Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 & Reviews

Sprouts Thanksgiving dinner includes whole and partial Turkey, roasted beef ribs, dinner rolls, sweet potatoes, sausages, sides, vegetable casseroles, and cornbread. Christmas dinner is also available at an affordable price.

Yummy Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

Sprouts superstore is not only good for daily groceries, but it also provides delicious food on holidays. Sprouts Thanksgiving dinner brings surprising recipes for you and your family.

Not only this, but you can also order Christmas dinner from here. The main objective of the company is to relieve you from tiring cooking on holidays.

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

This year, sprouts Thanksgiving meal will include Turkey, beef ribs, ham, dinner rolls, sweet potatoes, beans casserole, bread, and much more. The store serves frozen but pre-cooked food that you can defrost before serving.

Instead of ruining your holiday, order food at sprouts and spare some time for yourself. Enjoy with family and thanks to each other with a yummy meal around. Sprout has its main store in Phoenix and 350 chains in 23 states with more than 35000 employees. Other than holiday meals, people love to shop grocery at sprouts.

You will see fresh and organic vegetables, fruits, spices, and dairy products arranged spaciously in a covered land. All foods are gluten-free and plant-based that’s why shoppers love sprouts.

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner Meal

Sprouts menu includes fresh Turkey because the company raises turkeys with organic and fresh food. A family-run farm ensures a pure and tested turkey diet.

The meals also include sides along with the main courses. Like, you can order boneless Turkey that can serve two persons.

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner Meal

Whereas the party trays are enough for 6 to 8 members and include whole turkey, roasted ribs, seasonal sauces, dinner rolls, and sliced hams.

Those who love vegetables can have sweet potatoes and green beans’ meal, stuffed cornbread, cranberry sauce, as well as the Take and Bake loaf dough. You can order ready-made party trays for between $15.99 and $44.99.

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Portions

Sprout Thanksgiving Meal 2022Serving Amount per person
Turkey1 lb.
Spiral Ham¾ lb.
Rib Roast1 lb.
Sprout Thanksgiving Meal sides & DessertsServing Amount per person
Cranberry Sauce¼ cup
Mashed Potatoes6 oz.
Stuffing4 oz.
Veggie Sides3-4 oz.
Pies3-in. wedge

Other Famous Thanksgiving menus 2022

In 2022, Americans will celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional menu of turkey and mashed potatoes, but there are also some novel items on the table.

Some families might be trying to eat more healthfully by cooking vegetarian dishes such as roasted root vegetables or stuffing made from wild rice and cranberries.

Sprouts Pre Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner

To get a ready-made dinner, you will have to order before 23rd November. Whereas sprouts Christmas dinner will be available between 7th to 21 December.

Sprouts Pre Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner

The store serves party trays and platters, so you won’t have to do much effort. You will get roasted beef ribs at just $79.92 having 8 pounds of weight. Whereas the special ham comes only in $23.92. You can explore online for further pricing.

Best of all, their website features an easy-to-use ordering system and designated pick-up hours on Thanksgiving Day, ensuring that customers can enjoy stress-free holiday preparation.

So why not skip the long lines and Pre-order your Thanksgiving items online? Your tastebuds will thank you. Items available for pre order are following,

  • Natural Turkey (no antibiotics, ever): 12-14 pounds and 18-20 pounds
  • Free-Range Organic Turkey: 10-12 pounds
  • USDA Choice Beef Standing Rib Roast: 6 or 8 pounds
  • No Antibiotics Ever Spiral-Sliced Ham: 8-10 pounds
  • No Antibiotics Ever Uncured Spiral-Sliced Ham with no Added Sugar: 8-10 pounds
  • Five fully prepared meal options, ready to heat and serve (vegan roast option available)
  • Ready-to-serve party trays, including fresh fruit and veggie trays, meats and cheeses, hearty sandwiches, and desserts

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner To Go

Shoppers can also place curbside orders for their favorite food, precooked meals, and other things. Many people gift party trays or casseroles to loved ones on special occasions.

You can also order online by signing up with sprouts. The store also arranges live cooking demos on social media, including Instagram.

Sprouts remind you of family recipes on this Thanksgiving with the same taste that your grandmother had. The meals also include sausages and apples like in old times.

You can pick up your meal till the mid of Thanksgiving Day. Whereas the home delivery should be before Thanksgiving.

Likewise, you can pick up Christmas dinner till Christmas Eve, but online order has to be till December 21st. It’s time to chill and order pre-cooked meals for festivals and have lots of fun.

Sprouts Thanksgiving Hours 2022

Are you looking for a grocery store that will be open on Thanksgiving day? Look no further than Sprouts! The sprout stores will be open from 7am to 4pm on Thanksgiving day, offering a wide selection of items for your holiday dinner.

And don’t forget about their Farm Stand department, where you can find all the seasonal ingredients to round out your feast.

So stop by Sprouts on Thanksgiving and stock up on everything you need for a delicious holiday meal. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sprouts!

Sprouts Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

Whether sprouts Turkey dinner or some other recipe, you will get organic food. There won’t be any chemicals or preservatives. Most people’s reviews are positive because they get original taste and spices with fresh meat.

Turkey will be free from antibiotics, and you can have 12 pounds of Turkey at just $20.28, whereas small turkeys are also available. Even vegetarians say that the meal is fresh and organic though it is frozen.

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