Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 Prices

Food Lion Thanksgiving dinner has many new promotions for 2023, including a $20 coupon. The Thanksgiving meals include different foods, like potatoes, butterball turkey, beans casserole, turkey gravy, and sweet potatoes.

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Food Lion is offering an enticing range of Thanksgiving dinner promotions for 2023, headlined by a special $20 coupon. Their Thanksgiving meal selection includes a variety of options, from traditional Butterball turkeys to sides like potatoes and veggies.

Customers have the flexibility to choose from complete meals suitable for over 12 guests or opt for single servings, with prices beginning at a modest $20. The store’s lineup also features party platters and a diverse selection of turkeys, priced according to type: big frozen turkeys at $0.29 per pound, Butterball turkeys at $1.19 per pound, and smoked turkeys at $2.79 per pound.

In addition to these offerings, Food Lion has introduced several special offers. These include a $20 coupon available to shoppers who use their personal MVP card six times within a specified period, a 10% discount on Veterans Day for veterans and active military personnel, and a notable saving of $25 on a purchase of $100 worth of select gift cards.

The pricing for their meal packages is also quite attractive, with the Carolina Turkey Dinner priced at $29.99 and the Butterball Turkey Dinner at $39.99, catering to different group sizes and preferences. These diverse choices and discounts make Food Lion an appealing option for those planning their Thanksgiving meals, blending convenience with affordability.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner With Promotions

From southern recipes to modern cuisine, food lion sells everything to make your meal memorable. The time is coming for food lion Thanksgiving dinner, so pull your strings for the groceries or prepared meals.

In my opinion, one should relax on the holiday and order food from a nice place like food lion. Instead of rushing for cooking to treat your guests this year, get frozen meals and heat them before serving.

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The store was initiated by Ahold Delhaize and is widely spread. Food lion has locations all over the USA and people love its food due to its low prices. Other than Thanksgiving, food lion Christmas dinner is also available with yummy foods.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

The pre-cooked meals include traditional-style turkey as a whole, or just a breast piece, depending on the meal size.

Other foods include traditional mashed potatoes, yummy relish made of cranberries and orange, the bread of different styles, turkey gravy, crunchy vegetables, desserts, sides, and appetizers.

You can order a meal for 12 plus guests or two or four persons. But, if you live alone you can still order the pre-cooked meal for one person to celebrate like the old times.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Price

The price varies according to the meal and it starts from $20 and goes beyond that. The dinner for 10 to 12 will cost you around $ 39.99 and it includes a Butterball turkey.  Whereas the dinner price becomes $29.99 for 8 to 10 persons in the case of Carolina turkey.

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Food Lion Premade Thanksgiving Dinner

Food Lion has three different packages you can choose from when it comes to making your dinner tonight. The Carolina Turkey Dinner, priced at $29 for an 8-10 pound turkey with all the fixings including 2lbs of corn bread dressing1pound giblet gravy and 12 ounces cranberry relish.

The Butterball Turkeys are priced higher but come in 10 -12 pounds so they’re perfect if this is more food than one person needs!

For only 39 cents per serving (or less!), Foodlion offers Smithfield Ham Dinners which include not just broccoli casseroles or sweet potatoe bake.

With the many additional ingredients available to you, such as other fresh produce and canned vegetables; it is possible for a complete holiday meal cost less than $60!

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Prices In 2023

It looks like Food Lion offers a variety of Thanksgiving dinner items at different price points, along with some special offers:

  1. Big Frozen Turkey (10 lbs. or more): Priced at $0.29 per pound with additional purchases required.
  2. Butterball Turkey: Available for $1.19 per pound.
  3. Smoked Turkey from Butterball: This option costs $2.79 per pound.
  4. Perdue Roaster: Priced at $1.49 per pound.
  5. Sides (like potatoes or veggies): These start at $2.99.
  6. Party Platters (including meats, cheeses, and more): Starting at $19.99.

Additionally, Food Lion is running several special offers:

  • Earn a $20 Coupon: Shoppers can earn this by using their personal MVP card six times between October 11 and November 21.
  • Veterans Day Discount: On November 11, veterans and active military personnel receive a 10% discount.
  • Gift Card Offer: Customers can save $25 on a purchase of $100 worth of participating gift cards from November 1-14.

These offers provide a range of choices and discounts for customers planning their Thanksgiving meals.

Famous Thanksgiving Menus with Prices 2023

Food Lion Thanksgiving Promotion 2023

Food Lion introduces promotion campaigns like other places. This year, it brings rewards, such as you can get $20 in the form of a coupon. This promotion started on Oct 13 and will stay valid till Nov 24.

You can redeem this coupon if you buy products from a food lion store six times during the valid duration. However, you have to use their MVP card to qualify for this coupon.

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Another way is to buy a thing worth $50 in a day. Once you get the coupon, you can redeem it during your next purchase but only if you use the MVP card. Besides, you can use this coupon within two weeks of the issue date.

Customers also get discounts if they buy through Food Lion To Go. If you don’t have the MVP card, you can apply for it through your local store, or through the food lion website or its official app.

Food Lion also offers the Buy 2 and Get 1 free, however, it includes certain products, like brownies, cheese crackers, mayo, spreads, and dinnerware.

Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

Food Lion Thanksgiving dinner reviews are quite positive, with customers stating that the food is delicious and the servings are generous. The prices are also very reasonable, making Food Lion a great option for those on a budget.

The only downside is that the selection is somewhat limited, but this is to be expected given the low price point. Overall, Food Lion Thanksgiving dinners are a great value and are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

FAQs Regarding Food Lion Thanksgiving Dinner

Is Food Lion Open On Thanksgiving Day?

Food Lion has various chains of which some will be working on Thanksgiving Day as regular days. The stores will open at 8 am and will close at 3 pm on Thanksgiving, However, some will open at 7 am due to that area’s demand.

Is Food Lion Closed On Thanksgiving?

The store won’t be closed on Thanksgiving, but some stores have different working schedules that you can check on any hour-finding app.

Does Food Lion Sell Thanksgiving Dinner?

Yes, food lion sells pre-cooked meals for a Thanksgiving dinner that you can pick before the event and use on the holiday. You can also order online for food lion Thanksgiving dinner through its website or an app. But, you can also eat out on any occasion.

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