Wawa Breakfast Menu 2022 & Reviews

By Salena Gomes | Last Updated: 2022-02-20

A famous chain of gas stations Wawa also offers food through its restaurant. Moreover, the brand also has a convenience store to help you get your desired things.

Wawa Breakfast Menu 2022

The Wawa breakfast menu is not only popular for its taste, but its prices are also cheaper than other places. People enjoy its sandwiches, snacks, coffee, and also love chips and pretzels.

Wawa Breakfast Menu with Calories

When it comes to Wawa breakfast, you would see bagel at the top, whereas the sizzles, oatmeal, and breakfast bowls are also delicious. You can order bagels with cream cheese or can have them with tomato and cucumber, depending on your taste.

Wawa Breakfast Menu Items

Wawa’s breakfast menu also includes breakfast bowl items, such as signature Applewood, smoked bacon, egg omelet and bacon, white toasts, and scrambled eggs that you can customize according to your taste. The prices of the breakfast bowls start from $ 3.79 and go up to $4.29.

Wawa breakfast sandwiches are also yummy that you can order with your favorite fries and sauces. The prices of sandwiches range between $2.99 and go up to $5.59, depending on the item.

Wawa Breakfast Menu Items

There are also loose roles in the breakfast menu starting from $0.79 and going up to $ 1.29. Whereas the prices of hoagies range between $5.79 and $6.49, and the items include hoagie egg white omelets, sausages, scrambled eggs, roasted Turkey, beef omelet, etc. on the other hand, the prices of Wawa breakfast Panini range between $6.79 and $7.07.

Wawa Breakfast Menu And Prices

The list of Wawa menu is amazing and comes up with sizzles, hoagie shorti, and classic, burritos, bagels with cream and butter. The prices start from $0.95 and go up to $ 5.59.

Wawa Breakfast Menu And Prices 2022

The variety in sizzles includes eggs, cheese, sausages, etc. Whereas the Wawa breakfast burritos include beef, sausages, scrambled eggs, ham, veggie, omelets, etc.

The price of different types of burritos is the same for all items, which is $4.59. Wawa breakfast menu prices are lower than other restaurants that serve breakfast.

Wawa Breakfast Menu Sizzli’s with Calories

The Sizzli is available in the following varieties:

Wawa Breakfast Sizzli Price: $2.99

Wawa Breakfast Menu Hoagies with Calories

Wawa breakfast Hoagies are available in the following varieties:

Wawa Breakfast Hoagies Prices:

Wawa Breakfast Sourdough Melts Menu Calories

Sourdough Melts are my favorite breakfast at Wawa. Melts feature thick sliced artisan sourdough bread piled with your choice of breakfast ingredients.

Wawa’s Sourdough Melts are also available in different varieties. Choose your favorite one from the list below:

 Wawa Breakfast Menu Burritos with Calories

Wawa Breakfast Burritos Prices: $3.39

Wawa Breakfast Menu Bowls with Calories

Breakfast Bowls Prices: $2.49-$3.89

Wawa Breakfast Oatmeal with Calories

Wawa Small Oatmeal:

Wawa Medium Oatmeal:

Wawa Large Oatmeal:

Delicious Breakfast Menus Prices

Wawa Breakfast Menu Hours

Wawa has specific hours for its breakfast like it starts at 5 am. and ends at 11 am. The hours remain the same for a whole week from Monday to Sunday. However, Wawa closes on Easter Day and Christmas Day.

Whereas Wawa remains open on all other events, including Labor Day, Independence Day, Good Friday, and New Year’s Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Memorial Day, New Year eve, etc.

Wawa breakfast items include toasted bagels as plain or tolls. Whereas the white toasts of your choice are also there. The prices of bagels start from $0.79 and go up to $ 1.29, which are affordable for all.

But, if you want to enjoy Wawa breakfast, you should order it on time. The place serves breakfast between 5.0 am and goES up to 11 am. You can also order it online or can visit your nearby Wawa franchise. The serving hours for breakfast may change in certain areas that you can explore online.

Days of the WeekWawa Breakfast Menu Opening HoursWawa Breakfast Menu Closing Hours
Monday05:00 am11:00 am
Tuesday05:00 am11:00 am
Wednesday05:00 am11:00 am
Thursday05:00 am11:00 am
Friday05:00 am11:00 am
Saturday05:00 am11:00 am
Sunday05:00 am11:00 am

On which Holidays Wawa Open?

On which Holidays Wawa close?

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