About Us

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Don’t be confused Salena in her white dress, alongside Julia and Smith in blue!

My name is Selena, and I’m the editor of Bestcateringprices.com, a blog dedicated to helping people find the best catering menus for their events. 

My brother is an event organizer and always asks me for advice on which caterers to choose. That’s when I had the idea to start a blog about it! 

Julia and Smith, husband and wife, have been my biggest supporters in this endeavor. They are experts in cooking different cuisines from all over the world.

Not only in cooking they have more than seven years of experience writing food blogs between them. So they quickly offered their help when I mentioned starting one myself. 

For our blog, Both visit restaurants around town to collect information regarding restaurant’s catering menus. Hence, they have first-hand accounts to share with readers on what kind of offerings are available at each location. 

Not only Catering menu, every day Julia and Smith contribute new recipes or share reviews of restaurants they’ve visited recently. 

Their enthusiasm has made my job easier—all I need to do is make sure everything looks good before publishing it on our site! 

They even motivate me to keep going when things get tough; this project wouldn’t be where it is today without them! 

Overall, I’m very proud that we started this venture together, as it has allowed us to learn something new while ensuring everyone else can enjoy a great meal too!

Have a Healthy Life!