Jamba Juice Catering Prices 2023

Discover a medley of delightful flavors with Jamba Juice Catering expansive range of smoothies, baked delights, and fresh juices. For those with a penchant for sweet indulgences, Jamba Juice presents a menu brimming with artfully crafted recipes.

Jamba Juice Catering

Their catering menu is categorized into three main sections: velvety smoothies, delectable baked goods, and revitalizing freshly squeezed juices.

A haven for vegetarians, the menu boasts affordable, nutritious offerings.

Among their standout smoothies are the Mango Delight, Orange Dream Machine, and Caribbean Passion. Each creation is not only tantalizing in name but also in flavor, capturing nature’s healthful treasures in every sip.

Moreover, their super blends, celebrated as the pinnacle of nutritional dining, feature options like Açai Super-Antioxidant, PB Banana Protein, and Orange C-Booster. These blends are tailored to align with personal goals, whether they center on health, fitness, enjoyment, or a wholesome treat for the young ones.

Experience the essence of fresh fruit in their plant-based smoothies, featuring flavors like strawberry, mango, peach, and pomegranate. Their smoothie packs are perfect for office luncheons, parties, or as a quick morning refresher. And don’t miss out on their invigorating juices made from fresh carrots and oranges.

A special mention to their authentic soft pretzels: soft, chewy, and perfectly salted. Their glistening brown exterior, accented with salt crystals, is a treat to both the eyes and the palate. Delight in their apple cinnamon pretzels, sourdough variants, and signature sweet waffles, ideal for breakfast or as an evening treat.

Jamba Juice Catering Classic Smoothies Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Classic Smoothies
Jamba Classic Smoothies Menusizeprice
Caribbean Passion Small$6.00
Mango A Go Go Small$6.00
Surf Rider (Strawberry) Small$6.00
Dream Machine (Orange)Small$6.00
Strawberries WildSmall$6.00
Aloha PineappleSmall$6.00
Berry Lemonade (Electric)Small$6.00
White GummiSmall$6.00

Jamba Juice Catering Smoothie Packs Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Smoothie Packs
Jamba Juice Smoothie Packsprice
Smoothie Packs (Choose any 3 Flavors)$95.00
Mango A Go Go
Apples and Greens
Açai Super Antioxidant
Orange Dream Machine
Strawberries Wild
Strawberry Whirl

Jamba Juice Catering Plant-Based Smoothies Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Plant-Based Smoothies
Jamba Plant-Based Smoothies Menusizeprice
Peach PerfectionSmall$6.00
Strawberry WhirlSmall$6.00
Pomegranate ParadiseSmall$6.00
Mega MangoSmall$6.00
Amazing GreensSmall$6.00
Apple and GreensSmall$6.00
Vanilla Blue SkySmall$6.00
Greens and GingerSmall$6.00
Go GetterSmall$6.00
Talking Mango (Smooth)Small$6.00

Jamba Juice Catering Super Blends Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Super Blends
Jamba Super Blendssizeprice
PB Protein (Banana)Small$6.00
Açai Super AntioxidantSmall$6.00
Berry (Protein) Workout include Soy ProteinSmall$6.00
Berry (Protein) Workout include whey ProteinSmall$6.00
Orange C BoosterSmall$6.00

Jamba Juice Catering Baked Goods Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Baked Goods
Baked Goodsprice
Sourdough Pretzel$2.99
Cinnamon Pretzel (Apple)$2.99
Tomato Twist (Cheddar)$2.99
Belgian Waffle (Sweet)$2.99

Jamba Juice Catering Fresh Squeezed Menu with Prices

Jamba Juice Catering Fresh Squeezed
Jamba Fresh Squeezedprice
Purely Orange$6.79
Orange Carrot Twist$6.79
Purely Carrot$6.79

Top Refreshing Picks from Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice Catering has carved a niche among aficionados of delightful smoothies, scrumptious baked goods, and, notably, their exquisite pretzels and plant-based smoothies.


A tropical delight featuring real mangos and pineapple sherbet, accentuated by the undertones of passion mango juice. A nutritional powerhouse, it’s teeming with vitamins A and C.

Caribbean Passion

Relish the island feels with this blend. Crafted meticulously with strawberries, peaches, and orange sherbet, this smoothie is a refreshing summer favorite.


Infused with the essence of the tropics and a touch of Hawaii, this berry-packed drink melds strawberries, bananas, and berry juice into the perfect fruity potion.

Strawberry Surf Rider

With a moniker as distinct as its taste, this fusion of strawberries and peaches gets a zesty kick with a hint of lemonade.

Strawberry Whirl

A stalwart in Jamba’s plant-based lineup, it’s a sublime mix of strawberries, apple-berries, and bananas, designed to tantalize the taste buds.

Peach Perfection

True to its name, it’s a masterfully balanced concoction of peaches, mangos, strawberries, and a duo of fruit juices.

Apple Cinnamon Pretzel

While a super blend with essential daily vitamins and zinc from ingredients like soymilk, acai blend, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries is notable, the spotlight is on Jamba’s signature Apple Cinnamon Pretzel.

This soft, doughy masterpiece merges brown sugar, cinnamon, and apple in a base of whole wheat flour, making it the ultimate treat for those with a sweet inclination.

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How to Order from Jamba Juice Catering Menu?

Ordering from Jamba is a breeze, with multiple convenient options at your disposal:

Website Order

  • Visit the Jamba Juice official website.
  • Browse through their menu and select your desired items.
  • Choose your preferred size: small, medium, or large.
  • Follow the checkout process to complete your order.
  • Sit back and relax! Jamba Juice will deliver your chosen delights straight to your doorstep.

Jamba App

  • Download the Jamba app from your device’s app store.
  • Register or log in to your account.
  • Navigate the menu and select your favorite items.
  • Choose the size and any customizations you desire.
  • Complete the order, and await your delivery or pick it up based on your preference.

Third-Party Delivery Apps

  • Jamba Juice is also available on popular delivery platforms such as Uber Eats.
  • Open the app and search for “Jamba Juice”.
  • Browse the menu, select your items, and specify the size.
  • Place the order and track it in real-time until it reaches you.

No matter which method you choose, Jamba ensures a hassle-free experience, bringing their refreshing offerings right to you.

Payment Methods at Jamba Juice Catering

From its inception, Jamba Juice Catering has been at the forefront of embracing diverse and advanced payment methods. They prioritize customer convenience, offering a mix of both traditional and modern payment solutions.

Here are the commonly accepted payment methods at Jamba:

  • Cash
    Traditional and straightforward, Jamba Juice Catering gladly accepts cash payments for in-store orders.
  • Cards
    Whether it’s credit or debit, Jamba Juice Catering is equipped to process payments from major card providers.
  • Apple Pay
    For those who prefer the ease of touchless payments, Apple Pay is a quick and secure option available at Jamba.
  • Google Pay
    Another touchless solution, Google Pay is widely accepted, ensuring customers with Android devices can easily transact.
  • PayPal
    Recognizing the global popularity of PayPal, Jamba Juice Catering also accepts this as a valid payment method, especially for online orders.

With these varied payment options, Jamba Juice Catering ensures a seamless ordering and payment experience for every customer.

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For those in search of a tasty yet nutritious treat, Jamba Juice stands out as a prime choice. Their diverse menu, encompassing smoothies, bowls, and juices, promises a delightful experience for your palate.

With numerous outlets and prompt delivery, indulging in Jamba Juice’s offerings has never been more convenient. Why not treat yourself and your friends to their bestsellers? Don’t wait for the next craving to strike!

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