IHOP Catering Menu with Prices 2023

Welcome to IHOP Catering, your one-stop destination for mouthwatering catering options that are sure to elevate any event. Whether you’re organizing a corporate meeting, a family gathering, or a special celebration, IHOP has crafted a diverse catering menu to satisfy your guests’ cravings. From their world-famous pancakes to savory lunch items and refreshing beverages, IHOP’s catering services offer a delectable solution for all occasions. Explore the extensive menu, complete with prices ranging from $7.99 to $299.99, and discover how IHOP can make your next event an unforgettable culinary experience. Get ready to indulge in flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Complete IHOP Catering Menu with Prices

IHOP catering menu boasts a wide array of delectable options to elevate any event. From their world-famous Pancakes starting at $44.99 to Signature Sides priced from $29.99 and Lunch Items starting at $64.99, there’s something for every taste and budget. Quench your thirst with Drinks, available starting at $9.99.

IHOP Catering menu with Prices

IHOP Catering Menu Highlights

  • Pancakes: Starting at $44.99
  • Crepes: Starting at $99.99
  • Pancake Sliders: Starting at $49.99
  • Breakfast Combos: Starting at $7.99
  • Signature Sides: Priced from $29.99
  • Lunch Items: Priced from $64.99
  • Drinks: Starting at $9.99

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IHOP Catering Menu Breakfast Prices with Serves

IHOP Catering Breakfast MenuPrice
Pancakes (Serves 10)$44.99
Pancakes (Serves 30)$75.99
Pancakes (Serves 50)$104.99
Gluten-Friendly Pancakes$64.99
Chocolate Chip Pancakes$55.99
Cupcake Pancakes$55.99
Double Blueberry Pancakes$55.99
Mexican Tres Leches Pancakes$55.99
Crepes (Serves 10)$99.99
Crepes (Serves 30)$124.99
Crepes (Serves 50)$194.99
Pancake Sliders (Serves 10)$49.99
Pancake Sliders (Serves 30)$124.99
Pancake Sliders (Serves 50)$194.99
Pancake Cookies (Serves 10)$19.99

IHOP Catering Extra Toppings & Sides Prices

IHOP Catering Extra Toppings & SidesPrice
Whipped Cream$5.99**
Chocolate Syrup$5.99**
Chocolate Chips$5.99**
Cream Cheese Icing$5.99**
Cupcake Icing$5.99**
Glazed Strawberries**$15.00**
Blueberry Topping**$15.00**
Additional Syrup$5.99**
Additional Butter$5.99**

IHOP Catering Individual Boxed Meals

IHOP Catering Individual Boxed Meals ItemsPrice
2 x 2 x 2$7.99
Breakfast Combo BoxSee Price Table
French ToastSee Price Table
Scrambled EggsSee Price Table
Breakfast SandwichSee Price Table

IHOP Catering Signature Sides Prices

IHOP Catering Sides MenuPrice
Hickory smoked baconSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
Turkey bacon stripsSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
Pork sausage linksSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
Hash browns or crispy breakfast potatoesSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
Buttered toastSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
Fresh fruitSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20
French friesSmall crowd – Serves 10
Large crowd – Serves 20

IHOP Catering Lunch Menu with Prices

IHOP Catering Lunch MenuPrice
Chicken stripsServes 10
Serves 30
Serves 50
BLT sandwichServes 10
Serves 30
Serves 50
Burger & fries comboWithout cheese
With cheese

IHOP Catering Drinks Prices

IHOP BeveragesPrice
Regular or decaf coffee96oz – Serves 10
Served with sugar & creamer upon request.
Orange juice1 gallon
Apple juice1 gallon
Iced teaUnsweetened or sweet
1 gallon

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For your next event, consider IHOP’s catering menu with prices. With a wide range of options and price points, IHOP caters to all tastes and budgets. Treat your guests to the flavors they love, courtesy of IHOP.

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