Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 Price & Reviews

Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner has many new offers in 2022, including a free turkey. The meals include different foods, like potatoes, butterball turkey, beans casserole, turkey gravy, and sweet potatoes.

Shoprite thanksgiving dinner

Why Is Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Popular This Year?

There is no shortage of brands selling holiday dinners of which some are small stores and restaurants, as well as big supermarkets.

Shoprite is one of them that delivers fresh and cooked foods other than just groceries. Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner comes as cooked, so you just have to heat it and eat it with your guests.

Shoprite meals consist of potatoes, Butterball turkey, beans casserole, gravy, and sweet potatoes. The sides, starters, and desserts are also there in every Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner 2022.

Shoprite is a sister brand of Wakefern Food Corp, and it was developed in 1986. Initially, it had only four stores, but now, Shoprite has several branches in different states of America.

Shoprite Thanksgiving Free Turkey

ShopRite has announced that they will be giving away free turkeys and hams this coming holiday season.

ShopRite is offering a great deal on turkeys! You can get free, frozen Turkye All Natural Turkey in any size up to 21 lbs or $1.49/lb off of fresh and kosher meats with your Price Plus club card when you spend 250-$400 (price range depends upon where in the city you live).

Is Shoprite closed on Thanksgiving?

Shoprite will be open on Thanksgiving Day this year, so if you’re looking for a last-minute dinner option, they have you covered.

Shoprite’s Thanksgiving Dinner includes roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and green beans. Shoprite will be open from 06:00 AM to 12:00 AM on Thanksgiving Day, so be sure to stop by before the holiday ends.

Free Shoprite Thanksgiving Turkey 2022

Be happy because Shoprite is giving you a chance to win a free turkey in 2022. You have to get a membership of the Price Plus club to qualify for a free Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner.

You can sign up with Shoprite to get the membership card and then use it for a free turkey. You can also get ham, kosher chicken, and lasagna through this free offer.

shoprite thanksgiving dinner menu

Another way to win a free turkey is by making a purchase of $400 at Shoprite. This offer is available from Nov 17 to November 25, but the duration can be different in different areas that you can check with the store.

  • Grade “A” Premium, Fully Cooked Butterball Turkey
    • Serves 8-10 (10 to 12-lb)
    • 2 lb Turkey Gravy
    • 2 lb Green Bean Casserole
    • 2 lb Holiday Stuffing
    • 3 lb Mashed Potatoes
    • 2 1/2 lb Sweet Potatoes

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Menu 

According to the Shoprite Thanksgiving dinner reviews, its menu is not only delicious but healthy too. The store uses organic groceries to make holiday meals.

The pre-cooked dinner is ready to deliver and you can heat it as you receive it, or place it in the refrigerator till the holiday. The Butterball turkey meal is very popular, as well as the turkey breast and roasted turkey.

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Favorite 

Though all traditional recipes are tasty, people love roasted and Butterball turkey. However, your favorite Shoprite product can be a complete meal or just a single food item.

Whereas the dessert and appetizers are also favorites of so many people. .  Whatever you buy from Shoprite, it will deliver clean and fresh food. You can place your order through the Shoprite app or can visit its nearby store.

shoprite thanksgiving dinner favorite

Shoprite Free Thanksgiving Dinner Favorite

    • Michael Angelo’s Entrees 26-32 oz
    • Stouffer’s Party Size Lasagna Any variety, frozen, or Baked Ziti 76-96-oz
    • ShopRite All Natural Frozen Turkey any size up to 21 lbs OR Save $1.49/lb off any other fresh, frozen or Kosher turkey (up to 21 lbs) 
    • Kosher Frozen Roasting Chicken 5 lb average
    • ShopRite Grade “A” or Shady Brook Frozen Turkey Breast 6 to 9-lb. avg.
    • 1.99 lb. OFF any other fresh or frozen turkey breast or Kosher turkey breast
    • Tofurky 56 oz (Frozen Meat item)
    • Cook’s Shank Half Smoked Ham up to 14-lb. avg. or 5-lb. Hormel Black Label Canned Ham
    • 2.39 lb. OFF any Cook’s Spiral Sliced Ham, Boneless Ham or any other Smoked Ham
    • Gardein Holiday Roast 40 oz (Frozen Dept)

Famous Thanksgiving Menus with Prices 2022

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Catering

There is a chance to stay away from arranging dishes for your guests on the holiday. It is sometimes so tiring to wash dirty dishes after the event is over. But, the option of catering with a meal is just amazing and makes you calm if you have too many guests.

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner For 2

 It is your choice to order a Thanksgiving dinner as much as you require. Shoprite offers a dinner for 2 to 12 plus persons, however, singles can also order a meal for one.

The thanksgiving meal for two includes a turkey breast, green beans, mashed potatoes, and bread. It can cost you around.  

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

There are plenty of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, and Shoprite’s Thanksgiving Dinner is one of them! This year, Shoprite has outdone itself with a delicious Thanksgiving feast that will have you coming back for seconds.

The turkey was juicy and juicy, the stuffing was flavorful and moist, and the mashed potatoes were creamy and smooth.

But the real star of the show was the gravy Shoprite’s secret recipe for gravy is heavenly, and it really brought the whole meal together. Thanks, Shoprite, for making this Thanksgiving one to remember!

Final Words

Shoprite thanksgiving dinner consists of potatoes, turkey, beans casserole, gravy, and sweet potatoes. It also offers rewards and free food as turkey in various forms, ham, and chicken as well.

The prices are reasonable and dinner meals of different sizes are available. All holiday meals are pre-cooked, but you have to heat them before serving which will be a bit time-consuming.

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