Chipotle Catering Menu with Prices 2024

Chipotle stands out not just as a renowned Mexican fast-food chain offering tantalizing tacos, salads, and bowls, but also for its exceptional catering services. Exploring the Chipotle catering menu unveils an array of unique and mouthwatering choices perfect for any event.

While catering prices at Chipotle might be a tad higher compared to other chains, it’s the authentic and superior Mexican flavor they deliver that makes every penny worth it.

If you’re planning an unforgettable gathering and pondering over the Chipotle cost for Catering, a glance at their detailed catering menu will provide all the insights you need.

chipotle catering

Today, I’m going to review the catering menu of Chipotle, covering aspects such as:

  • The importance of advance ordering.
  • Exploring the “Secret Menu” items and their value.
  • Chipotle’s provisions for utensils, plates, and other essentials.
  • The reheatability of Chipotle containers.
  • Understanding the range of group sizes Catering can accommodate.
  • A deep dive into Chipotle’s portioning, particularly focusing on meat servings.

Chipotle Catering 2024: Affordable Feast for Every Event

Discover the catering menu 2024 at Chipotle Restaurants, perfect for all event sizes, including vegetarian and vegan choices. With affordable catering prices, you can enjoy a range of Mexican dishes, sides, and desserts. Various packaging options and delivery services are available to cater to your needs.

Chipotle family meal: Indulge in a delicious, budget-friendly Chipotle experience. Explore the menu’s diverse options, perfect for everyone, with reasonable Chipotle prices for catering. Don’t miss out on the value-packed Chipotle family meal deal to save even more.

What is the difference between double and triple catering at Chipotle?

AspectDouble CateringTriple Catering
Number of Meat Options23
ExampleChicken and steakChicken, steak, and barbacoa
PriceVaries depending on locationTypically more expensive than double catering

Which Option Should You Choose?

  • If you’re seeking an affordable choice, double catering is recommended.
  • For a wider variety to delight your guests, consider triple catering.

Chipotle Food Catering Packages in 2024

Choose the ideal feast that’s sure to impress, regardless of the event.

Please note: Orders require a 24-hour lead time.

chipotle catering packages prices

Catering Chipotle Menu items

Chipotle Sides for Catering

  • Cilantro-lime rice
  • Pinto and Black beans
  • Fresh salsas
  • House-made Guacamole
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream

Chipotle Chips And Salsa Options in Catering Menu

You can choose any chips & salsa with chipotles catering menu

  • Hand-mashed guacamole
  • Fresh tomato salsa
  • Roasted chili-corn salsa
  • Tomatillo-green chili salsa
  • Tomatillo-red chili salsa

Chipotle Meat Catering Menu

The meat options include,

  • Responsibly Raised®Grilled Chicken or Steak
  • Shredded Barbacoa
  • Carnitas

Complete Chipotle Catering Prices in 2024

Chipotle is known for providing fresh, healthy, and affordable food options. Their catering menu is no different, offering a variety of dishes that will please any palate. 

Chipotle Catering

Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or a large event, Chipotle has you covered. Chipotle Prices for their catering services start at just $6.50 per person.

Read on to learn more about the delicious offerings on Chipotle’s catering menu.

Chipotle Burritos Order By The Box for Catering

Choose One Base From TwoBrown/White Cilantro Lime Rice6$79.80 (Full Package)
Choose One Protein From SixSteak, Barbacoa, Chicken, etc.6$79.80 (Full Package)
Included FillingsCheese, Black Beans, Tomato Salsa6$79.80 (Full Package)
Included SidesChips, Guacamole, Sour Cream, etc6$79.80 (Full Package)

Chipotle’s Catering Popular Build Menu with Prices

Plant PoweredBrown Rice, Sofritas, Veggies, etc.10$14.70/Person
Work AnywhereWhite Rice, Chicken, Steak, etc.10$14.70/Person
Small Get TogetherChicken, White Rice, Steak, etc.10$17.75/Person
Taking It EasyWhite Rice, Chicken, Steak, etc.10$13.30/Person

Chipotle Build Your Own Items & Catering Package Prices

Build Your Own Options for Event Catering

BasesBrown/White Rice, Beans, Salad, etc.10
ProteinChicken, Steak, Carnitas, etc.10
ToppingsCheese, Veggies, Taco Lettuce, etc.10
SalsasTomato, Corn, Roasted Chili, etc.10
TortillaCorn Taco Shells, Soft Flour Tortillas10

Catering Package Options at Chipotle

Single2 Bases, 2 Toppings, etc.10$117.50 ($11.75/Person)
Double2 Bases, 2 Proteins, etc.10$147.00 ($14.70/Person)
TripleTotal Bases, 3 Proteins, etc.10$177.75 ($17.75/Person)

Chipotle Chips & Dips Catering Prices

Choose One Premium ToppingQueso Blanco, Guacamole10-15$57.40/Pack
Included SalsasTomato, Corn, Roasted Chili, etc.10-15$57.40/Pack

What are the Catering Wedding Chipotle Prices?

Wondering about catering prices for your wedding? Costs may fluctuate based on location and event size. Typically, plan around $10 per person for a buffet-style spread.

For personalized menus, Chipotle offers tailored packages to suit your preferences. With a dedicated team committed to impeccable service, trust Chipotle to make your wedding a success. Contact us today for Chipotle prices and services!

Catering services at Chipotle Restaurant!

  1. Menu Design & Food Choices: While Chipotle’s approach to catering menu design is similar to many other services, what sets them apart is the extensive range of food choices they offer. Main items include burritos, chips, and diverse salsa spreads.
  2. Customizable Meals: Guests have the freedom to assemble their tacos and bowls, adding ingredients as per their preferences. This ensures they get the exact flavors they desire.
  3. Dining Essentials: Catering orders come equipped with necessary dining items such as napkins, spoons, forks, and chafing dishes.
  4. Ordering Convenience: Customers can avail Chipotle’s catering services through phone calls or by placing orders online.
  5. Transparent Pricing: Prices for the Chipotle Restaurant catering menu are readily available on their website, simplifying the order placement process for users.
  6. Quality at a Price: While Chipotle’s catering might come at a premium compared to some other brands, it promises an unmatched taste that guests are sure to love.

Where Are Catering Services Available?

Whether you are at home, at the office, or at a party, the option of ordering food from Chipotle is always at your fingertips.

Chipotle food catering Menu delivery is quick and tries to cover the maximum area where the meal options are provided.

Chipotle services for Catering are not present in every state of America

Chipotle claims to offer catering services across the country. However, there are some states of America that are not covered by Chipotle.

For example, Chipotle doesn’t cater to food in New York as of yet. Where to put the catering supplies and what to cover by the delivery is yet to be decided.

You can choose breakfast catering in Chicago but in some states, placing the order at chipotle is very limited.

In some states, there are some very specific chipotle hours on which the catering services can be rendered. However, Chipotle in most of the states offers 24/7 services.

How do you get big portions at Chipotle?

  1. Opt for a Burrito Bowl: They usually come in a more generous size, offering more rice and beans compared to a standard burrito.
  2. Double Up on Rice and Beans: This doesn’t cost extra and can substantially boost the volume of your dish.
  3. Mix Two Types of Meats: Not only does this diversify your flavors at no extra charge, but it also provides an ample serving.
  4. Add Extra Fajita Vegetables: These are a complimentary addition that brings more volume to your meal.
  5. Consider Guacamole or Salsa on the Side: While there might be an additional cost, they enrich your meal with added taste and texture.

How to order from Chipotle?

You can place the order either online or by phone. There are no Chipotle hours specified by Chipotle when it comes to rendering the catering services.

All you need to do is open the website of Chipotle, click on Chipotle near me to see the nearest branch of Chipotle, then open the Chipotle menu to see the Mexican food items provided by the chosen branch of Chipotle, and then go for Chipotle order online

Chipotle Catering order

Chipotle Catering Ordering – Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Chipotle offers a convenient way to order food through their app available on App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android users.
  2. Orders can also be made through the website or by calling 1-833-860-0467.
  3. Sign up for a membership to take advantage of Chipotle’s rewards program with rewards ranging from free chipotle food items to merchandise, as well as special discounts at times!
  4. Customers have the option of pick up or delivery; catering orders (except chips) need 24 hours advance notice when ordering online or over a phone call.

Chipotle Customer Support for Catering

Chipotle’s Social Media accounts

My Personal Catering Review

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing Chipotle’s Catering at a friend’s baby shower. It’s evident why Chipotle Menu Catering is a favorite for various events. The array of options, from burritos and tacos to salads and sides, ensures that every guest finds something they love.

The standout for me was the Chipotle burrito, which left a memorable impression. But beyond the food itself, what resonated with many of us was the freshness of ingredients, the cordial service, and the undeniable value for money.

The added convenience of their delivery service, ensuring the food arrives promptly, was a cherry on top. Based on personal experience and the collective feedback from the event’s attendees, Chipotle’s approach to catering is praiseworthy.

If you’re in search of flavorful and efficient catering services, Chipotle should undoubtedly be on your list.

Pros & Cons of Catering Menu from Chipotle

VarietyWide variety of food optionsFoods can be high in calories and sodium.
PriceAffordably priced compared to other caterers
CustomizationCustomizable menu
QualityTrusted brand, ensuring guest satisfaction.Might not match traditional restaurant quality.
ConvenienceNo delivery for catering; pickup required.


How far in advance should I order catering from Chipotle?

Place your orders at least 24 hours ahead of time and we’ll make sure to prepare all the delicious food you want fresh for when it’s needed!

What is Chipotle secret order?

Spice up your tastebuds with Chipotle’s delicious Secret Menu 3-Point Burrito, an incredible $5.20 value!

Does Chipotle Food Menu catering come with utensils and plates?

Chipotle has everything you need to make your big event a hit! From the bowls and utensils, all the way down to chafing dishes – they’ve got it covered. Plus, ordering is a breeze so have no fear when planning those larger events!

Are Chipotle containers Reheatable?

Chipotle containers are made with a great material that lets you heat them up again without damaging the bowl. You don’t have to wait for your food to warm, just pop it in the microwave and enjoy!

How many people can our catering orders serve Chipotle?

Discover the perfect catering option at Chipotle for your group. Select from three levels of customization: Single, Double, or Triple. Then, simply choose your menu items and specify the number of people you’re serving, ranging from 10 to 200

How much chicken do you get from Chipotle?

At Chipotle, standard serving sizes are outlined for each ingredient. For instance, both meat and rice portions are set at four ounces, while green or red salsa is served in two-ounce portions. Cheese and lettuce are given in one-ounce pinches, as detailed in the employee guidelines on portioning.


Catering offers a comprehensive service ensuring fresh food, convenient ordering, and all essential utensils. Their unique offerings, such as the Secret Menu 3-Point Burrito and the reheatable containers, add value to their service.

Whether serving 10 or 200 people, their adaptable menu and transparent portioning guidelines make planning an event with Chipotle a breeze.

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