Mr Gattis Prices 2023 for Menu, Party, Buffet, & Daily Specials

Are you a pizza lover or searching for a place where you can enjoy the best pizza flavor? So congrats, you are at the right place Mr Gattis Prices.

Because in this article, you will get the best place to enjoy all pizza flavors with unique quality. Mr. Gatti’s pizza buffet and restaurant is the best place where you can get the best quality pizza.

mr gattis menu with prices

However, they have a vast array of pizza menus for their customers. Whereas Mr Gattis buffet price is very affordable and convenient. Mr. Gatti’s is a beautiful pizza-buffet chain in the Southern and Southeast United States.

While their corporate offices are present in Fort Worth, Texas. However, Mr Gatti’s pizza prices are available in different ranges.

Furthermore, they have opened multiple locations in the United States; therefore, the prices differ. In this post, you will get the details about Mr Gatti’s menu, prices, and many more. So let’s dig into the article to uncover the secrets about Mr. Gatti’s pizza and buffet. 

Who is Mr. Gatti? 

Before exploring the menu and prices for Mr. Gatti’s, let’s first look at their exciting history. James R. Eure founded Mr. Gatti’s restaurant in Stephenville, Texas.

Later in 1969, he opened another restaurant, the name pizza place. But soon, he learned that this name resembles other restaurants. Therefore, he changed the name from Pizza Place to Mr. Gatti’s. He put this name on his wife’s maiden name. 

However, the pizza chain gained fame over time and soon is become one of the best restaurants in the United States. But its owner also changed many times.

Its current owner is Blue Sage Capital, and they have owned this restaurant since 2004. They bring revolutionization in their work and menu over time.

And now they have the best flavors of pizza with individual servings. Furthermore, their staff is very humble and affectionate. You will like a home with their professional team. 

Mr. Gattis Menu with Prices 2023

Mr Gattis Prices For Curbside Pick-up

Mr. Gattis Curbside Pick-UpSizesPrices
One PizzaMedium$7.99
One PizzaLarge$10.99
Two PizzasMedium$12.99
Two PizzasLarge$18.99

Mr Gattis Prices For Pizza Toppings

Mr. Gattis Menu ToppingsSizesPrices
Pepperoni SlicesMedium$1.29
Pepperoni SlicesLarge$1.49
Groud BeefMedium$1.29
Groud BeefLarge$1.49
Mild SausageMedium$1.29
Mild SausageLarge$1.49
Spicy Italian SausageMedium$1.29
Spicy Italian SausageLarge$1.49
Canadian BaconMedium$1.29
Canadian BaconLarge$1.49
Breakfast BaconMedium$1.29
Breakfast BaconLarge$1.49
Smoken Provolone CheeseMedium$1.29
Smoken Provolone CheeseLarge$1.49
Cheddar CheeseMedium$1.29
Cheddar CheeseLarge$1.49
Fresh MushroomsMedium$1.29
Fresh MushroomsLarge$1.49
Green OlivesMedium$1.29
Green OlivesLarge$1.49
Balck OlivesMedium$1.29
Balck OlivesLarge$1.49
Diced TomatoesMedium$1.29
Diced TomatoesLarge$1.49
Fresh Bell PeppersMedium$1.29
Fresh Bell PeppersLarge$1.49
Anchovy FilletsMedium$1.29
Anchovy FilletsLarge$1.49
Jalapeno PeppersMedium$1.29
Jalapeno PeppersLarge$1.49
Banana PeppersMedium$1.29
Banana PeppersLarge$1.49

Mr Gattis Prices For Sides & Pasta

Mr. Gattis Menu Sides & PastaSizesPrices
Cheese SticksMedium$5.99
Cheese SticksLarge$7.99
Bread SticksMedium$4.99
Bread SticksLarge$6.99
Spagatti $4.99
Garden Salad $3.49
Caesar Salad $3.49
Salad Bar Trip $5.49

Mr Gattis Prices For Gatti Favorites Menu

Mr. Gattis Gatti Favorites MenuSizesPrices
Meat MarketMedium$12.99
Meat MarketLarge$15.99
Vegetarian SamplerMedium$12.99
Vegetarian SamplerLarge$15.99
Gatti DeluxeMedium$12.99
Gatti DeluxeLarge$15.99
BBQ ChickenMedium$12.99
BBQ ChickenLarge$15.99
Meat SicilianMedium$12.99
Meat SicilianLarge$15.99
Bacon Double CheeseburgerMedium$12.99
Bacon Double CheeseburgerLarge$15.99
Spinach AlfredoMedium$12.99
Spinach AlfredoLarge$15.99
Veggie SicilianMedium$12.99
Veggie SicilianLarge$15.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$12.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$15.99

Mr Gattis Prices For Desserts

Mr. Gattis Desserts MenuPrices
Dutch Apple Treat Pizza$6.99
Dutch Apple Treat Pizza$8.99
Cinnamon Sticks$4.99
Cinnamon Sticks$6.99

Mr. Gattis daily specials: 

You can get the advanced flavored pizzas on Mr. Gatti’s daily specials menu. However, the main reason for their popularity is they use fresh dough and ingredients.

Moreover, their signature sauces couple great with the pizza. They offer a handsome list of sauces that you can choose from. While the delicious sauces enhance the flavor of the pizza. Their toppings are tasty and flavorful.

Mr. Gatti’s buffet loves to provide their customers with fresh pizza. Whereas they strictly hate the process of reheating and refusing ingredients.

Because they valued the worth of their customers, another main reason for Mr. Gatti’s popularity is they used smoked provolone cheese in pizza. Likewise, their sauce is made with fresh tomatoes and vegetables. 

Mr Gatti’s Pizza prices for adults: 

Mr. Gatti’s for adults is also available in different ranges. They have a menu for adults where you can get pizzas for different ages. However, the prices of Mr. Gatti’s for adults are different for other items.

While they offer a lovely and delicious menu to their customers with beautiful combinations. Whereas the sauces enhance the flavor of pizzas.

Mr. Gatti’s party prices are exciting and affordable. Because it is a restaurant and a buffet, you can also place an order for pizza parties. 

Mr Gattis Prices for Buffets

mr gatti's daily specials

Mr. Gattis Lunch Buffet Menu Prices

Mr Gattis Prices for Lunch Buffet MenuPrices
Monday-Friday (11:00 am-4:00 pm) 
Ages 2 & under, free drink$0.00
Ages 3-7$3.99
Ages 8-12$4.99
Ages 3-7 (drink)$1.59
Ages 13-54$5.99
Ages 8-54 & Seniors (drink)$1.99
Saturday-Sunday (11:00am-4:00pm)Prices
Ages 2 & under, free drink$0.00
Ages 8-12$4.99
Ages 3-7$3.99
Ages 3-7 (drink)$1.59
Ages 13-54$7.49
Ages 8-54 & Seniors (drink)$1.99

Mr. Gattis Dinner Buffet Menu with Prices

Mr Gattis Prices for Dinner BuffetPrices
Monday-Friday (4:00pm-10:00pm) 
Ages 2 & under, free drink$0.00
Ages 8-12$4.99
Ages 3-7$3.99
Ages 3-7 (drink)$1.59
Ages 13-54$7.49
Ages 8-54 & Seniors (drink)$1.99

Mr Gattis Customer Services

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Final verdict: 

Mr. Gatti’s menu with prices is very fabulous and appealing. They have multiple locations, and their prices may vary depending on the sites. But the prices are very affordable.

When you taste their pizzas, you will get to know their worth of it. Moreover, their menu is loaded with beautiful flavors of pizza.

Mr Gattis buffet prices are affordable but may change depending on the location. I hope you will find a lot from this article. Must provide us with your valuable feedback. Thank you for being so considerate. 

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