Publix Party Platters Menu with Prices 2023

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publix party platters trays prices

Publix Supermarket

The store started as an individual one in 1930. But today, it has 1000 store locations all over South America with 140,000 employees working and providing their services.

Publix is a supermarket chain in South America. It is well-known for its grocery and customer services, offering catering deals. It offers a wide array of delicious platters that make Publix a famous brand.

Publix Specialty

It is well-known for the goodness of its grocery items. These grocery items are claimed to be fresh and fine either your account for the processing or the products.

You can taste the genuine fresh taste in their product. This is the best place to taste the fresh on a tight budget.Publix has separated delightful platters options for the young customers as their special spot.

If you are arranging a party with the maximum number of young people then it is a great offer for you to avail of the catering services here.

Publix Menu Specials

Their specials include,

  • Fruit roll-ups
  • Honey and banana roll-ups
  • Pizza roll-ups
  • Fruit and nut roll-ups.
  • Peanut butter and fruit roll-ups

Let’s talk something about their great deal and the major menu portion, i.e., platters,

Does Publix have party platters?

Yes, there is a long array of party platters, offered by Publix, here below are the details of the updated menu of Publix party platters 2023.

Best Publix party platters menu with prices

The major catering menu options come in patterns that suit to deal with the parties. This menu has a wide range of tastes and items that come in platter serves.

A small platter is enough to satisfy 4 to 6 members. And, the big platter can easily please 26-30 people. This is evidence that Publix catering is best to deal with guests on a tight budget.

Let’s discuss the taste of the menu to excite your cravings.

The most versatile Publix party platters include,

Publix Bakery Platters

The best array of bakery platters involves a wonderful and delightful list. Here are the gourmet cookie platters, from which you can choose from the three types of cookies.

The next most attractive platter is Fresh fruit Tarts. This is quite colorful, fresh, and rich in nutrition. The European-style cream will surely bless your buds.

Decadent Desserts Platter is there for you on the menu for the ones who are extreme chocolate lovers. There are decorated brownie bites, decadent dessert cake slices, mini cream puffs, and eclairs to meet your cravings.

The Bakery Platters can satisfy 8-25 people.  

Three kinds of cookie bites:

  • Calypso Crunch
  • Chunky Chocolate Chipper
  • Macadamia

Gourmet Cookie Bite Pltr Med 48-Count

Gourmet Cookie Bite Pltr Med 48-Count

Publix Party Platters Menu: Fresh Fruit Tart Platter Medium 22-Count

Publix Deli Platters

Deli platters include Antipasti platter, Boars head turkey sider, and luscious Garden green vegetable platter. If you are looking for some snacks like chips and crackers then you can opt for Deli Dip Variety Platter.

There are seven dips there from which you can choose one. A bread bowl Platter is also a great party platter to please your guests’ stomachs at a party.

Deli platters also have a long list for chicken lovers as it serves 26-30 large chicken tender platters. Deli Platters can please 8-30 guests. You have to withdraw $18.99 for and $61.99 for inflated platters from your pocket.

Publix Deli Dip Variety Platter Medium

publix party platters prices

Publix Party Platters Menu: Garden Fresh Vegetable Platter

publix party platters

Publix Deli Bread Bowl Platter Medium

party platters publix

Boar’s Head Turkey Slider Trio, Medium

Publix Deli Antipasti Platter Medium

publix party platters menu

Publix Seafood Platters

These are the foremost priority platters for seafood lovers. The appetizing sauces are a perfect delight to Captain’s Choice Shrimp Platter, Seafood Claw Platter, and New England Seafood Boil Platter here in this section.

The most important thing to know here is that the quantities in this are not restricted, you can add according to the number of people and sort of the party.

The addition to your plate will surely add numbers to your budget. The prices so vary with the stuffing and sizes of plates. Extra sauces also add to your bill. 

Captains Choice Shrimp Platter, Medium, Net Wt. 56 Oz, Ready to Eat

publix party platters menu with prices

Seafood Claw Platter, Medium, 88 Oz Ready-To-Eat

best publix party platters


  1. Publix Christmas Dinner
  2. Publix Thanksgiving Dinner

Publix Catering

As mentioned above, Publix caters also to the grocer services. You don’t need to worry about the sort of party you are arranging and the number of people you are accommodating.

Publix Catering makes it so convenient to arrange a party on a tight budget though. There are versatile options at less prices which will surely glad you as a host. Publix Catering not only serves the guests but takes care of the host’s pocket too.

Read more about Publix 👉🏻 Publix Catering

Best Publix party platters – Catering

Does Publix deliver party platters? This is a frequently asked question by most people, so here is the detail to tell you, There are two options for you to avail yourself the catering,

Pickup and delivery

You can pick up the delicious rolls, trays, and platters at the restaurant or can get them to deliver at your doorstep. For this, you may consult the online pickups and delivery center at their official website.

Full service

By opting for this option, you need to be relaxed because all of the burdens of serving the guests will be borne by Publix Catering. The staff will assist you a lot to make your event memorable. The cost surely depends on the sort.

These services are location-based as most of the locations are not offering all the services. You must search for the store locator for the precise details about the catering services.

Publix Customer Services

FAQs Regarding Publix Party Platters

How can I order to get Publix party platters?

It is to be noted to place your order 24 hours before the time of setting. You can either call the associate directly or place your order by yourself at the store.

Calling is the easiest way but satisfaction must lie. If you are not satisfied then head out there and place it in person. For call details, you must go to the official website and locator.

The catering consultants are always there for you if you are not good at choosing the items.

How long for Publix party platters?

You must place your order 24 hours in advance as told before. This means you don’t need to wait much. There Publix catering accommodates you best for cancellations of the events and plans.

How many people does Publix sub platter feed?

The Publix Deli’s Medium Entertainer Platter is designed to serve approximately 16 to 20 people.

Is it cheaper to make your own party platters?

When creating your own party platters, you can save additional funds by utilizing your existing platters or repurposing ones from previous party tray purchases.

How many sandwiches are on a medium Publix platter?

The Publix Deli Medium platter contains a generous selection of 16-20 delicious sub sandwiches.

How do I place a catering order to Publix?

To initiate your catering order with Publix, simply contact your nearest Publix catering location via phone or email. This convenient method allows you to begin the process effortlessly.

How many sandwiches do you need for 20 people?

To ensure ample servings, a general guideline is to order approximately 1.5 sandwiches per person. This estimate typically provides a suitable quantity for a group of 20 individuals.

What 6 items is Publix limiting?

Publix is currently limiting the purchase of 6 items:
1. Coconut flakes
2. Dairy whipping cream
3. Half & half creamers
4. Frozen pie shells
5. Frozen hashbrowns
6. Canola, vegetable, and corn oil

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