Golden Corral Menu Prices 2022 with Reviews

If you are planning to visit Golden Corral, then without any delay check out the Golden Corral menu right here! Which dish you will order first?

Get ready to check out the Golden Corral menu! Well, we are sure that you must be a big food lover and would definitely want to experience some delicious and tasty food items all the time. Golden Corral is right here for you to bring you with some exciting and best food options with the best spice and flavor in it!

golden corral menu prices

Golden Corral is one of the top leading and best buffet and grill food chain centers. They are giving out their customers the best range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in both buffet and grill variations.

This is a complete family-oriented restaurant and their servings are incredible to talk about. They are presenting a wide range of cold as well as hot dishes in the buffet category every single day. 

It is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have set up around 500 restaurants that have been spread around in different 41 states.

Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet Menu

Rise and shine with our legendary breakfast buffet, featuring cooked-to-order eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, buttermilk pancakes, crispy waffles, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls and more!

  • Fresh Eggs
  • Bacon Bits
  • Diced Ham
  • Sausage Crumbles
  • Green Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Diced Onions
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Create your own breakfast masterpiece at our Omelet Station. Each omelet starts with fresh eggs that are folded around all of your favorite fillings.

Golden Corral Deals

Golden Corral Menu Prices

Golden Corral Adults Menu Prices
Golden Corral Menu Breakfast 
Saturday & Sunday (Open – 11 A.M.)$10.49/person
Golden Corral Menu Lunch Prices
Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Beverage Not Included$10.29/person
Golden Corral Adult Dinner Prices
Beverage Not Included 
Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close)$14.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M.$14.99/person
Sunday after 11 A.M.$14.99/person
Golden Corral Children’s Menu    Prices
Includes Beverage 
3 & Under (Free)$0.00/child
Ages 4-8$6.99/child
Ages 9-12$7.99/child
Golden Corral Dinner Menu 
3 & Under (Free)$0.00/child
Ages 4-8$7.99/child
Ages 9-12$8.99/child
Saturday & Sunday (Open to 11 A.M.) – Ages 60 & Over.$9.99/person
Golden Corral Lunch Prices
Monday thru Saturday (Open – 4 P.M.) – Ages 60 & Over, Does Not Include Beverage$9.79/person
Golden Corral Senior Dinner Prices
Beverage Not Included 
Monday thru Thursday (4 P.M. – Close)$13.99/person
Friday & Saturday after 4 P.M.$13.99//person
Sunday after 11 A.M.$13.99//person
Senior Early Bird Special (Mon. thru Fri. from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.) – Includes Beverage$8.99/person
Golden Corral To Go Menu Prices Prices
Lunch (Monday thru Friday)$6.49/pound
Dinner (Monday thru Friday & all day Saturday & Sunday)$8.49/pound

Complete Golden Corral Takeout Menu with Prices

Now without wasting any time right here, we will be discussing Golden Corral menu prices for the visitors:

golden corral menu

Golden Corral Popular Items Prices

Golden Corral Popular ItemsPrices
Pot Roast$11.04
Fried Chicken Meal$9.03
Smoked Chicken Meal$8.90
Bourbon Street Chicken Meal$8.80

Golden Corral Menu Pizzas with Prices

Golden Corral Menu Pizzas Prices
Cheese Pizza$6.06
12″ Cheese Pizza$6.10
12″ Pepperoni Pizza$7.10
Pepperoni Pizza$7.05

Golden Corral Signature Salads Menu

Golden Corral Signature Salads Menu Prices
Chicken Caesar$9.04
Cobb Salad$9.06
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.97
Garden Salad$8.98
Spinach Salad$9.02
Salad Topper – Bacon$0.99
Salad Topper – Chicken$0.99
Salad Topper – Ham$1.00

Golden Corral Individual Meals Prices

Golden Corral Individual Meals Prices
Generous portions of your Golden Corral Favorites. All entrees come with your choice of two sides and a yeast roll. Dinner Salads come with a yeast roll. 
10 oz. Sirloin Steak$11.20
5 oz. Sirloin Steak$10.05

Golden Corral Menu Salads Topper with Prices

Golden Corral Menu Signature Salad Prices
Chicken Salad Topper$0.99
Ham Salad Topper$0.99
Bacon Salad Topper$0.99

Golden Corral near me

When it comes to some of the popular places to visit in the Mid-Western region of America, then choosing the Golden Corral near me is the best option for you. You will probably find the golden corral prices on the menu as much affordable and easy to buy.  Once you will be visiting this place, you would love to visit it all over again!

Hence golden corral breakfast has always remained one of the favorites on the menu list among the visitors.  They have an excellent home delivery service as well which definitely makes your entire experience of visiting Golden Corral exciting and much more entertaining.

They are giving out their customers the best range of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in both buffet and grill variations.  They have an excellent team of chefs and staff employees who are always by your side all the time in support of any sort of queries or issues. They have excellent customer support service.

So if you want to enjoy some delicious and healthy tasty food options, then don’t forget to visit Golden Corral right now! It is worth visiting once!

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