Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Prices 2022 & Reviews

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering: Buffalo Wild Wings started working in the year 1982. It is located in Columbus, OH. When this food place was set up for the first time, it was called the name of Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck.

The company is purposely known for offering high delicious food specialization in its course of namesake all along with some other tasty food items which are worth trying right now.

They are also known in terms of offering delicious sauces along with some fantastic seasonings. You can check different varieties of sauces in buffalo wild wings specials.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering

Check out the Catering Menu Prices of Buffalo Wild Wings

Now right here we will be discussing a complete buffalo wild wings catering menu for the customers who want to visit this place:

Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Prices 2022

Buffalo wild wing catering menu contains different varieties of wings, some wings are traditional type wings and some are boneless wings. Buffalo wild wings menu items are not only affordable but also delicious in taste. Menu Wings Prices start from $34.99- $99.99 depending upon the number of serves.

buffalo wild wings catering

Buffalo wild wing menu also contains delicious desserts for any event. The sweet cheesecake bites make your meal more enjoyable. Don’t forget about the side items of Buffalo wild wings. Side items have different kinds of salads, chips, coleslaw, Mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, jalapeno pepper bites, corn dogs, etc.

Buffalo wild wing catering menu also has tenders, Crispy tenders & Naked tender. Their prices start from $29.99- $59.99. These tenders’ menus make the catering more special.

Don’t worry about the detailed prices of Buffalo wild wing catering because we have a complete guide of Buffalo wild wing menu prices for 2022.

Traditional Buffalo Wild Wings
40 Wings (serves 8-10)$34.99
80 Wings (serves 16-20)$67.99
120 Wings (serves 24-30)$99.99
Boneless Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Menu Prices
40 Wings (serves 8-10)$34.99
80 Wings (serves 16-20)$67.99
120 Wings (serves 24-30)$99.99
Buffalo Wild Wings Tempting Tenders Menu Prices
25 Crispy Tenders (serves 10-12)$29.99
50 Crispy Tenders (serves 20-24)$59.99
25 Naked Tenders (serves 10-12)$29.99
50 Naked Tenders (serves 20-24)$59.99
Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Wraps
6 Wraps (serves 6-12)$35.99
9 Wraps (serves 9-18)$49.99
Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Pulled Pork Sandwiches
1 Bucket (serves 10-12)$39.99
Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Desserts Menu Prices
Cheesecake Bites w/Caramel Sauce (serves 10-12)$22.99
Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Sharable & Sides Menu Prices
Coleslaw (serves 10-12)$9.99
Garden Salad (serves 8-10)$24.99
Chips & Salsa (serves 10-12)$14.99
Chips & Chili Con Queso (serves 10-12)$25.99
Mini Corn Dogs (serves 10-12)$19.99
12 Pretzels w/Queso$23.99
Medium Potato Wedges (serves 10-12)$11.99
Large Potato Wedges (serves 20-24)$19.99
Party Sampler (Mozzarella sticks, fried pickles, jalapeno pepper bites & Mini Corn Dogs)$39.99

How Can you Place Your Order from Buffalo Wild Wings Catering?

If you are checking out Buffalo Wild Wings menu prices, you will find the prices a lot affordable. And hence these affordable prices have forced the customers to visit this food center all over again and again.

Catering services will just be given to all those customers who will be placing their orders at least three hours in advance. Delivery charges are exempted but make sure you check the branch policy first.

You can make your visit straight away to the main official website of Buffalo Wild Wings to know more details about the catering services and their charges.

High Popularity of Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Coupon 

Buffalo Wild Wings menu sauces have been known to be encountered with some traditional dish items that are thoroughly cooked in the boneless wings.

They do have meals that are entirely ranging from the cinnamon squares as well as sandwiches. They are popularly known for their delicious and mouth-watering food options, which are entirely dipped in spicy sauce flavors.

Apart from the food services, they have excellent services for party event catering as well to make it everlasting memorable for you.

Right through these best services, they add your event with a completely stress-free environment to make every single moment unique and memorable for you and the coming guests.

List of Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Branch Locations

Ever since the time they have started working, they have set up their chain of branches in different locations. They have so many branches in North America and almost 1000 branches that are situated in Canada, Mexico, and Canada.

The reason why Buffalo Wild Wings is becoming so much popular is because of the delicious taste of their dishes along with the reliable customer service for their valued clients.

Besides working as a food center, Buffalo Wild Wings is also working as a catering service provider as well. They serve their food items in a wide range of social events and for different ceremonies. You can even grab their catering best services for the meetings, graduation events, and some special occasions.

Buffalo Wild Wings Catering Customer Reviews 

Here we have got some recently positive feedback of customer who uses of buffalo wild wings catering services which are below Buffalo Wild Wings Customer Reviews

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