Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 & Reviews

Whole Foods Thanksgiving dinner has traditional recipes and is available for 2 to 12 persons and more. The main ingredient of the meals is turkey as whole breast, roasted, or gravy.

whole foods thanksgiving dinner

Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner 2022- No More Cooking Stress

Whole Foods is a superstore that sells both raw and cooked foods. People anxiously wait for whole foods Thanksgiving dinner because of its fresh and organic ingredients. You can order a meal according to your budget and the guests that you have to serve. Whatever menu you choose, it won’t be without turkey, whereas other important items are potatoes, veggies desserts, appetizers, and drinks.

Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Prices

Whole foods Thanksgiving dinner 2022 can cost you $12.50 per guest and even less, depending on the ingredients. This year, the store brings traditional recipes with innovative additions of turkeys, stuffing, casseroles, and yummy bread.

Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Prices

The prices vary according to the meal like you can easily buy it for $100 for 8 persons. You can easily get 12 pounds of turkey for just $30 and it’s organic without any antibiotics.  

Not only turkey, but all other groceries are organic and gluten-free, like French fried onions. Whole foods Thanksgiving dinner reviews show that people love it because of organic foods and real spices.

whole foods thanksgiving dinner prices 2021

The store prepares meat right before selling, but if you get chilled meat it is not frozen, instead, the store keeps it below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, so it remains fresh.

The store gets it’s turkey from well-known and reliable sources. You can freeze turkey gravy for up to four months but it has to be flour-based instead of milk-based. However, 4 to 5 days would be fine to keep the gravy in the refrigerator.

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Is Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Good?

Whole foods Thanksgiving dinner is not only good in terms of quality and taste but you can also order it for as many guests as you want.

Like, it offers dinner for eight persons with an apple brined smoked turkey, gravy, cranberry orange relish, corn pudding, beans, and sweet yams. It costs around $159.99 and is ready within 135 minutes.

Whole foods Turkey breast dinner for 4 is also available, including the same foods as you see in the dinner of 8 persons. However, it has a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. This meal takes 45 minutes for reheating and costs around $89.99.

whole foods thanksgiving dinner

Whereas the dinner for 12 is available at $249.99 and takes 120 minutes to reheat it and it includes a roasted whole turkey, as well as creamed spinach and other standard foods.

The roasted Turkey dinner is also available for eight persons at $189.99, and the cost reaches $109.99 for a dinner of four. Likewise, the classic Thanksgiving meal option is also there. Whole foods Thanksgiving turkey 2022 comes in various forms, depending on the cooking techniques.

There is also another option of a paleo-friendly turkey meal that’s is enough for four persons. This meal is for fitness freaks who want to stick to a paleo diet even during holidays.

It includes the garlic-mashed cauliflower, bone broth of beef, applesauce, spinach, bacon, and mushroom casserole, whereas the main part is a roasted turkey. It costs around d$89.99 and needs 40 minutes to reheat.

Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Order 2022

You can place your order through the whole foods website and then get the meal from the store. The Whole foods’ app is also available that you can download from an app store. You can check for a meal’s availability before time, but the store often prepares a surplus amount for its customers.

Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 Canada

Whole foods have their chain in several countries including Canada and the Thanksgiving dinner follows the same traditional recipes.

It is never without a turkey, mashed potatoes cranberry, bread, gravy, and sides. You can also order your favorite appetizers, sauces, and desserts.

Other Whole Foods Thanksgiving Dinner Menus

Other than the above meals, you can have whole foods beef wellington meal which is suitable for four persons.  You can reheat this dinner in 33 minutes or so and it will cost you $139.99, and it consists of spinach with cream, kale, roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and a drink.

Whereas the prime-rib meal is also popular that includes organic meat free from antibiotics and hormones. It can cost you $229.99, and the other foods are the same as in the beef Wellington meal.

Order any of the above meals from the Whole Foods website and it will display the pickup time to get it from the store.

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Whole Food Thanksgiving Dinner Review

I recently had the opportunity to try a whole food thanksgiving dinner, and I was really impressed! The turkey was juicy and flavorful, and the side dishes were all made with fresh, whole ingredients.

The mashed potatoes weren’t overly heavy or oily, and the green beans had a wonderful crispy texture. Even the pumpkin pie was made with real pumpkin, and it was absolutely delicious.

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of the food, and I would definitely recommend this dinner to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to traditional thanksgiving fare.

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