have to withdraw a maximum of $18.00 from your account.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit Launches Big Yellow Box Catering

Dallas, TX – Get ready to revolutionize small-group gatherings this August! Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has designed their newest catering innovation: the Big Yellow Box of Dickeys Catering.

Perfect for any occasion and serving up to 12 people in one go, you can now conveniently pick up award-winning BBQ offerings with ease when ordering from Dickey’s.

Choose between a mouthwatering selection of meats and more as part of your next gathering – no mess or fuss required! Dickey’s Barbecue offers five Party Packs, each with different items and prices.

  1. The Pulled Pork Party Pack ($85) includes 4 lbs of pulled pork, large cabbage slaw, large barbecue beans, large potato salad, 12 buttery rolls pickles and onions.
  2. The Classic Sandwich Party Pack ($99) includes 12 classic sandwiches along with a Caesar salad and potato salad as well as pickles and onions.
  3. The Original Party Pack ($110) comes with 2 lbs of brisket plus 2 lbs of pulled pork in addition to the sides from the Pulled Pork pack.
  4. Wings & Ribs party pack($115), features 18 ribs alongside 24 wings accompanied by mac&cheese, coleslaw & buttery rolls plus Dickey’s Barbecue Sauce & ranch dressing.
  5. Lastly is Texas Brisket party pack($155), which consists of 4lbs briskets served w/ three side dishes +12 buttery rolls+pickles+onions+Dickeys BBQ sauce

How can I order catering Dickies BBQ?

 The best option is to place an online order at the website. For confirmations or double check, you can consult the customer services agent or any other social media platform. But a web tour is the best.

  1. Sync your account by filling in the required credentials.
  2. Select the handoff like, either you want carryout or delivery.
  3. Enter the address where you want your order to be delivered.
  4. Select the store then and start your order. 

You can easily find the contact info tab there on the official website. You can also search for the best locations that suit you.

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