Top 10 Best Crumbl Cookie Flavors 2023 with Ingredients

Crumbl cookies are lovely sweet treats that come in various varieties. Now they are readily available in the markets. Moreover, you can see the Crumbl cookie bakeries and stores in your cities.

There is an extensive list of Crumbl cookies on the market. I will review the top 10 best Crumbl cookie flavors listed in this article.

However, there are unlimited types of cookies, but I’ve mentioned the top Crumbl cookies best flavors. Let’s dig into the article. 

How many Crumbl Cookie Flavors are there? 

There is a vast list of Crumbl cookies while it is impossible to cover all Crumbl cookie flavors list. Because new flavors are coming to the market every day.

It is is not only kids’ favourite, but youngsters and elders also love them. However, some people are addicted to a few flavors of Crumbl cookies.

How many Crumbl Cookie Flavors are there? 

Crumbl Cookie Flavors list is given below: 

  1. Caramel popcorn 
  2. Peppermint Oreo 
  3. Cookie dough
  4. Chocolate cake
  5. Lemon bar 
  6. Chocolate chip 
  7. Waffle 
  8. Cornbread
  9. Buckeye Brownie
  10. Peanut butter with a snicker 

1. Caramel popcorn: 

It is one of the best crumbl cookie flavors. Do you love caramel popcorn? Sometimes the buttery caramel popcorn tastes impressive. But the thing got ruined when the kernels stuck in our teeth.

Here is a perfect alternative to popcorn: a caramel popcorn crumbl cookie flavors. 

Taste and Texture:

Its texture is very chewy and yummy that quickly dissolves into your mouth without sticking to your teeth. The taste is fantastic, and the presentation is super attractive. It is topped with a few popcorn dips in butter and caramel. 

Base and topping: 

Moreover, the size is big enough that you must open a big mouth to sink the cookie quickly. The cluster of caramel at the top tastes fantastic that couples fascinating with the cookie dough.

It has a beautiful base covered with wonderful frosting, caramel, and a few popcorns. You will feel the strong flavor of butter, caramel, and popcorn inside the cookie. 

2. Peppermint Oreo: 

Peppermint Oreo is a beautiful combination of the Oreo cookie with mint powder on the top. However, it is ideal for those who love adding mint to their meals and desserts.

A velvety chocolate dough with peppermint oreo chunks gives the magical taste to taste buds. 

Base and topping:

The base is delicious and chocolatey; it has a peppermint frosting on the top. Then the sprinkle of an Oreo crush adds to the frosting. The cookie size is enormous, and it can fill your appetite.

On the other hand, the cookie presentation is delicious, and I love eating it on weekends. But it would be best to wash your teeth after eating this cookie because the dark Oreo base can turn your teeth to a brownish colour. 

Taste and texture:

Whereas the texture is very smooth, the same as Oreo truffles. These Crumbl Cookie Flavors taste is refreshing because the mint frosting makes it super tasty and refreshing. While it couples perfectly with the Oreo dough and dissolves nicely in the mouth. 

3. Cookie dough: 

The crumbl cookie dough is very delicious, soft, and chewy. You should try this one because it is a good combination of chocolate chips and cookie dough. 

Base and topping: 

There is a thick layer of buttercream frosting on the top. Moreover, the chunks of chocolate chips add to the frosting.

It deserves the award because it holds the strong flavor of all of its ingredients. Moreover, the base is very delicious which reflects the flavor of chocolate. 

Taste and texture: 

It tastes like a homemade cookie that comprises chocolate chips and some chunks. While the ice cream-inspired buttercream texture along with the chocolate chips has a mouthwatering taste.

You can also call it an ice cream sandwich because it contains ice cream on the top.

4. Chocolate cake: 

This cookie is perfect for you if you are a chocolate lover. It contains a considerable amount of thick chocolate layer on the top.

Sometimes you need a chocolaty and more chocolaty cookie then this crumbl cookie is ideal for you. 

Base and topping:

However, the base of this cookie is like a chocolate cake that is luscious, fudgy, and rich in chocolate. I’m also a chocolate lover, and whenever I crave something very chocolaty, I pick it up from the grocery store and then enjoy it.

The top is covered with delcious cream frosting. Moreover, you will see the fresh chocolate chunks on the chocolate ice cream frosting. 

Taste and texture: 

The texture is chewy, fudgy, and chocolaty. However, it is a lovely combination of soft chocolate cookie dough and chocolate ice cream frosting which tastes amazing. 

5. Lemon bar: 

The lemon bar crumbl cookie is the favorite of those who love to eat lemon-flavored things. Because it is a lemon cookie; therefore, it has a dominating lemon flavor.

Base and topping:

Its base is made with lemon sugar dough. However, the taste is vibrant and robust. While its texture is very smooth, soft, and chewy.

I also like this cookie because it contains a beautiful combination of lemon and sugar. Moreover, the top of the cookie is covered with lemon yogurt.

Taste and texture: 

If you have ever tasted lemon yogurt, you will be aware of its taste and texture. Because it has a robust flavor of lemon that gives a very refreshing texture to your taste buds, if you love to add a little lemon flavor to your meal and any dessert, this crumbl cookie will be your favorite. 


6. Chocolate chip: 

Whether it is a chocolate cake or a chocolate chip cookie, everyone loves to eat it. The specialty of this cookie is it comprises small pieces of chocolate chips. 

Base and topping: 

While its base is very yummy, soft as well as chocolaty. It is not dark chocolate dough but something like milk chocolate cookie dough. 

Taste and texture:

It has a balanced chocolate flavor along with yummy chocolate chips. When you eat this crumbl cookie, you will notice the considerable amount of chocolate chips that couples fantastically with its dough.

It is one of my kids’ favourite cookies; therefore, I always purchased this cookie whenever it got finished. 

7. Waffle: 

I think waffles are everyone’s favorite snack, while there are several combinations of waffles. Some people like to add chocolate on top, and some want to add peanut butter and many other toppings.

Here is the best alternative to the waffle: a waffle crumbl cookie. Whenever I can’t find waffles, I go to the nearby crumbl bakery and pick up this cookie. 

Base and topping:

However, it is the best cookie for breakfast. The base is same as like a waffle while you can add butter and chocolate on the top. The cookie is topped with maple syrup and buttercream frosting. 

Taste and texture:

The flavor of brown sugar and vanilla entices the taste buds. However, this cookie is rich in butter which gives a perfect taste. Wafflecrubml cookie fans will rush to the store whenever the option appears in the weekly flavors. 

8. Cornbread: 

Cornbread crumbl cookie is a fantastic combination of sugar cookies and cornbread. On the top, you will see the honey buttercream.

While the buttercream is also covered with a drizzle of honey. Moreover, if you love cornmeal, this cookie is the best alternative. 

Base and topping: 

The base of the cookie cookie is quite dense, and the cornbread dough gives it a dominating corn flavour. Though the cookie has buttercream frosting on the top, you can also add your favourite toppings.

For example, I love adding a little melting butter to it. Because it couples perfectly with the cornbread. The butter enhances its flavour and gives a magical taste to the taste buds.

Taste and texture:

Its texture is very smooth, chewy, and sugary. The Cornbread cookie exemplifies Crumbl’s distinct approach to baking cookies that taste great and provide memorable experiences for those who consume them. 

9. Buckeye Brownie: 

Almost everyone’s favorite combines chocolate and peanut butter, two of the most excellent foods of all time, in the best possible way.

It’s a dense chocolatey cookie that resembles a well-baked brownie, stuffed with melty chocolate chips and topped with the traditional Buckeye filling and chocolate sauce to tie it all together. 

Base and topping:

A rich, dense chocolate cookie is topped with a thick, fluffy, creamy layer of peanut butter that tastes uncannily like the inside of Reese’s peanut butter cup.

But it’s not over yet; there are two more chocolate elements to make the whole thing ridiculously decadent.  

Taste and texture: 

If you’ve never had a buckeye, you’re truly missing out, but you won’t have to wait long if your crumble carries this buckeye-inspired cookie. Because it holds a perfect peanut butter, powdered sugar, and chocolate confection taste. 

10. Peanut butter with a snicker: 

While no Reese’s pieces are present, you can’t help but think of them when you try this cookie base.

It’s perfectly peanut butter, not too dense or dry, not too chewy or gooey, not too cakey or sweet, but just the right amount of everything. 

Base and topping: 

The base is very chewy, soft, and engulging. The cookies are topped with a beautiful melty mixture of peanut butter chips and a little oil to thin it out, followed by more chopped-up peanut butter cups. This cookie is sweeter than the usual cookies

What is the best Crumbl cookie flavor? 

All the flavors are good, and each has a unique flavor. While each flavor has different ingredients and toppings.

Undoubtedly, all the cookies are delicious while you can also serve them in front of guests as an entree.

what is the best crumbl cookie flavor

Moreover, serving the crumbled cookie at the kid’s parties is the best idea. Because they love to eat such things. Everybody has their own choices; therefore, everyone loves different kinds of Crumbl cookies.

However, my favorite crumbl cookies are caramel popcorn and chocolate chips. These two are one of my crumbl cookie best flavors.

FAQs Regarding Crumbl Cookies

What is the most popular cookie at Crumbl?

According to Crumbl Cookies records, the Chocolate Oreo cookie with vanilla cream cheese frosting has been their most popular featured flavor.

What is Crumbl cookies signature cookie?

Well, Crumble cookies award-winning “milk chocolate chip cookie” has been a classic menu item for years.
In addition to that, Crumble Cookies “chilled pink sugar cookie” has also become a semi-permanent fixture on their menu due to its popularity among customers.

What are all of the Crumbl cookie flavors?

Here is all Crumbl cookie flavors list,
1. Biscoff Lava (Biscoff cookie dough with a melted chocolate center)
2. Chilled Sugar
3. Chocolate Cake (chocolate cookie dough with chocolate chips)
4. Chocolate Chip
5. Cinnamon Swirl
6. Coconut Lime
7. Confetti Cake (sugar cookie dough with sprinkles)
8.  Dirt Cake (chocolate cookie dough with Oreo chunks)
9. Funfetti (sugar cookie dough with sprinkles and white chocolate chips)
10. Lemon Glaze (lemon cookie dough with a sweet glaze)
11. Milk Chocolate Chip
12. Nutella Sea Salt (chocolate cookie dough with Nutella filling and sea salt on top)
13. Oatmeal Raisin
14. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
15. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip (seasonal)
16. Raspberry Cheesecake (sugar cookie dough with raspberry filling and cheesecake pieces)
17. S’mores (graham cracker cookie dough with marshmallow and chocolate)
18. Snickerdoodle
19. Strawberry Shortcake (strawberry cookie dough with white chocolate chips)
20. Thin Mint (chocolate cookie dough with Andes mints on top)
21. Toffee Crunch (caramel cookie dough with toffee bits)

What are the top 5 Crumbl cookies?

5 Best Crumbl Cookie Flavors in 2023,
1. Kentucky Butter Cake.
2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip.
3. Banana Cream Pie.
4. Ultimate Peanut Butter.
5. Vanilla Cupcake.

What flavor is birthday Crumbl cookie?

Are you curious about the flavor of Crumbl’s birthday cookie? Well, these delightful treats are like biting into a frosted cake batter cookie. Imagine your favorite childhood funfetti cake, but transformed into a delicious cookie, complete with the perfect cream cheese frosting.

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