Giant Eagle Catering Menu Prices 2023 [Trays, Breakfast, Deli & More]

Giant Eagle Catering – A Service-Oriented Brand

Everybody loves throwing surprise parties for their loved ones. But it takes too much time, effort, and energy to get all the arrangements done.

From arranging the event venue, organizing it, and to the most important part – feeding quality food to guests, it all requires a lot of patience and stamina. But don’t worry, Giant Eagle catering has got your back. Having many years of experience in providing exceptional catering services, this brand is reliable.

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Planning the menu, deciding the total number of dishes, collecting the required ingredients, then cooking the scrumptious meal, it’s all a real struggle.

For many people out there, it might be a fun and exciting thing to do. But for others, it all gets quite difficult to handle. That’s where you need a professional catering team. Giant Eagle catering, being a service-oriented company, makes sure to fulfill customers’ requirements.

It’s not just about cooking food. It’s more about making it with love, care, and full attention. It’s about presenting the food in a flawless way that automatically refreshes your mood.

Apart from this, if you are not experienced in event management and meal planning, then it’s better to hire a catering team for this very task. They will help you to effectively arrange everything within your decided budget.

Why Giant Catering is the best for all events?

Giant Eagle catering is a well-known and authentic company that provides the best catering services for any kind of event. They provide a wide range of catering services for multiple events.

It includes corporate as well as social events. You can also get customized services as per your requirements. They perfectly cover all your concerns like menu preferences, décor arrangement, venue, schedule, equipment arrangement, etc.

Their exemplary services along with mouth-watering food will leave a great and happy impact on your guests. They care about your ideas. That’s why they execute all your ideas as you want them to be.

They try their best to satisfy their clients as its’ their first and foremost priority. Because of their cost-effective services, Giant Eagle catering is a name of trust and quality.

Giant Eagle Catering 2023

This brand name was made on a simple principle – good-quality food. From the very beginning (scratch) days till now 2023, this company has maintained its reputation among others due to its loyalty to customers.

Giant eagle Menu items

The team has grown not in number but has also improved its quality and discipline. They warmly plan your menu keeping into consideration all your preferences and instructions regarding food.

Giant Eagle Catering Menu

Giant eagle catering offers a wide range of menus including different kinds of cuisines. Rather than focusing on a standard and one-size-fits-all kind of menu, this company gives you freedom of choice.

giant eagle catering menu

If you want to design a custom and specific themed menu, then they will also help you with this. They go above and beyond to create a menu according to your unique taste and requirements.

Even a dietary-specific menu like pure vegetarian or gluten-free can also be created if you have any kind of limitations.

Giant Eagle Catering Prices

The prices vary depending upon the type of food you want on the menu. From the bakery department to the Seafood and prepared food department, the price of each dish is different.

For example, the price of Macaroni salad per lb. is $5.99. This portion easily serves 2-3 people. Similarly, the price of Caesar salad is $33.99. This also includes its dressing and serves around 9-10 people.

The price of grilled salmon (ready-to-eat) is $44.99 and it serves around 5-8 people.

Giant Eagle Catering Menu with Prices & Serves with Calories

The latest Giant Food Catering menu includes deli appetizers, bakery items, prepared foods, breakfast items, seafood, desserts, poultry, salads, sides, and many more.

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The price of a sushi celebration tray is $24.99 (35 pieces), and the price of a sushi jubilee tray is $32.99 (30 pieces). The price of supreme pasta is $6.99. Chicken Parmesan costs around $4.99 per piece and Chicken Romano is $6.99 per piece.

Giant Eagle Fried Chicken Catering Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Fried Chicken CateringServesCaloriesPrices
Chicken Breast5, 8, 12, 24, 48, 100400$10.99, $15.49, $28.99, $54.99, $94.99, $179.99
Thighs & Drums8, 12, 24, 48, 100480$8.49, $14.99, $29.99, $46.99, $89.99
Tenders: Hand-Breaded25, 50, 100140$32.99, $64.99, $129.99
Chicken Prime9, 24, 48,100440$11.49, $32.49, $64.99, $124.99
Wings: Bone-In50, 10050-90$54.99, $94.99
Chicken Mixed12, 24, 48, 100440$12.99, $26.99, $49.99, $99.99
Platter: Chicken Wing with Garnish15150$10.99
Wings: Boneless20, 40200-350$34.99, $64.99

Giant Eagle Catering Sandwich Trays/Platters Menu Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Sandwich TraysServesCaloriesPrice
Mini Croissant: Meat20 sandwiches260$29.99
Sandwich Toppers2525$19.99
Mini Croissant: Salad21 sandwiches220$29.99
Sliced CheeseMedium, Large17019.99, $29.99
Mini Pretzel: MeatMedium, Large210$29.99, $44.99
Mini Pretzel: SaladMedium, Large280$29.99, $44.99
Mini Sandwich: MeatMedium, Large110$32.99, $44.99
Mini Sandwich: SaladMedium, Large110$32.99, $44.99
Giant Eagle Catering Ring ServesCalories  Price
All AmericanMini, Large340$24.99, $49.99
New YorkMini, Large340$24.99, $49.99
Italian Mini, Large390$24.99, $49.99

Giant Eagle Breakfast Catering Trays with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Breakfast Trays ServesCalories Price
Starbucks Coffee8 Person5$20.00
Croissant- All-Butter 330$18.99
Mini Croissant- All-ButterSmall, Large120$9.99, $15.99
Fruit Bite & Mini Muffin 60-110$12.99
MuffinSmall, Large500$12.99, $24.99
BagelSmall, Large280-390$9.99, $18.99
Giant Eagle Catering Donuts BoxServesCalories Price
Donuts: Vanilla Cake (Chocolate Iced and White Iced) 360$9.29
Fruit PlatterSmall, Medium, Large70-1000$29.99, $39.99, $59.99
Long John: Filled with Bavarian Crème & White Iced400$9.29
Glazed Ring style 280$9.99
Long John: Filled with Bavarian Crème & Chocolate Iced340-390$9.99
Bismark: Apple Raspberry Filled280$9.99
Variety Ring style 310$9.29
Bismark:  Filled with Bavarian Chocolate Iced340$9.29

Giant Eagle Deli Catering (Cheese, & Charcuterie Platter) Prices

Giant Eagle Deli Catering MenuServesCalories Price
Antipasti and Olive20140$19.99
Dietz & Watson SignatureMedium, Large280$49.99, $59.99
Pretzel NuggetHalf, Full230$13.99, $24.99
Ham, Turkey & CheeseMedium, Large320$34.99, $44.99
Crowd PleaserMedium, Large470-540$49.99, $64.99
Charcuterie Meat & CheeseMedium, Large260$59.99, $69.99
Meat: Italian StyleMedium, Large320$49.99, $64.99
Giant Eagle Deli Catering Collection Serves Calories Prices 
World Cheese30270$79.99
Tays of Deli at Giant Eagle8450$29.99
Charcuterie BoxSmall, Large410$39.99, $69.99
Course: Specialty CheeseMedium, Large310$49.99, $69.99
Cube-cut Cheese with FruitMedium, Large220$49.99, $59.99
Deluxe Cheese & PepperoniMedium, Large410$44.99, $59.99

Giant Eagle Catering Menu Salads & Crudite with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Menu Salads & CruditeServesCalories Price
Pasta SupremeSmall, Large320$19.99, $36.99
Garden SaladSmall, Large45$24.99, $39.99
Mediterranean OrzoSmall, Large230$22.99, $41.99
MacaroniSmall, Large390$19.99, $36.99
Broccoli Bacon CheddarSmall, Large300$19.99, $36.99
Penne Tomato MozzarellaSmall, Large360$34.99, $65.99
Homestyle PotatoSmall, Large310$19.99, $36.99
CapreseSmall, Large170-270$28.99, $38.99
Garden Salad with ChickenSmall, Large120$32.99, $55.99
CaesarSmall, Large120$24.99, $39.99
Napa ValleySmall, Large140$28.99, $47.99
GreekSmall, Large90$28.99, $47.99
Chicken California ClubSmall, Large190$28.99, $47.99
Creamy ColeslawSmall, Large220$12.99, $23.99
Giant Eagle Catering Platters Menu Serves Calories  Price
24 pc Deviled EggSmall, Large80$28.99, $47.99
CruditéSmall, Large80-120$28.99, $47.99

Giant Eagle Catering Ready To Eat Entrées Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Entrées MenuServesCalories Price
Half Pan Pulled Pork16250$48.99
Salmon – Roasted9 PC210$70.99
Signature Lasagnas12360-420$39.99
Chicken Parmesan9 PC390$52.99
Chicken Breast – Breaded9 PC300$43.99
Chicken Breast – Grilled9 PC140$34.99
Stuffed Cabbage12250$39.99
Turkey Breast (Roasted) with Gravy10380$39.99

Giant Eagle Catering Seafood Platter Tray Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Seafood Platter MenuServesCalories Price
Premium Shrimp10130$44.99
Smoked Salmon16100-150$49.99
Shrimp DelightSmall, Large110$34.99, $44.99
Shrimp PartySmall, Large110$19.99, $29.99

Giant Eagle Catering Sushi Platters Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Sushi PlattersServesCalories Price
East & West8140$16.99
Spicy Sampler11120$27.99
Pot sticker11490$29.99
Starter Party10250$34.99
Spring & Summer11270$35.99
Nigiri Deluxe11160$59.99
All American7260$26.99

Giant Eagle Catering Sides Bar Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering SidesServesCalories Price
Chicken Gravy 25$3.99
Veggies Serves Calories Price 
Green Beans (Seasoned)15-35120$29.99
Cauliflower & Roasted Broccoli15-3570$29.99
Brussel Sprouts with Bacon15-35180$29.99
Beans- Baked15-35240$19.99
Carrot Souffle15-35310$29.99
Pasta Serves Calories Price 
Cheese Serves Calories  Price
Cheese & Mac15-35280$19.99
Buffalo Chicken with Mac15-35400$34.99
Potatoes Serves Calories Price 
Mashed with Gravy15-35200$16.99

Giant Eagle Catering Desserts & Beverages Menu with Prices

Giant Eagle Catering Desserts & Beverages ServesCaloriesPrice
Cookie Cake12390$10.49
Box of French Macaron18 pieces40$27.99
Hand-Dipped Sweets (Assorted)Small, Medium80-190$33.99
Pretzels: Gourmet Chocolate-Covered and Dipped21 pieces160-360$33.99
Cookies: Butter-Made25-50 pieces220$15.99
Giant Eagle Catering Desserts Tray Serves Calories Price
Gob36 pieces110$19.99
Traditional CookieSmall, Medium, Large80-260$9.99
Brownie: Classic24 pieces120$16.99
Cannoli25 pieces190$45.99
Thumbprint Cookie & Cutout22 pieces170$13.99
Mini Chocolate Chip Chunk – Butter Made50 pieces60$9.99

How Much Does Croissant Sandwiches Catering Giant Eagle?

The price of mini croissant meat and salad platter is $29.99. And the price of mini sandwich meat and salad platter is $32.99 (for medium) and $44.99 (for large).

Giant Eagle Catering Menu Famous Items

Giant Eagle Catering honors its namesake by offering an extensive menu filled with delectable delights. Below is a list of their all-time favorite hits among foodies with discerning taste buds.

Giant Eagle Catering ItemsDescription
01. Fried ChickenCrunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, and perfectly seasoned. Enjoy the heavenly aroma and juiciness. Satisfy your cravings with up to 100 pieces.
02. Jubilee TrayIndulge in this specialty sushi tray with 10 pieces of delicious nigiri and 10 pieces of fresh shrimp rolls. Plus, 10 crunchy Koni rolls for added variety.
03. Glazed DonutsCreamy, not overly sweet, and topped with a thick glaze that evokes nostalgic memories. Softest dough beneath the delightful glaze.
04. Prime ChickenFinger-licking goodness with massive portions of up to 100 pieces. Signature River City seasoning adds a memorable flavor. Perfect for parties!
And More…Don’t forget their hand-breaded all-white chicken tenders, customizable dipping options, comforting chicken gravy, and a variety of ginormous deli platters.

Savor the flavors of Giant Eagle’s famous items and enjoy an unforgettable dining experience. These crowd-pleasers are sure to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more!

How to order Giant Eagle Catering Menu Online?

Here is the step-by-step guide to order Giant Eagle catering menu online,

  • Visit Giant Eagle’s website and navigate to the catering categories:
  • Customize your order by selecting items from the menus displayed.
  • Review your cart to ensure all desired items are included.
  • Enter your location details during checkout.
  • Choose between delivery or curbside pickup options.
  • Complete the checkout process and finalize your order.
  • Sit back, relax, and eagerly await the arrival of your delicious food or prepare for convenient pickup.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free online ordering experience with Giant Eagle, where satisfying your cravings is just a few clicks away!

FAQs Regarding Giant Eagle Catering menu

Does Giant Eagle Catering offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Giant Eagle Catering provides a range of vegetarian options to cater to diverse dietary preferences. From fresh salads and vegetable platters to flavorful vegetarian entrees, there are plenty of choices to accommodate vegetarian guests.

Can I customize my catering order to suit specific dietary requirements or allergies?

Absolutely! Giant Eagle understands the importance of catering to individual needs. They offer customization options to accommodate dietary requirements and allergies.

How far in advance should I place my catering order?

It is recommended to place your catering order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability and ample preparation time. However, for large or more elaborate events, it is advisable to provide more notice to guarantee a seamless experience.

Can I request special items or dishes that are not listed on the menu?

Giant Eagle Catering strives to accommodate special requests whenever possible. If you have a specific item or dish in mind that is not listed on the menu, it’s best to contact their catering team directly. They will do their best to accommodate your request and create a customized solution for your event.

Is delivery available for catering orders?

Yes, Giant Eagle Catering offers convenient delivery options for catering orders. You can discuss the details with their catering team and arrange for delivery to your preferred location. Additionally, they also provide curbside pickup for added convenience.

Can I make changes or adjustments to my catering order after it has been placed?

While Giant Eagle understands that changes may be necessary, it is recommended to contact their catering team as soon as possible to discuss any desired modifications to your order. They will assist you in making the necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

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