Sonic Blast Menu 2023 with Prices

Sonic is an American breakfast restaurant that serves a wide range of menu options to its customers. It is well-known for its carhop drive-in skating rollers. They serve traditional coffee, an expensive drink, and an American menu. Prices for the Sonic blast menu are higher than in other restaurants.

sonic blast flavors

Furthermore, each meal, drink, and blast at Sonic has a tremendous and distinct flavor. The Sonic Drive-In is one of America’s most well-known restaurants. By 2023, they have successfully opened over 3,500 locations across the country. 

They are one of the most well-known restaurants in America because they provide customers with a drive-in experience. However, customers can drive their vehicles to several outlets and enjoy their delicious meals while driving.

While other restaurants have failed to do so. You will get a huge variety of blasts and flavors at Sonic. Let’s delve deep to learn more about Sonic blast menu prices and flavors. 

What is a Sonic blast?

Sonic blast is a delicious blend of ice cream with the milkshake including some fruit chunks and whipped cream. As the hot days are coming back, while in these hot days the sonic blasts work like a magic.

However, it helps you to remain fresh and gives you a delicious mixture of ice cream and shakes. Sonic made their blasts by adding some cookies, fruit chunks, and candies.

It is a delicious dessert that is a nice blend of soft ice cream along with different fruits and other kinds of toppings. What is in the Sonic blasts menu 2023? Let’s brighten the light to it. 

What is the difference between a sonic blast and a shake?

Sonic serves blasts and milkshakes, but the blasts are more popular due to the additional flavors. They add extra cookies and candies to make it more delicious.

The main distinction between Sonic blasts and milkshakes is that the glass of real ice cream is a shake. However, Sonic Blasts offers a wide variety of flavors as well as excellent toppings, fruits, and whipped cream. 

What is the Sonic Best Blast?

Though there are many options for the sonic blast but what is the best sonic blast, then it is difficult to choose. But it thoroughly depends on your personal preference.

Because everyone has their own choice. Therefore, each person has a separate best blast depending on their taste and preferences. However, each flavor is very delicious and unique.

The best thing is that you can ask them to add your favorite toppings. Moreover, the most satisfactory thing about sonic is that they told you about the ingredients of the products for which you have placed an order.

From my perspective, my favorite blast is sonic Butterfinger blast because its taste is very balanced and natural. 


What kind of blast do they have at Sonic?

Sonic drive-in offers a huge meal menu but mostly it is famous for its desserts and treats. They offer wonderful dessert treats including milkshakes, ice-creams, refreshing drinks, and blasts.

However, the Sonic blast menu offers amazing and tasty combinations of blasts. Let’s have a look at what kind of blast do they have at Sonic?

  1. Reese’s peanut butter cup Sonic blast 
  2. Sonic Oreo cookie pieces blast 
  3. Snickers bar sonic blast 
  4. Sonic Butterfinger candy blast 
  5. M&M’s chocolate candies blast 

Sonis Blasts Menu with Prices

Sonic Blasts are a blended ice cream treat made with real ice cream, your choice of mix-ins, and a whipped topping.

sonic blasts menu
sonic blasts prices
sonic blasts menu with prices
sonic blasts menu prices
sonic blasts menu and prices

Sizes of Sonic Blasts

They are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Sonic Blasts Prices

Prices vary by location, but the average price for a Sonic Blast is $3.39 for a small, $4.09 for a medium, and $5.49 for a large.

Sonic Blasts Mix-ins 

Sonic Mix In are available for an additional cost.

  1. Oreos
  2. M&M’s
  3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  4. Butterfinger Pieces
  5. Snickers Bar

Flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies and cream, and mint chocolate chip. You can also create your own custom Sonic Blast by choosing your favorite ice cream flavor and mix-ins. Special offers are often available, so be sure to check the Sonic website or app for the latest deals.

Here are some of the most popular Sonic Blast flavors:

  • Chocolate is the most popular Sonic Blast flavor. It is made with real chocolate ice cream and your choice of mix-ins.
  • Vanilla is another popular Sonic Blast flavor. It is made with real vanilla ice cream and your choice of mix-ins.
  • Strawberry is a refreshing Sonic Blast flavor. It is made with real strawberry ice cream and your choice of mix-ins.
  • Cookies and Cream is a delicious Sonic Blast flavor. It is made with real chocolate ice cream and crushed Oreos.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip is a minty Sonic Blast flavor. It is made with real mint chocolate chip ice cream and your choice of mix-ins.

You can also create your own custom Sonic Blast by choosing your favorite ice cream flavor and mix-ins. So get creative and enjoy a delicious Sonic Blast today!

Sonic Blast flavors 2023:

I think ice cream is one of the favorite desserts for everyone. However, when combined with hot fudge, caramel, chocolate, and some other kinds of delicious fruit chunks.

For such a great treat, I always recommend the Sonic. Because sonic blasts flavors have numerous options. Though the sonic blasts prices are a little bit higher than its competitor’s, it is worth it. 

what is a sonic blast

Undoubtedly, there are a huge variety of blasts at sonic and I have discovered some delicious and best-flavored sonic blasts. But before I going to describe these flavors let me tell you about the sizes of the blasts that sonic offers.

There are four sizes of sonic blasts that are mini, small, medium, and large. Let’s uncover some most delicious and super yummy sonic blasts flavors 2023.

Sonic Cheesecake Blast:

If you are one of those people, who always prefer cheesecake then this flavor is perfect for you. Sonic offers two wonderful flavors that are Sonic cheesecake blast and sonic strawberry cheesecake blast.

It is a great blend of real cheesecake with vanilla ice cream and some graham cracker chunks. Moreover, its flavor is very wonderful while sonic topped this blast with whipped cream and graham crackers.

For strawberry cheesecake blast, sonic uses real strawberries along with vanilla ice cream. But the only drawback is that this drink is not found at all locations. Therefore, whenever you found the sonic cheesecake blast on the menu then don’t waste time ordering it. 

Snickers Blast:

Sonic snickers blast is such a good dessert treat that comes with plenty of substances. However, the substances include some protein snacks with the dessert. Sonic offers the nut sprinkle on the top.

Therefore, for nut lovers, it is a great treat. It is a nice blend of real chopped-up snickers bars along with vanilla ice cream. You will notice the wonderful taste of the chocolate bar with the ice cream.

Moreover, the nut topping gives a smooth and delicious texture. If you are a too chocolaty person, then you can ask them to add some extra chocolate topping. However, the mixing of the brownie pieces in this blast will give you the best taste. 

Cookie Dough Master Blast:

If you have cravings for cookies on hot days, then sonic cookie dough master blast is the best option to choose. Sonic made this blast with a combination of vanilla ice cream the chocolate chip cookie dough.

What is Sonic's best blast?

However, it is the classic flavor that offers a beautiful blend of cookie dough with ice cream. Sonic’s cookie dough to ice cream ratio will leave you feeling like you just ate a whole cookie.

Moreover, the cookie chunks give such a good blend that your taste buds will do thanks to you. If you want some chocolaty flavor in the cookie dough master blast, then ask them to add some hot fudge and chocolate syrup to the topping. 

Butterfinger blast:

If you are a fan of Butterfinger candy, then this blast is for you. Sonic Butterfinger blast gives a chewy texture. It is an amazing blend of vanilla ice cream full of butter candy.

However, the texture of this blast is very amazing and chewy along with the great blend of the ice cream. The taste is very balancing, while sonic add the chunks of the Butterfinger candy.

Moreover, they topped this delicious blast with whipped cream and some Butterfinger candy crushes. While topped the Butterfinger blast with some caramel and chocolate syrup will give you an amazing taste. 

Caramel brownie master blast:

This blast is for those who deeply love caramel flavor. Sonic made this blast with a combination of brownies along with caramel. However, it is a beautiful combination of caramel and chocolate.

Before indulging in this blast, make sure your teeth should be ready for the extra chocolaty flavor. While you can ask them to add your favorite toppings. I prefer to add some real strawberry pieces on the top because it gives a healthy reflection.

One drawback of this sonic blast is that it is not available at all locations. Moreover, if you order caramel brownie master blast and you didn’t find it on the menu. It means this blast is seasonal and may not be available at all locations. 

How much is a sonic blast?

The prices of Sonic blasts may vary depending on their sizes. There are four sizes available for sonic blasts that are mini, small, medium, and large. However, there is over 3500 location of Sonic drive-in across the country.

Therefore, there is a slight difference in the prices depending on your local sonic drive-in restaurant. Surprisingly, the sonic blast prices are affordable and admirable. Every size has a different price and size. The greater the size, the greater the price. 

What is sonic Robo Blast 2? Is it free?

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D game that is the main source of amusement and entertainment. Basically, it is the Hedgehog fan game created with the customized version of Doom Legacy’s source port.

However, Sonic Robo blast 2 is fully impressed by the simple sonic games from the Sega Genesis. Finally, they tried to recreate the 3D version of this game.

Moreover, it is a free version while the installation method is very easy. You just have to drag and drop the sonic Robo blast 2 into your application folder. Then double-click to start the game!

Does sonic still have the big scoop cookie dough blast?

The big scoop cookie dough blast is a delicious dessert that is a nice combination of 100% real ice cream. Moreover, it is one of the delicious blasts at sonic that is the creamy blend of real ice cream along with the oreo cookies and edible dough cookie pieces.

This blast is very yummy that offers a yummy flavor of oreo cookie chunks as well as chocolate chips. Unfortunately, this deal has ended now. While the last supply of the big scoop cookie sough blast was on May 2, 2021. 

Sonic Blasts Menu and Prices Review:

The sonic blast menu contains a huge selection of blasts. These blasts work like magic on hot summer days, keeping you fresh and tuned.

However, the calories in the Sonic blast menu vary depending on the blast. Because there are numerous blasts, each flavor has its calories. Furthermore, the prices are reasonable and well worth it.

Because the flavor is fantastic and the texture is silky smooth. If you find this review beneficial, you must give us feedback. Thank you for your time.

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