Musso and Frank Grill Menu with Prices 2023

Musso & frank grill is one of the famous restaurants in Hollywood. It is located at 6667-9 Hollywood Boulevard, which is found to be the neighborhood of Los Angeles.

However, this restaurant is as famous as Hollywood is famous for its colorful destinations. The restaurant was founded in 1919 while its founder was Joseph Musso and Frank Toulet.

They have held the kitchen for 53 years. Later on, Joseph and frank sold their kitchen to two Italian immigrants, john Mosso and Joseph Carrissimi, in 1927. The restaurant gained popularity concisely and was included in the list of the top restaurants in Hollywood.

musso and frank grill hollywood

Musso and frank grill menu includes many dishes such as appetizers, seafood, beef, chicken, salads, and many more. Moreover, the Musso and frank grill Hollywood is mainly famous for bone-in-ribeye, filet mignon, and calf’s liver steak.

They have a lot of variety of meals and delicious appetizers for their customers. While the taste of each product is very flavorful and unique.

Are you curious to know beautiful facts about the Musso and frank grill menu? Furthermore, what are the Musso and frank grill hours and many more? Let’s get butter to it.  

Who is frank and Musso grill?

Frank and Musso are the founders of this grill restaurant. However, it is a bar and grill restaurant that has become famous in a short time. Their outstanding services and home-style excellence are the main reason for getting fame in a short time.

Moreover, this restaurant is famous because Charlin Chapelon has dined here. The ancient restaurant is famous for its excellent taste and the trustworthy items they used in their dishes.

I have already told you about the founder of the frank and Musso grill. But now, the families of three granddaughters of John Mosso have owned this restaurant. 

Do you want to know their names? So they are Steve and Anne Jones, John and Cathy Echeverria, and Richard and Kristen Kohlmeyer, who owns the Musso and frank grill bar.

Moreover, the current manager is Mark Echeverria, the wonderful grandson of John Mosso. When we talk about the taste of the dishes, they are outclassed and yummy.

They have a variety of dishes on their menu, so if you don’t find your desired meal, they will always have something delicious and exciting for you. 

the musso and frank grill

Musso and Frank Grill Daily Features

  • Tuesday: Corned Beef and Cabbage
  • Wednesday: Sauerbraten, Potato Pancakes
  • Thursday: Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
  • Friday: Bouillabaisse Marseillaise
  • Saturday: Braised Short Ribs of Beef with Vegetables
  • Sunday: Duck Confit

Musso and Frank Menu with Prices

Discover the iconic dishes and latest pricing from Musso and Frank Grill Menu Prices, Hollywood’s oldest eatery. Dive into a culinary experience rooted in classic Hollywood glamour.

Musso & Frank Grill Appetizers Prices

Musso & Frank Grill AppetizersPrices
Olives Antipasto Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marinated Olives, Parmagiano Reggiano, Grilled Sourdough  13.00
Stuffed Celery With Roquefort Mousse  14.00
Avocado Cocktail  14.00
Baked Escargot  15.00
Zucchini Florentine  17.00
Grilled Portobello Mushroom Served on Mascarpone Soft Polenta with Mushroom Jus  18.00 
Meatballs & Polenta Pork & Beef Meatballs Served on Mascarpone Soft Polenta  20.00
Imported Sardines  13.00 
Caprese Salad Imported Buffalo Mozzarella  19.00
Marinated Herring With Sour Cream Sauce  21.00
Musso’s Traditional Steak Tartare Quail Egg, Cornichons, Crostini  22.00

Musso & Frank Grill Cold Seafood Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Menu Cold Seafood  Prices
Shrimp Louie  28.00  
Combination Louie  37.00  
Salmon Tartare  20.00  
Lobster Cocktail  28.00  
Shrimp Cocktail  19.00  
Crab Louie  30.00  
Oyster on Half Shell  20.00  
Seafood Chiffonade Salad With Lobster, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp34.00  
Crab Cocktail  22.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Soups Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Menu SoupsPrices
Onion Soup Au Gratin Cup 10.0013.00  
Consommé Cup 5.008.00  
Cream of Tomato Cup 7.009.00  
Jellied Consommé7.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Salads Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Menu Salads Prices
Baby Iceberg Wedges  17.00  
Dinner Salad  14.00  
Chiffonade Salad  16.00  
Chef’s Salad  18.00  
Caesar Salad  16.00  
Tomato & Onion Salad With Crispy Bacon 15.00  14.00  
Tuna Salad  16.00  
Musso-Frank Special  21.00  
Avocado Salad  16.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Desserts Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Menu Desserts Prices
1919 Sundae  13.00  
Wild Cherry Gelato Pie  13.00  
Brioche-Bread Pudding  12.00  
Trio of Sorbet  13.00  
Créme Bruleé  13.00  
New York Cheesecake  13.00  
Musso & Frank Torten  13.00  
Diplomat Pudding  12.00  
Ice Cream Vanilla or Chocolate  13.00  
Key Lime Pie  13.00  
Cobbler of the Day  13.00  
Chocolate Mousse Cake  13.00  

Musso & Frank Coffee Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Coffee Menu Prices
Regular Coffee5.00

Musso & Frank Grill Espresso Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Espresso MenuPrices

Musso & Frank Grill Steaks & Chops Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Steaks & ChopsPrices
Ribeye Steak  47.00
Filet Mignon (8oz)48.00
New York Steak (12oz)43.00
Ground Beef Steak33.00
Filet Mignon (12oz)57.00
Bone-In Pork Chop Kurobuta Pork  33.00
Calf’s Liver Steak  27.00  
Grilled Lamb Kidneys, Bacon  26.00  

Musso & Frank Fish Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Fish MenuPrices
Scallops, Pan Seared  34.00  
Lobster Thermidor  Market Price  
Swordfish Sauté Meuniere or Grilled  36.00  
Fried Oysters  24.00  
Shrimp Sauce Poulette  30.00  
Salmon Filet  33.00  
Broiled Lobster Tail  Market Price  
Filet of Sandabs Sauté Meuniere  29.00  
Fried Shrimp  28.00  
Trout Sauté Meuniere or Grilled  29.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Roasts Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Roasts MenuPrice
Roast Prime Rib of Beef 18 Oz, au Jus with Baked Potato  51.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Sauces Menu Prices 

Musso & Frank Grill SaucesPrices
Green Peppercorn Sauce  7.00
Musso & Frank Sauce  7.00
Bearnaise  7.00
Hollandaise  7.00

Musso & Frank Grill Italian Entrees Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Italian EntreesPrices
Spaghetti and Meatballs  27.00  
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese  27.00  
Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli with Butter and Sage Sauce  23.00  
Lobster Ravioli with Peas and Buerre Blanc Veloute  35.00  
Linguine with Tomato Basil Sauce  19.00  
Garganelli with Pork Ragout Sweet Sausage Ragout, Ricotta Cheese, Fennel Pollen  27.00  
Rigatoni Vodka  21.00  
Risotto Ai Frutti Di Mare With Scallops, Shrimp, and Calamari  33.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Classics Made To Order Prices

Musso & Frank Grill ClassicsPrices
Grenadine of Beef with Bearnaise Sauce  41.00  
Chicken or Turkey Á La King  29.00  
Calf’s Liver with Onions or Bacon, Grilled Sauté  25.00  
Broiled Chicken  29.00  
Grilled Lamb Kidneys with Bacon, Charlie Chaplin’s favorite  26.00  
Welsh Rarebit  19.00  
Boneless Garlic Half Chicken (please allow 20 mins)  31.00  
Calf’s Sweetbreads  25.00  
Chicken Parmigiana  30.00  
Oyster Stew  22.00  
Veal Schnitzel with Prosciutto, Arugula & Parmigiano  32.00  

Musso & Frank Grill Merchant Lunch Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill Merchant LunchPrice
Side Order of Bacon6.00
Side Order of Ham  8.00  
Plain Omelette (3)  11.00  
Scrambled (3)  11.00  
Bacon & Eggs  11.00  
Omelette with Fresh Tomato  10.00  
Ham & Eggs  12.00  
Omelette with Fresh Mushroom  12.00  
Seafood Omelette with Lobster, Dungeness Crab, Shrimp, Mushroom  36.00  
Side Order of Sausage  6.00  
Fried or Boiled  10.00  
Poached on Toast (2)  11.00  
Spanish Omelette  11.00  
Side of Hashbrowns  11.00
Omelette with Cheese  10.00  
Ham Omelette  12.00  
Poached Eggs Benedict  13.00  

Musso’s Flannel Cakes Menu with Prices

Musso and Frank Menu Grill Flannel CakesPrices
Flannel Cakes, with Syrup9.00
Flannel Cakes, with Yogurt, Banana and Strawberries10.00
Flannel Cakes, with Whipped Cream and Strawberries10.00

Musso & Frank Grill Sandwiches Menu with Prices

Musso & Frank Grill SandwichesPrices
French Dip  22.00  
Musso’s Burger  23.00  
Grilled Cheese on Brioche  12.00  
Reuben Pastrami Sandwich  17.00  
Chicken Sandwich  17.00  
Cold SandwichesPrices
Smoked Tongue  19.00  
Ham  13.00  
Club House  17.00  
Imported Sardines  13.00  
Tuna Salad  13.00  

For the drinks menu: Click here

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Where to buy Musso and frank the grill book?

Musso and frank grill has introduced their book to the customers. Michael Callahan wrote the book, which novelist Michael Connelly introduced.

However, the book contains in-depth information about the history of the restaurant. You will learn about their founders, food, and staff in this book.

Furthermore, it includes the exciting stories of the Hollywood legends who become regular customers of Musso and Frank grill. The book tells the complete story of how they get rise both on and off-screen.

As they have completed their 100 years, the book contains their journey’s complete tail. You can get this book from the Musso and frank grill restaurant. 

Musso and frank grill hours:

The Musso and frank grill restaurants have several locations across Hollywood. They have opened a lot of branches worldwide. Therefore, the Musso and frank grill hours are different for different locations.

When it comes to the menu, so each location may have a slight difference in its menu. But almost the menu is the same for each restaurant. Therefore, you can enjoy a delicious meal in your local and another location, the grill bar. 

Musso and Frank Grill Reviews:

musso and frank grill menu

Undoubtedly, the Musso and frank grill is famous for its classic services as well as the environment. When it comes to the staff, they are very humble and treated like a family member.

However, some have been performing their duties for thirty or forty years. The servers are very professional and considerate of the best servers in the world. They are perfect in their art.

Whereas the drinks, salads, appetizers, and many other items are available in unique flavors. So, if you are in Hollywood and never tried there. Then you must visit there and enjoy their best services. 

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