Mcdonalds Lunch Hours in 2024

McDonald’s Lunch Hours: Your Easy Guide

When Does McDonald’s Lunch Start?

Ever wondered what time McDonald’s serves lunch? Maybe you’re not a big fan of breakfast and prefer a Big Mac over an Egg McMuffin. Lots of people think about this, especially if they wake up late.

Mcdonalds lunch time

McDonald’s Lunch Time

McDonald’s lunch menu has things like Chicken McNuggets and Filet-O-Fish. Most times, they start serving it at either 10:30 a.m. or 11 a.m. This can be different depending on where you are, but it’s usually around this time. So if you’re curious about what time McDonald’s starts serving lunch, now you know!

Other Times You Should Know at McDonald’s

It’s also good to know about breakfast times. If you’re wondering when McDonald’s stops serving breakfast or when their breakfast ends, it’s usually when lunch starts. And if you’re out late, you might ask what time McDonald’s closes. This depends on the location, but many are open late.

Make McDonald’s Food at Home

Love McDonald’s? You can try making some McDonald’s style food at home. Like a homemade Big Mac or a yummy Shamrock Shake. If you’re feeling creative, how about a Big Mac Crunchwrap? It’s fun to mix things from different fast-food places.

Mcdonalds Lunch Menu

Lunch Hours and Options

So, McDonald’s lunch hours start in the late morning. Whether you want a Big Mac or something else, they start serving lunch after breakfast is over. This is great because you can have your lunch favorites earlier.

McDonald's lunch hours

Mcdonald’s Lunch Hours Near Me

Mcdonald’s Customer Services

For more information about McDonald’s lunch hours, you can contact these numbers.


In short, McDonald’s lunch hours are handy for those who like lunch more than breakfast. McDonald’s has many choices, so you can enjoy what you like almost any time. Next time you plan to go to McDonald’s, remember these times and enjoy your meal just when you want it!

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