Kroger Easter Dinner 2024 – All the Easter Essential Available for Limited Time

Kroger offers a variety of options for Easter dinner in 2024, including various meats like spiral sliced honey ham and beef steaks, along with fresh side dishes such as asparagus, broccoli crowns, and baby spring mix.

They also provide brunch essentials like eggs, orange juice, and bagels. Additionally, there are options for adult beverages like beer, wine, and hard seltzer for those looking to toast during their Easter meals.

kroger easter dinner menu

The price range for Kroger’s Easter dinner items in 2024 varies, with options available from as low as $0.59 for individual vegetables to around $34.41 for larger meat items like spiral-sliced honey hams. There are also a variety of fresh sides and brunch essentials offered at various prices, ensuring options for different budgets.

Kroger Easter Meals 2024 with Prices

Main Dishes:

ItemsCalories/ServingPickup Price
Heritage Farm Boneless & Skinless Chicken Tenderloins90$8.53
Heritage Farm Breasts with Rib Meat110$14.14
Boneless Pork Loin Chops (3 per pack)113.05$7.37
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Whole Fillet Farm Raised177$24.98
Kroger Natural Pork Spareribs310$12.85
Kroger Spiral Sliced Honey Ham Half (8-10 lb)160$34.41

Easter Meal Essentials:

ItemsWeight/QuantityPickup Price
Broccoli CrownsN/A$1.16
Kroger Grade A Large White Eggs18 ct.$5.09
Simple Truth Organic Baby Spring Mix BIG Deal!16 oz.$5.49
Green AsparagusN/A$2.99
Cauliflower1 ct.$2.49

Tomatoes and Vegetables:

Private Selection Snacking Tomatoes Petite Cherry1 pt. / 10 oz.26.82$2.99
Private Selection Snacking Tomatoes Petite Medley10 oz.N/A$2.99
Private Selection Snacking Tomatoes Petite Grape10 oz.27$2.99
Celery1 ct.1$1.19
Cucumber1 ct.14$0.59
Nature Sweet Cherubs Tomatoes10 oz.27$3.49

Snacks and Nuts:

ItemsWeight/QuantityCalories/Serving Price
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original Crunchy14 oz.100$7.49
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps Original Deli Style7.2 oz110$4.29
Sabra Classic Hummus10 oz.70$4.49
Simple Truth Sea Salt Roasted Cashew Nuts16 oz.160$6.99
Simple Truth Organic Sea Salt Roasted Deluxe Nut Mix16 oz.170$6.99

Deli Selections:

Private Selection Old World Cracker Cut Pepperoni14 oz.130$7.49
Private Selection Old World Cracker Cut Hard Salami14 oz.110$7.49
Kroger Veggie Tray with Dip20 oz.70$4.99
Kroger Veggie Tray with Dip (Large)40 oz.100$9.99

Fresh Vegetables:

ItemsWeight/QuantityPickup Price
Green AsparagusN/A$2.99
Broccoli CrownsN/A$1.16
Cauliflower1 ct.$2.49

Salads and Greens:

Simple Truth Organic Baby Spring Mix16 oz.25$5.49
Romaine Lettuce Hearts18 oz.15$3.49

Potatoes and Roots:

Baker Russet Potatoes4 ct.N/A$2.99
Whole Carrots Bag2 lb.25.01$2.29

Kroger Easter Brunch Meals

Kroger Easter prices

Fruits & Juices:

ItemsWeight/QuantityPickup Price
Organic BananaN/A$0.28
Fresh Whole Pineapple1 ct.$2.50

Eggs & Dairy:

ItemsWeight/QuantityPickup Price
Grade A Large White Eggs18 ct.$5.09
Original Cream Cheese – 2 Pack16 oz.$3.49
Simple Truth Natural Cage-Free Large Brown Eggs18 ct.$6.49

Bakery Items:

ItemsWeight/QuantityPickup Price
All Butter Croissants4 ct. / 9.2 oz.$4.49
Pre-Sliced Plain Bagels6 ct. / 20 oz.$4.49
Goodness Blueberry Muffins4 ct. / 15 oz.$4.99

Kroger’s Easter 2024: Adult Beverage Selection for Brunch and Dinner Celebrations


Miller Lite American Pilsner24 cans / 12 fl oz$18.99
Bud Light Beer24 pk / 12 fl oz$18.99


Apothic Red Blend Red Wine750ml$9.99
La Marca Prosecco750ml$14.99

Hard Seltzers:

White Claw Hard Seltzer Variety Pack No. 112 cans / 12 fl oz$15.99
TRULY Hard Seltzer Margarita Style Variety12 cans / 12 fl oz$15.99

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