Zupas Catering Menu Prices 2024

Zupas Cafe Catering promises to bring the best of your choice. Here, in this article, you will be notified about the informative elements of the Zupas food catering menu, order, Zupas menu, online order, and much more. Let me tell you something about Zupas,

What is Zupas?

Zupas offers the best catering services. It is well known for its delicious green salads, sizzling soups, and organic sandwiches. This seems to be the best place for the ones with diet-conscious meal plans. The people with formal lifestyles will also enjoy their green menu. 

Owners: Avoiding fame and publicity, Zupas is owned by anonymous owners as a casual restaurant. No one knows who the owners are and where they belong to. All we know is that it was started in 2003.  

Zupas’ Catering Team: Zupas restaurant Catering team is striving its best to provide the best quality to its customers. Nutrition and hygiene are the priorities the team is working on. The greens here will surely cheer you up. 

Zupas Catering Menu with Prices

zupas catering menu with prices

Popular Refreshments at Zupas Café 

The most popular food at Zupas includes green nourishments. The soups, salads, and sandwiches are among the glorious ones. Talking precisely, “A nut about Berries” holds fame in salads, in Sandwiches it is “Honey bacon Club” and “Turkey bacon Avocado”.

Café Zupas Main Menu Catering

They have green ingredients mostly in their items. The beautifully dressed green salads are the best on their menu. Other items include grilled panini sandwiches, gourmet sandwiches, kid’s meal combo, combo meal for two persons, and separate drinks items. 

Catering Menu Categories at Zupas Cafe

zupas catering online

This menu portion is divided into two categories, 

Small Catered 

This catering serves 10-12 people including BBQ Chicken, California Protein Cobb, and Strawberry harvest. The price ranges from $46-$51. 

Big Catered

This service serves almost 25 members. This catering menu includes the Lucious salads liked by most people. The price ranges from $93-$103. 

The soups are served in gallons. A small gallon costs $33 and a full gallon is available for $67. Salads come in bowls. A small bowl is from $53-$58 and a large bowl comes in a range between $107-$117. Drinks are priced, at $1 per head, and desserts at $3 per head. The Catering menu items are listed below, 

  • Strawberry Harvest
  • Thai Steak
  • Mango berry
  • BBQ Chicken
  • California Protein Cobb

Zupas Box Lunch Prices

Lunch BoxesServe WithPrices
Variety Sandwich & Bowl   $14.19  
Variety Soup & Bowl   $14.19  
Variety Salad & Bowl   $14.19  
Variety Sandwich & Soup  Variety Sandwich & Soup  $13.19  
Variety Salad & Sandwich  Variety Sandwich & Salad  $13.19  
Variety Salad & Soup  Variety Salad & Soup  $13.19  
Variety Large Soup  Variety Large Soup  $9.59  
Variety Half Soup  Variety Half Soup  $8.59  
Variety Sandwich  Variety Sandwich  $9.89  
Variety Large Bowl   $12.59  
Variety Half Bowl   $10.99  
Variety Large Salad  Variety Large Salad  $10.99  
Variety Half Salad  Variety Half Salad  $9.79  

Zupas Menu Catering with Pictures

Zupas catering menu with prices

Zupas Menu prices 2024

All the Zupas menu is served with freshly-baked bread, Italian ciabatta bread, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. The overall menu costs just $3 to $7 only. This is quite reasonable for such a healthy, hygienic, and nutritious meal. 

Let’s have a look at some details,

Signature Salads

The signature salads include the highly rated Vermont maple blueberry, BBQ chicken, Nuts about berries, Pina Colada Chicken, Thai peanut chicken, and much more. All of these range from $4 to $6 only. 

Zupas Café Menu of Gourmet Sandwiches

The sandwiches in this section include Italian Club, Vegetarian, Turkey Cranberry, California turkey, and much more. All the sandwiches come in for $4 only. 

Home-made Zupas Soups

Zupas Soups include Yucatan chicken tortilla, chicken enchilada chili, Tuscan white bean and vegetable, Wild Mushroom Bisque, Lobster Bisque, Chicken Enchilada Chili, and so on. They are available for around $3 to $5. 

Grilled Panini sandwiches

This menu section includes Ultimate Grilled Cheese, Turkey Spinach Artichoke, Pesto Chicken, and much more which come for $4.

Kid’s Menu

The Zupas kids’ menu price ranges between $3-$4. The menu deals are offered to children under 10 years. There are additional combos also available to add according to your kid’s taste buds. These additional customizations include fruit cups, soup cups, and chicken strips. 

Complete Zupas Cafe Catering Menu with Prices

Zupas menu:

Catering Menu ItemsMenu CaloriesMenu Price
Try 2 ComboHalf: 130-260$12.49
Large: 580-1140$15.99
SaladsHalf: 410-720$8.19
Large: 1020-1440$10.29
Create Your Own$8.19
BBQ Brisket Salad400-540
SoupsHalf: 130-570$5.89
Large: 330-1140$8.09
The Chris Creamy Tomato Soup330-660
Brisket Stroganoff520
SandwichesHalf: 630-690$8.09
Large: 1260-1380$10.29
BBQ Brisket Sandwich670-730
Spicy Chicken Sandwich740-800
Protein BowlsHalf: 280-410$9.09
Large: 560-830$11.29
Kid’s Combo50-320$6.39
Select 2 different items
Chicken Tenders200
Tillamook Grilled Cheese410-470
Fresh Fruit Cup35
Kid’s Soup50-320
A Twist on Mac & Cheese290
Raw Veggie Cup50
Tomato Basil Pasta210
Chef’s Secret MenuHalf: 670-730$10.08
Large: 1340-1460$12.28
BBQ Brisket Sandwich670-730
BBQ Brisket Salad400-540
The Chris Creamy Tomato Soup330-660
Brisket Stroganoff520
Chips & Bread200-169$1.09-1.69

Is Zupas Food Menu allergic?

This is to be noted that zupas menu has eggs, wheat, peanuts, gluten, milk, and soy in the list of ingredients as well. Check out the list and make yourself aware if you are allergic to any of the items in the above list.

Order Catering from Zupas

Zupas order options, you can choose anyone you want,

Pick-up Your order

You can pick up your order at the shop by ordering for your preferred deals and menu. Go to the website and follow the proceedings. 

Get your delivery

Get your order at your doorstep for your event. Enter the zip code, city, state, and address details and follow the further steps for processing. You can contact the team for more details. You can also choose the delivery type by filling up the options you like. 

Zupas Customer Services

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