20+ Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas 2023

Elevate your Thanksgiving feast with a selection of easy, delicious appetizers. From the classic sausage cheese puffs to the sophisticated cranberry and bacon Swiss cheese dip, these starters are perfect for any gathering size, ensuring your Thanksgiving dinner is both memorable and effortlessly enjoyable.

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, friends, and, of course, delectable meals. As 2023 approaches, many are seeking fresh and easy Thanksgiving catering dinner ideas to celebrate this festive occasion.

For those looking for special and easy Thanksgiving appetizers ideas in 2023, the culinary world offers a plethora of options to start the feast on a high note. Meanwhile, the latest ideas for a Southern Thanksgiving dinner in 2023 bring a delightful twist to traditional flavors, perfectly blending the old with the new.

However, not everyone prefers the conventional route. For those who veer away from traditional tastes, there are innovative non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner ideas, offer a unique spin to this cherished holiday.

These menus range from simple yet savory appetizers like Sausage Cheese Puffs and Cranberry and Bacon Swiss Cheese Dip, to elegant Gruyere and Crab Palmiers, and even include easy thanksgiving dinner ideas like Pickled Mushrooms with Garlic and Savoury Cucumber Sandwiches. Each of these dishes not only tantalizes the taste buds but also adds a touch of creativity to the Thanksgiving table.

Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a grand feast for a larger group, these ideas cater to all, ensuring that your Thanksgiving celebration is both memorable and effortlessly delightful.

Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Appetizers Ready In Less Time

Appetizers are small portions of the meal served before the main course. These are light meals with a small part of serving to curb hunger.

thanksgiving dinner easy

Furthermore, it is a delectable meal with salads, sweet entrees, and other things done before the main course. There are various easy thanksgiving appetizer ideas you can serve before Thanksgiving dinner. 

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1. Sausage Cheese Puffs

To make this delicious appetizer, you will need three ingredients. These cheesy golden morsels will take thirty minutes to cook perfectly.

easy thanksgiving dinner ideas

However, it’s up to you which kind of sausage you want to use because there are different kinds available. The sausage will dry out quickly if the ratio of baking and Bisquick will higher than the sausage.

Therefore, try to keep a balance between the ingredients. It is the easiest and best appetizer for those who love sausage as well as cheese. 

2. Cranberry and Bacon Swiss Cheese Dip:

easy thanksgiving dinner

The sauce is savoury and rich, directly going from the oven to your table. This dip is balanced with tartness and sweetness, while the dried cranberries are little jewels hidden in the cheesy dip.

People love to eat this dip as it has a wonderful sweet and savoury taste. Serve this dip with the thin crunchy roasted bread slices that would make your guests happier. 

3. Gruyere and Crab Palmiers: 

Once these palmier pastries get cookies, they look so amazing that everyone would love to eat them. It is such an easy thanksgiving appetizer that cooks perfectly when all the ingredients are mixed.

easy thanksgiving dinner ideas

To make this appetizer fantastic, you will need good quality puff pastries and other ingredients. The pancetta complements the fresh crab meat and gruyere filling well, but you can use anything from pesto and ham to all cheese.

You can even make these palmiers ahead of time and store them in the freezer until ready to bake. 

4. Pickled Mushrooms with Garlic: 

Pickled mushrooms with garlic are a quick and delicious addition to any relish tray. This easy thanksgiving appetizer will be a favourite for those who love mushrooms.

easy thanksgiving dinner ideas

Mushrooms are good enough to be eaten raw; you can easily cook them in advance as they get ready in no time. The pickled mushrooms are enclosed in the jar; hence transferring them to a potluck is very easy.

Moreover, don’t stop on the pickle; you can quickly pickle the apples, eggs, radishes, and many other veggies. 

5. Savoury Cucumber Sandwiches: 

It is the best combination of cream cheese and mayonnaise, which tastes super when mixed with the salad dressing. When you put the paste on the bread, it looks very tasty.

easy thanksgiving dinner ideas

This appetizer will take just five minutes to get ready perfectly. Serving this appetizer before the actual will be great to balance the diet. However, the ingredients are very short, and in the end, the thin piece of cucumber makes it a complete look. 

Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas 2023 

When Thanksgiving comes on the head, most people get confused about what to cook for thanksgiving dinner and what the menu should be.

People browse a lot on the internet but remain blank. Here I have mentioned the easy thanksgiving dinner recipes which will help you very much. 

1. Juicy Roasted Turkey Breast: 

Try this juicy, gluten-free roasted turkey breast, a thanksgiving dinner easy recipe that gets ready with a little intent. It is an easy, juicy, roasted breast with crispy skin.

easy thanksgiving dinner ideas

However, the turkey breast is so amazing, roasted on caramelized onions. The key to a perfectly juicy turkey with flaky skin is to cook it at a high temperature for a short period. Essentially, use the same method during roasting a whole turkey. 

2. Asian five-spice Roast Turkey 

Have you ever heard of this name? It is a unique and easy Thanksgiving dinner recipe with a unique name.

easy thanksgiving dinner

However, it is a roasted, tender, juicy, and spicy turkey marinated with a delicious, flavorful Asian rub. The inside of the turkey is very juicy and holds the flavour of all the spices, while the outside is very crisp. 

3. Instant pot Turkey Roast

Instant pot turkey is the easiest and quick way to cook turkey in a short time. While it is one of the fastest ways to cook turkey, and tastes wonderful and unique.

easy thanksgiving dinner

The recipe offers juicy, tender, and flavorful turkey. Making the gravy with the drippings of instant pot turkey enhances its flavour. 

4. Classic Homemade Turkey Gravy

Thanksgiving turkey is incomplete without the classic gravy. The thick and delicious homemade traditional gravy enhanced the flavour of the turkey.

easy thanksgiving dinner

While the gravy is prepared from the leftover drippings, you don’t need powdered gravy if you prepare turkey by yourself. 

5. Vegetarian cornbread stuffing:

The cornbread stuffing is fantastic and good for vegetarian people. Easy vegetarian cornbread stuffing is the best side dish for Thanksgiving dinner.

easy things to take to thanksgiving dinner

However, the dish is colourful, flavourful, moist, and crispy. While the bread gives it a golden colour touch which looks appetizing when mixed with the colourful vegetables. 

This stuffing combines toasted cornbread, savoury celery and onions, sweet dried cranberries, and fresh thyme with vegetable stock. It is simple to prepare ahead of time and can even be done a day ahead of time.

6. Turkey Pumpkin Chili 

It is a very easy Thanksgiving dinner recipe which gets ready in the slow cooker. It consists of lean ground turkey mixed with green chilli.

how to make easy thanksgiving dinner

The recipe has plenty of protein and fibre, which is perfectly spiced. Furthermore, the recipe is super quick and abundant in flavour people love to eat it as it contains ground turkey. 

How to prepare an easy Thanksgiving dinner for 2:

There are several recipes for an easy Thanksgiving dinner for two, which you can prepare easily at home in no time.

The ingredients are very limited, and the procedure is super quick. So, without wasting time, let’s get to the thanksgiving dinner easy recipes.  

Cranberry Bourbon Fizz

The drink is super yummy, and the appearance is fascinating. Once you get ready with this drink, your guests will become fans.

a very easy thanksgiving day dinner

However, the fizz drink is not overly sweet, is balanced tart and comprises a punch of flavour. It is the best festive cocktail which can impress your guests very well. 

Blistered Green Beans

This easy thanksgiving dinner recipe for 2 will take just twenty minutes of yours. While you need five ingredients to cook the green beans properly.

how to make easy thanksgiving dinner

The ingredients include red pepper flakes, garlic, capers, olive oil, and green beans. It is a very delicious and quick way to make green beans mouthwatering. 

Roasted Chicken with Garlic and bread 

You can still serve the roasted chicken to two guests, even if you are not serving the crowd. But the thing you have not considered is its size.

how to make an easy thanksgiving dinner

This meal’s outstanding centrepiece, a roasted chicken with bread and garlic, might even surpass the usual turkey in terms of flavour.

Roasted turkey and stuffing 

Compared to roasting a whole bird, this turkey is incredibly juicy and considerably simpler to prepare. As the turkey roasts, the stuffing absorbs the juices and fat, giving it an even richer flavour. 

easy thanksgiving dinner for 2

You should start cooking the turkey and stuffing first because they take the longest to prepare (approximately 1.5 hours). While the turkey and stuffing are baking, the remaining sides can be made. 

Roasted autumn vegetable pot pie: 

It is a wonderful recipe which includes crust outside while the inner area is filled with vegetable stuffing. The primary benefits of in-bird stuffing are that it is extremely moist and makes Thanksgiving more delicious.

easy thanksgiving dinner for 6

But to be safe, you must cook it to 165 degrees F, which means the bird must be cooked to an even higher temperature. 

Easy Thanksgiving dinner for 6

There are several recipes for a quick, easy Thanksgiving dinner for 6 that you can make at home in no time.

The ingredients are extremely limited, and the procedure is extremely quick. So, without further ado, let’s get to the easy Thanksgiving dinner recipes.

Roasted Garlic buttermilk Mashed Potatoes:

Simple creamy mashed potatoes with butter, buttermilk, and oven-roasted garlic are a classic. The buttermilk adds a delicious flavour, but regular milk can be substituted if desired.

easy thanksgiving dinner for 6

Try to mash the potatoes with buttermilk because it has a natural creaminess but is lower in fat than milk or cream, and add a small amount of butter at the end, only after the potatoes have absorbed the liquid. 

Bone in Turkey breast with honey and bread: 

This recipe for tender bone-in turkey breast couldn’t be easier. It’s so flavorful, and the best part is that no bringing is required! For starters, it’s less difficult to prepare than a whole turkey.

easy thanksgiving dinner for 6

Because you don’t have to wait for the dark meat to cook, you can remove the turkey breast at the perfect temperature to ensure it’s juicy.

Moreover, it serves fewer people, making it ideal for smaller gatherings or if you don’t want a lot of leftovers.

Creamed Corned Casserole

easy thanksgiving dinner for 6

It is a classic dish with a creamy-corn style that everyone would love to eat. It’s the ideal side dish for a holiday or special occasion! It’s incredibly simple to make; combine everything and bake. 

Sourdough Stuffing:

Sourdough bread is used to make this dish. It’s crispy on top and soft on the bottom, providing something for every stuffing fan.

thanksgiving dinner easy

Moreover, It’s a vegetarian dish. The small pieces of bread look very yummy, while each piece holds the strong flavour of all its constituents. 

Deep dish Apple Pie

Layers upon layers of sweet spiced apples are nestled in a buttery, flaky pie crust in this deep-dish apple pie recipe for the ultimate homestyle dessert, topped with vanilla ice cream.

easy thanksgiving dinner for 2

A deep dish should be the only pie style available. The more apple layers there are, the better. It’s not worth it if the apple pie doesn’t tower over the edge of the pie dish. 

FAQs Regarding Easy Thanksgiving Ideas in 2023

It’s a wrap!

I have mentioned very easy Thanksgiving dinner 2023 ideas that will make your day easier and more special. You have to do a little suffering if you will make the mentioned recipes.

However, easy Thanksgiving dinner ideas are super quick and easy. If you love these ideas, then let us know. Wish you have a very easy Thanksgiving day dinner. 

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