Costco Christmas Dinner 2023 – Antibiotic Free Spiral Ham-Turkey Breast Roast

Costco Christmas Dinner 2023 Review: The holiday season is a time of joy and festivity, and what better way to celebrate than with a delightful Christmas dinner? Costco has become a go-to destination for many during the holidays, offering a wide range of options for Christmas dinner in 2023.

Costco christmas dinner

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or prefer ready-made meals, Costco’s selection caters to all your festive needs. Let’s explore the variety and convenience that Costco brings to your holiday table this year.

Is costco open on christmas in 2023?

No, Costco stores will all be closed on Christmas Day 2023.

Costco’s U.S. warehouses typically follow holiday hours, and that includes Christmas Day. However, please note that Costco will be closed on Christmas Day in 2023, which falls on December 25, 2023.

If you have any specific questions about Costco holiday hours or need more information, you can always reach out to Costco’s customer service.

Fresh Food and Groceries for the Cooking Enthusiasts:

If you’re someone who enjoys cooking up a storm, Costco’s fresh food and groceries section is your playground. They offer an extensive range of fresh meats, poultry, and seafood. You can select from various cuts and types to prepare your special holiday meal. The choices are endless, ensuring you have all you need for a custom Christmas feast.

Pre-Made Christmas Dinner at Costco

For those who’d rather avoid the kitchen hustle, Costco offers pre-made Christmas dinner items. They have three different dinner options available in various sizes, so you can pick what suits your gathering best. These ready-to-serve dishes save time and effort, allowing you to enjoy the festive spirit without the stress of cooking.

Costco christmas dinner

Costco Christmas Dinner Prices

Costco’s Christmas dinner options are both diverse and affordable. They offer a range of meal options with varying prices and serving sizes, ensuring there’s something for every type of celebration. The Texas Tamale Co. options, for example, provide a budget-friendly yet delicious choice.

Costco Christmas Dinner Delivery Meal Kits

For added convenience, Costco offers meal delivery kits. These kits contain everything you need for a complete meal, from the main course to sides. Options like the Rastelli Antibiotic-Free Spiral Ham Meal and Turkey Breast Roast Turkey Dinner are available, serving multiple people and priced for value.

Costco Christmas Dinner Meal KitsServePrice
Texas Tamale Co. Pork Tamales 6pk72$89.99
Texas Tamale Co. Beef Tamales 6pk72$89.99
Rastelli Black Angus Beef Tenderloin RoastServes 6$149.99
Rastelli’s Spiral Ham MealServes 8$149.99
Rastellis USDA Choice Black Angus Prime RibServes 8-10$179.99
Texas Tamale Co. Hatch Chile Tamales 6pk72$89.99
Texas Tamale Co. Chicken Tamales 6-pack72$89.99

Costco Christmas Dinner Desserts with Prices

A Christmas dinner isn’t complete without desserts and drinks. Costco’s selection includes an amazing variety of tasty desserts and sparkling drinks. Choose what you feel would pair best with your dinner dishes. Their range makes it easy to add that final touch of sweetness to your festive meal.

Costco Christmas Dinner CakesSourceServesPrice
8″ 3 Layer Chocolate Fudge CakeThe Dark Chocolate Bakery$69.99
24 pcs of Cannoli’sFerrara’s Bakery$109.99
10″ Premier Chocolate CakeDavid’s Cookies14$56.99
9″ Rainbow CakeDavid’s Cookies12$62.99

Gift Baskets for the Holiday Season:

Costco also offers specially curated gift baskets for the holiday season. These are perfect for when you’re visiting someone and make for a thoughtful and delicious present. They’re a great way to spread holiday cheer among friends and family.

Costco Gourmet Deli Selections for a Luxurious Feast:

The Costco Gourmet Deli section presents luxurious items like the 13-piece Roasting Ham & Luxury Charcuterie Gift Box and a variety of caviar and prosciutto. These premium selections are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your Christmas dinner.

Costco Christmas Deli Menu Items in 2023Brand/SupplierPrice
13-piece Roasting Ham & Luxury Charcuterie Gift BoxD’Artagnan$129.99
Fratelli Beretta Prosciutto di Parma BonelessFratelli Beretta$179.99
Classic White Sturgeon Caviar (2-4)Tsar Nicoulai$79.99
Osetra Caviar (2-4)Plaza Golden$129.99
Arte Charcuterie and Cheese Board (Fully Arranged)Boarderie$179.99
Diletto Charcuterie and Cheese Board (Fully Arranged)Boarderie$119.99

Overview of Costco Christmas Meal Kit in 2023

Additional Costco Christmas Dinner Options: In addition to the main courses, side dishes, and pre-planned menus, Costco offers a variety of other holiday delights. These include:

  • Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham – $169.99
  • Serrano Ham Reserva Leg (Noel Consorcio) – $119.99
  • Fratelli Beretta Prosciutto – $179.99
  • Gourmet Bakery & Desserts:
    • 8″ 3 Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake from The Dark Chocolate Bakery – $69.99
    • 24 pcs of Cannoli’s from Ferrara’s Bakery – $109.99
    • 10″ Premier Chocolate Cake from David’s Cookies (Serves 14) – $56.99
    • 9″ Rainbow Cake from David’s Cookies (Serves 12) – $62.99

Costco Christmas Dinner Ideas and Decorations:

Beyond the dinner itself, Costco helps with Christmas dinner decorations and gift ideas. They have a wide selection of festive dishware, lights, wreaths, and holiday figurines. Their gift baskets are themed and packed with goodies ranging from popcorn to pancakes.

How to Order Costco Christmas Dinner?

Ordering your Christmas dinner from Costco is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Membership Needed: Ensure you have a Costco membership.
  2. Visit Store or Website: You can either visit a Costco warehouse or explore their website.
  3. Explore Options: Look for ‘Costco Christmas dinners’ or ‘Costco holiday meals to go.’
  4. Choose Your Meal: Select from pre-made dinners or individual items based on your preferences.
  5. Order and Pay: You can place your order online through the website or visit the nearest Costco store to complete the purchase.
  6. Pickup: Once your order is confirmed, arrange for pickup at your local Costco.
  7. Collect Your Order: On the scheduled pickup day, simply visit Costco with your membership card to collect your delicious Christmas dinner.

Costco Customer Service

If you need to contact Costco for any inquiries or assistance related to your Christmas dinner order or any other matter, here’s their contact information:

Additionally, you can connect with Costco on social media for updates and information:

FAQs Regarding Costco Christmas Dinner 2023


Costco’s 2023 Christmas dinner menu offers a variety of choices to make your holiday celebrations both delicious and convenient.

With options ranging from fresh ingredients for cooking to ready-made meals and luxurious deli selections, there’s something for everyone. This 2023 year, let Costco take the stress out of holiday meal planning and add more joy to your Christmas festivities.

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