Mexican Christmas Food 2022 – Delicious Food Ideas

Mexican Christmas food includes meals for dinner, deserts, drinks, and sides. It consists of traditional and modern recipes with innovative tastes.

mexican christmas food

Mexican Christmas Food Of The Year

Mexican people adore Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day as friends or families exchange gifts and have dinner, followed by songs. Most of the event happens at midnight with Mexican Christmas food.

People get busy as the day starts, making yummy Mexican dishes, including posole, menudo, mole, pork, bunuelos, tamales, empanadas, pibil, poncho, etc.

The first-ever Christmas in Mexico happened in 1526, and people still repeat some traditional recipes of that time. Preparing special food on Christmas is just like a ritual for Mexicans. Let’s see what you can do for the Mexican Christmas dinner menu this year.

Mexican Christmas Food 2022

mexican christmas food traditions

You can make traditional food or can experiment with something new as you want. But, we have a combination of various recipes with Mexican Christmas foods and drinks, so be here with us till the end.

Holiday Christmas Dinner Ideas 2022

mexican Christmas  dinner

1. Chicken Stew

It is also known as chicken pozole and you can prepare it in green chilies and chicken broth and then add shredded chicken after sauté. You can garnish it with reddish pieces, lemon, green chilies, and coriander leaves. This is among the best Mexican Christmas dinner ideas, so do try it.

2. Innovative Red Pasole

Those who can’t stay without stew would love this recipe. Mexicans prepare it in red chili broth mixed with small pieces of pork. People serve it with red radishes, lemon, and parsley. You can also sprinkle some shredded cabbage over it if you like its taste. So, there are many ways to present a Mexican Christmas dinner meal.

3. Crispy  Pork Tamales and Chilled Sauce

Crispy in Mexico seems empty without tamales; especially with pork. They are wraps made of corn husk. You have to cook shredded pork mixed with red chilies, then spread it over dough being layered on the corn husk.

4. Slow Cooking Chicken

When it is about Mexican Christmas food traditions, the slow cooker recipes will always be there. This recipe involves shredded chicken mixed in chicken broth and red chilies. You will taste the real Mexican flavors in this posole and can garnish it with veggies, lemon, and parsley.

5. Soothing Poncho

Mexican drinks are also amazing like solid foods. The poncho is a fruit punch that you can prepare with orange, apple, guava, pear, or any other seasonal fruit.  Add cinnamon according to your taste and serve right on Christmas.

You can also serve it with cloves and hibiscus or tamarind as you want. You can also serve it with a bit of cream, but don’t forget to add brown sugar to this drink. Some people love to add honey instead of sugar. Some adults use brandy instead of water.

6. Sweet Chocolate Champurrado

It’s a dessert and Christmas is nothing without a dessert, especially the one with chocolate. Its ingredients include milk, chocolate, vanilla, masa harinath, water, and cinnamon. Everybody loves to have this drink on Christmas Eve or even during the day.

7. Cranberry Drink

Well, Christmas seems nothing without cranberry, be it its relish or some drink. Mexicans love cranberry margaritas as they are too cool and refreshing.

All you need is cranberry juice, lime juice, blanco tequila, and triple sec. You can either mix all ingredients in a glass or use a cocktail shaker if you have it. Serve it with some cranberries on the glass.

8. Mexican Christmas Cookies

Can you imagine a Christmas event without cookies? The answer would be No, as cookies are vital for this event and the upcoming New Year. You can easily make chocolate cookies using the crinkle method.

It involves coconut oil, Angelina chocolate, butter, flour, eggs, baking powder, and vanilla essence. You can also add a pinch of salt. Serving it with powdered sugar is the best part that I love.

Mexican Christmas dinner menu 2022 also includes pumpkin recipes, like pumpkin wrapped in pastry. Whereas other Mexican Christmas foods include Mexican bunuelos, gingerbreads, as well as hot chocolates.


What is traditional Mexican Christmas food?

Mexican Christmas cuisine is full of flavor and variety, from the hearty bacalao navideño to traditional sides like romeritos.

Tamales are a must-have for this season – but don’t forget about Mexican sweets such as buñuelos, rosca de reyes (Three Kings Bread) or champurrado heated with chocolate! Celebrate in style with these delicious dishes!

What do Hispanics eat on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve, Mexicans and many Hispanic households come together to celebrate the season with traditional favorites.

Delicious dishes such as enchiladas, tacos, flautas empandas pozole mole or rice bring families closer during this festive time of year!

What do Mexicans like for Christmas?

Christmas celebrations around the world feature a delightful assortment of scrumptious eats! On Christmas Eve, feast on roasted turkey, glazed ham or even salted cod – depending on your region.

During this festive season,, delectable tamales are also major crowd-pleasers; these treats crafted from dough and steamed in corn husks offer deliciousness with every bite.

What are 5 traditional Mexican foods?

5 traditional Mexican foods are given below,
1. Chilaquiles
2. Pozole
3. Tamales
4. Mole Poblano
5. Chiles en Nogada

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