Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner 2023

Kroger Thanksgiving dinner includes traditional items. Customers can order pre-cooked or raw foods, depending on their needs. From roasted turkey to sides, and from gravy to sauce and desserts, everything is a part of Thanksgiving meals.

Kroger Thanksgiving dinner

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

The main item of Thanksgiving is always a Turkey. You can order Kroger Prepared Thanksgiving dinner 2023 consisting of a variety of turkey recipes. Like, the meals include stuffed and roasted Turkey, easy-roast turkey breast, a whole turkey, and much more.

You should preplan if you need cooked or fresh turkey as it will save your time. The whole turkey is ideal for a big family, whereas the roasted turkey breast is fine for one or two guests. So, place your order according to your needs.

Kroger Prepared Thanksgiving Dinner items 2023

  1. Boneless turkey dinner (4 lb.)
  2. Mashed potatoes
  3. Gravy
  4. Stuffing or dressing
  5. Green bean casserole
  6. Sweet potato souffle or casserole
  7. 1 dozen King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls
  8. 10-inch pumpkin pie

The price for this Thanksgiving dinner from Kroger is just $65

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner Prices

Kroger’s Thanksgiving dinner cost depends on its quantity.  A dinner for six to eight persons costs around $89.99 that becomes only $15 per person.

It includes gravy, broccoli rice, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey, and sweet potatoes casserole. You can also order separate items of your choice, thus reducing the cost.

It’s easy to calculate the entire meal’s price through per-person cost. Kroger also delivers Christmas and New Year dinners; besides, you can also buy decorative items for festivals.

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Bundles

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner Meal Bundles
Smoked Bone-In Turkey Dinner Bundle$75.00
Home Chef Oven Roasted Boneless Turkey Dinner Bundle$60.00
Prime Rib Dinner Bundle$85.00
Oven Baked Bone-In Turkey Dinner Bundle$75.00
Home Chef Boneless Ham Dinner Bundle$60.00
Boar’s Head Boneless Carve and Serve Turkey Dinner Bundle$75.00
Boar’s Head Boneless Sweet Slice Ham Dinner Bundle$75.00
Bone-In Ham Dinner Bundle$75.00

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner A La Carte Proteins

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner A La Carte Proteins
Oven Baked Bone-In Turkey$43.89
Bone-In Ham$27.93
Home Chef Boneless Ham$22.00
Prime Rib$51.96
Smoked Bone-In Turkey$43.89
Boar’s Head Boneless Carve and Serve Turkey$35.96
Boar’s Head Boneless Sweet Slice Ham$35.96
Home Chef Oven Roasted Boneless Turkey$22.00

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner A La Carte Sides

 Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner A La Carte Sides
Home Chef Mashed Potatoes$3.50
Home Chef Turkey Gravy$2.50discounted
King’s Hawaiian Rolls$3.49discounted
Homestyle Pumpkin Pie$6.99
Home Chef Bread Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce$7.00
Home Chef Sweet Potato Souffle$7.00
Home Chef Broccoli Rice Casserole$7.00
Home Chef Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing$7.00
Home Chef Cornbread Dressing$7.00
Home Chef Green Bean Casserole$7.00
Home Chef Creamy Scalloped Potatoes$7.00
Home Chef Creamed Spinach and Cheese$7.00
Home Chef Creamy Macaroni & Cheese$3.50discounted

Other Famous Thanksgiving Dinners in 2023

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner On The Go

Every year, you will see a repetition of Thanksgiving recipes just likeThanksgiving dinner at Kroger. But, traditional meals don’t get out of trend due to their originality and tastes. You can’t deny the mouthwatering meals that you can get precooked by Kroger.

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner Prices

Kroger is where people go for groceries and other household items, but its Thanksgiving meals are worth ordering due to their variety and quality.

You would love the green beans, turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry relish. Whereas apple pies and other desserts are also too yummy. Kroger Thanksgiving dinner cost is affordable; besides, the brand also announces many holiday rewards.

Bernard Kroger started this superstore in 1883 in Ohio and it earns a big revenue each year through general retail and other products.

Around 465000 employees work at Kroger in different departments. The store also has several other sister chains, including a bakery and restaurant.

The brand serves gluten-free and organic food, making all holiday meals super- healthy. You can also order special food according to your diet plans, like salads, etc.

Does Kroger Offer Thanksgiving Dinner With Side Items?

Yes, Kroger is famous for its yummy side dishes, such as cranberry-orange sauce, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes mixed with roasted garlic.

There is a long list of Thanksgiving dinners to go if you approach Kroger. You can also find lots of Thanksgiving recipes for free.

Kroger Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

You would also get cool appetizers according to the Kroger Thanksgiving dinner reviews. Like, cheese onions, cornbread, turkey tail cheese board, and several others.

These appetizers can fill your guests’ stomachs for a while until you serve the main course. Even you can serve juices before dinner; however, it should digest faster.

Kroger Thanksgiving Hours 2023

Some grocery stores are open 24 hours, while some others Kroger Stores will be open from 06:00 AM to 01:00 PM. Kroger store hours vary from one location to another and can be found on their website or by calling customer service.

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FAQs Regarding Thanksgiving Dinner at Kroger in 2023

Does Kroger cook turkeys for Thanksgiving?

Yes, they have the perfect way to make your holiday meal even more special. Pick and choose from a variety of fresh, delicious bundles or sides that are sure not only satisfy but transport you back in time as well! You can order them ahead online for fast delivery right when it’s needed at any given moment during preparation

Does Kroger do fried turkeys?

The Kroger Butterball Turkey is a delicious, Restaurant Style deep fried breast that’s perfect for your next Thanksgiving dinner. It has an 8-10 Lb size which means you can feed up to 10 people with just one bird!

Does Kroger Have Thanksgiving Dinner With Desserts?

Like other classical ingredients, Kroger sells desserts that your grandma used to make. Who won’t love the traditional pumpkin, pecan pie, apple pie, creamy apple cake, and caramel apples covered with candy?  But, the variety does not end here as there is a long list that you can find on the Kroger website.

How Does Kroger Sell Thanksgiving Dinner?

You can go to Kroger personally and get Thanksgiving pre-cooked meals or can place an online order at its website. It also sells cocktails along with meals like cranberry mules and citrus punch, some regular drinks, as well as apple cider cocktails.

Is Kroger Open on Thanksgiving Day 2023?

The Kroger Company will be open for your shopping pleasure on Thanksgiving Day.

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