Publix Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 & Reviews

Publix is a popular supermarket chain in the southeastern United States. Every Thanksgiving, Publix offers a complete Thanksgiving dinner in a few dollars.

Publix Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry and orange delight, marshmallows, gravy, etc. Both small and large meals are there for Thanksgiving.

publix thanksgiving dinner

What Will You Get In Publix Thanksgiving Dinner?

Publix has its roots in 1930 when a young person George Jenkins created it with a passion to excel in the business world. Right after five years, George started another store in 1935, but his dream was to open a supermarket that came true in 1940.

Other than groceries and consumer items, the brand also started selling Publix Thanksgiving dinners. The dinner includes very tasty recipes, which are traditional but innovative.

In 1940, Publix got popular for its air-conditioned environment and electric doors. Whereas its customer service was also outstanding that attracted unlimited customers. Now, the brand owns 1100 stores in the Southeast, serving six states in the United States.

Besides, it also sells online through its website. You can order Publix Thanksgiving dinner from your home before the event and entertain your family.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Those who love festivals wait for them every year for innovations. This year, Publix brings precooked food in unique recipes. The purpose is the same, to make you free from cooking stress.

You will see all the ingredients that a traditional Thanksgiving should have. Like, the menu has mashed potatoes, Turkey, cranberry sauce, apple pies, gravy, and many other foods.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Even though the pandemic is going on, people still gather for Thanksgiving. Publix plans to serve its customers whatever circumstances are. So, its thanksgiving dinner is ready to deliver to your home.

Publix Thanksgiving dinner reviews are mostly positive because people get organic food. You will get frozen meals, which are ready to heat and serve.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Menu 2022

You can order it according to the guests as Publix offers different meals, from 4 to 18 plus persons.  The big meal includes more than 16 pounds of Turkey, dressings and mashed potatoes are five pounds each. Publix gravy is 64 ounces, whereas the menu also includes marshmallow sweets as 56 ounces.

Similarly, the meal has 32 ounces of orange and cranberry sauce. The entire meal will cost you $90 but price is also vary from Publix store to store (some products are not available in some stores of Publix), so isn’t it cool. You can estimate the dinner cost through a per-person cost.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Sides 2022,

There are the following Publix thanksgiving dinner sides are given below,

  • Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes
  • Broccoli au Gratin
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Old-Fashioned Cornbread Dressing
  • Corn Casserole
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Three Cheese Pasta
  • Harvest Vegetable Risotto
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Homestyle Gravy
  • Cranberry Orange Relish
  • Marshmallow Delight

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey & Ham with Serves

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Meal OptionsServes
Small Boar’s Head Turkey DinnerServes 2 – 4
Small Boar’s Head Sweet Slice Ham DinnerServes 2 – 4
Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey DinnerServes 7 – 10
Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey Breast DinnerServes 7 – 10
Boar’s Head Sweet Slice Boneless Ham DinnerServes 7 – 10
Publix Deli Fully Cooked Large Turkey DinnerServes 14 – 18

For meal prices: Click Here

Publix Deli Large Turkey Dinner for 14 to 18 People

If you live in the South, it’s hard to avoid Publix. The pre-made deli turkey dinners are one way they love us back! All that needs done is buy your food and take it home with just enough time for heating up before serving – which will feed 14 or 18 people depending on their appetite (maybe even more!).

Publix Deli Large Turkey Dinner Price may vary from store to store

  • Publix Deli Large Turkey Dinner includes,
    • 5 pounds of mashed potatoes
    • 32 ounces of Publix cranberry orange relish
    • 64 ounces of Publix gravy
    • One 16- to 18-pound fully cooked Butterball turkey
    • 5 pounds of dressing
    • 56 ounces of Marshmallow Delight

Publix Deli Turkey Dinner for 7 to 10 People 

With the Publix Deli turkey dinner for 7 to 10 people, you can feed your family in style and still save some money at the same time!

Publix Deli Turkey Dinner Price may vary from Publix store to store

  • Publix Deli Turkey Dinner include,
    • 16 ounces of Publix cranberry orange relish
    • 2 1/2 pounds of dressing
    • One 10- to 12-pound fully cooked Butterball turkey
    • 32 ounces of Publix gravy
    • 2 1/2 pounds of mashed potatoes
    • 28 ounces of Marshmallow Delight

Famous Thanksgiving menus 2022

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner To Go 2022

Those who have 7 to 10 guests can serve them with another meal package that costs may vary from Publix store to store. This is a Publix fully cooked Thanksgiving dinner, including Butterball Turkey having 10 or 12 pounds of weight.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner To Go 2022

Moreover, you will get dressings and mashed potatoes 2/12 pounds each. Whereas the gravy would be 32 ounces, and marshmallow sweets are 28 ounces. The meal also includes cranberry and orange sauce.

Keep in mind that you need a lot of time for a meal to heat up, like up to 150 minutes depending on the meal. Publix Thanksgiving dinner for two persons is also available, so don’t worry if you just want to order for yourself and your wife.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner For 4

If you are a family of four, stop worrying about Thanksgiving dinner and contact Publix. The dinner for four includes all those foods that you get in big meals but in a small quantities. You can estimate the cost through per person cost or can call Publix for meal costs.

Benefits of Approaching Publix For Thanksgiving

The brand also offers multiple rewards along with meals, especially for online orders like coupons and recipes.

The reward also includes meal planning, so you can take benefit from lots of rewards. Publix also offers in-store pickups in normal circumstances, but not during a pandemic.

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

Publix Thanksgiving Dinner is a prepared meal that can be picked up at Publix grocery stores. The Publix Thanksgiving Dinner includes turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and rolls.

The Publix Thanksgiving Dinner can be ordered online or in-store. Publix also offers a variety of side dishes and desserts that can be added to the Thanksgiving Dinner.

The Publix Thanksgiving Dinner has generally received positive reviews. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to pick up a complete Thanksgiving meal from Publix.

The Publix Thanksgiving Dinner is also fairly priced and is a good value for the amount of food that is included. Some customers have found the turkey to be overcooked, but overall most people are satisfied with the Publix Thanksgiving Dinner.

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