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Safeway is an American chain of the supermarket that was founded in 1915. Safeway is popular due to the online delivery of grocery items. Many people buying grocery items from Safeway don’t know that Safeway also provides catering services.

Safeway catering

Safeway catering menu 2021

Bocconcini and Tomato
A perfect way to bring a taste of Italy to your table with this delicious Caprese salad, made with plump beefsteak tomatoes, topped with thick slices of bocconcini cheese, and fresh organic basil leaves and garnished with kalamata olives – just drizzle on the Olive Oil that is included with the tray. (6-10 guests)
Condiment Combo
A great addition to any sandwich buffet, Fresh red and green bell peppers cored out and filled with mustard and mayonnaise. Sliced red onions, pickle chips, sliced tomato, sliced Pepperoncini, and green leaf lettuce. (10-12 guests)
Fresh Fruit Platter
A harvest of summer fruits while available! Strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, juicy watermelon, pineapple, red and green grapes, oranges, and kiwi fruit arranged around a delicious strawberry yogurt dip.
small tray (10-14 guests) $24.99
medium tray (18-24 guests) $39.99
large tray (28-40 guests) $52.99
Fruit and Fine Cheeses
A great selection of fine cheeses. Imported Swiss, traditional Blue, Honey Goat, and Brie cheese, dried apple slices, dried apricots, dried cranberries, pecans, and table water crackers.
medium tray (8-10 guests) $49.99
large tray (12-14 guests) $69.99
Hummus & Garden Veggies
Traditional fresh vegetables with Open Nature pita chips & Open Nature hummus for dipping: broccoli florets, sugar snap peas, baby-cut carrots, cucumber; grape tomatoes.
medium tray (10-16 guests) $29.99
large tray (18-24 guests) $46.99
Italiano Delights
Two varieties of mini-subs, (turkey, ham & swiss) & (roast beef, turkey & cheddar) served alongside antipasto favorites; Genoa Salami, prosciutto, provolone cheese, bocconcini, mozzarella spun with prosciutto and fresh basil, Kalamata olives, marinated artichoke hearts, & grape tomatoes.
medium tray (8-10 guests) $69.99
large tray (12-14 guests) $89.99
Love Those Veggies
A medley of fresh vegetables including baby carrots, broccoli florets, celery, grape tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumber, mushrooms, and sugar snap peas arranged around a bowl of zesty ranch dip.
small tray (8-12 guests) $24.99
medium tray (16-20 guests) $39.99
large tray (28-34 guests) $59.99
Maki Platters
Perfect for sushi lovers and sushi newcomers alike. No raw fish. All vegetarian is also available.
small tray (4 guests) $21.99
medium tray (8-10 guests) $32.99
large tray (12-14 guests) $43.99
Sushi Platter
A delicious and healthy option for your gathering. Includes a variety of Maki sushi and Nigiri sushi.
medium tray (6-8 guests) $39.99
large tray (10-12 guests) $49.99
Mediterranean Medley
Two varieties of lavish rolls: turkey & hummus lavish, Havarti & red pepper lavosh ֠served with fresh artichoke and asiago dip. Open Nature traditional hummus, Open Nature whole wheat with garden herb pita chips, red and green bell peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and cucumber slices.
medium tray (6-8 guests) $49.99
large tray (10-12 guests) $69.99
Cheese & Fruit Nibbler
An assortment of our finest cheeses: Provolone, Imported Swiss, Creamy Havarti, Goat log, Irish Cheddar, and Brie cheeses. Served with strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, red and green grapes.
small tray (8-10 guests) $39.99
medium tray (12-14 guests) $49.99
large tray (16-22 guests) $69.99
Chicken Snack Pack
Chicken wings (BBQ, Salt and Pepper, Honey Garlic) & crispy chicken tenders. Served with crunchy celery sticks carrots and cool ranch dip.
small tray (6-8 guests) $34.99
medium tray (10-16 guests) $49.99
large tray (18-24 guests) $59.99
Spinach Dip Platter
Artisan sourdough bread bowl filled with fresh creamy spinach dip. Served with sliced Artisan French baguettes and garnished with grape tomatoes.
large tray (12-14 guests) $16.99
Taste of Italy (Antipasto)
A traditional Italian antipasto including marinated artichoke hearts, sliced golden pepperoncini, fire roasted peppers, bocconcini, Primo Taglio provolone and fontina cheese. Combined with sliced prosciutto ham, Genoa salami, sliced mortadella, Primo Taglio peppered salami, Kalamata olives, and grape tomatoes.
small tray (8-10 guests) $54.99
medium tray (14-18 guests) $69.99
large tray (25-30 guests) $89.99
All-Star Combo – build your own tray.
Freshly shaved turkey breast, roast beef, and black forest ham combined with medium sliced cheddar, sliced Swiss cheese, Kalamata olives, and grape tomatoes. Served with two 1.25kg tubs of potato salad and 3 dozen fresh Kaiser rolls from our Bakery Department.
large tray (24-36 guests) $99.99
Deli Party Platter
A delicious combination of three premium types of meat (turkey breast, black forest ham, and roast beef, shaved or folded) and three delicious kinds of cheese (Swiss, Havarti, and medium cheddar) and garnished with Kalamata Olives and grape tomatoes. Available shaved or folded to suit your entertaining needs.
small tray (6-8 guests) $34.99
medium tray (12-16 guests) $59.99
large tray (18-24 guests) $79.99
Gourmet Cubed Cheese
A delicious selection of creamy cubed cheeses including medium cheddar, smoked gouda, Swiss, Havarti, and Provolone surrounding a Boursin Cranberry & Pepper cheese and garnished with grape tomatoes.
small tray (8-12 guests) $39.99
medium tray (14-18 guests) $59.99
large tray (25-30 guests) $74.99
Gourmet Sliced Cheese
A perfect blend of sliced cheeses including medium cheddar, Monterey jack with jalapenos, Swiss, Havarti, and Provolone surrounding a Boursin Cranberry & Pepper cheese and garnished with grape tomatoes.
small tray (8-12 guests) $44.99
medium tray (14-18 guests) $61.99
large tray (25-30 guests) $83.99
Hearty All Meat (shaved or folded)
Four varieties of our finest fresh shaved meats (honey maple turkey, black forest ham, pastrami, and roast beef) and garnished with grape tomatoes. Available shaved or folded to suit your needs.
small tray (10-12 guests) $49.99
medium tray (14-18 guests) $59.99
large tray (20-25 guests) $76.99
Salami Snacker
A classic Italian selection of three salami slices of meat including Peppered salami, Hungarian and Genoa salami. Combined with sliced provolone, medium cheddar & Swiss cheeses surrounding cup filled with sweet mixed pickles.
large tray (18-24 guests) $64.99
All Rolled Up (Lavosh)
A selection of chicken salad, turkey, ham, and roast beef rolled into flavored flour tortillas with cream cheese spread and garnished with grape tomatoes.
medium tray (6-10 guests) $44.99
large tray (9-12 guests) $54.99
Classic Tea Sandwich
Sliced turkey, roast beef, ham, egg and chicken salad served on fresh sliced white and whole wheat sandwich bread. Served with jumbo pitted olives, dill pickles.
small tray (6-8 guests) $30.99
medium tray (10-12 guests) $38.99
large tray (16-20 guests) $46.99
Tray made with Gluten-Free ingredients.
A selection of oven-roasted turkey, roast beef & black forest ham rolled into rice papers with roasted red pepper hummus served with grapevine leaves filled with rice and garnished with carrots.
small tray (4-6 guests) $34.99
Hoagies and Heroes
A combination of fresh hoagies, made with deli meats- ham, turkey, roast beef, cheeses, and chicken salad with crisp fresh lettuce on our own fresh baked rolls and garnished with grape tomatoes.
medium tray (8-12 guests) $34.99
large tray (12-16 guests) $44.99
Kids Celebration
A perfect tray for hungry little ones on any occasion, ham and cheddar, turkey and cheddar, peanut butter and jelly, fluff n nutter and finished off with nutritional slices of cheese, celery, carrots, and grapes ֠but shhh donӴ tell the kidӳ its healthy.
small tray (6-10 guests) $24.99
medium tray (8-12 guests) $34.99
Le Petit Croissant Sandwiches
A mouth-watering selection of roast beef, turkey, or ham served with Havarti, Cheddar, or Swiss cheese on a flaky buttery mini croissant and garnished with grape tomatoes.
small tray (8-10 guests) $36.99
medium tray (14-16 guests) $56.99
large tray (18-20 guests) $74.99
Pita Pocket Pleaser
Easy to eat pita pocket sandwiches with an assortment of deli meats ֠ham, turkey, roast beef, and chicken salad with lettuce and diced tomatoes to fill the pitas.
medium tray (8-12 guests) $34.99
large tray (12-16 guests) $44.99
Signature Sandwich
Made with three of our top-selling sandwiches, chicken bacon guacamole, turkey cranberry and black forest ham bacon cut into thirds to create a delicious platter served with olives and garnished with grape tomatoes.
medium tray (5-8 guests) $44.99
large tray (7-10 guests) $59.99
Signature Vegetarian
Three delicious veggie & egg salad sandwiches made on fresh rolls from our Bakery department cut into thirds and served with olives and garnished with grape tomatoes.
medium tray (5-8 guests) $44.99
large tray (7-10 guests) $59.99
Super Sub Party Pack
The ultimate sandwich! A combination of our hearty roast beef, turkey beer sausage, and turkey lumberjack and our classic lumberjack with roast beef, chicken, smoked ham, salami, and pepperoni, served with fresh cheddar, tomatoes, and lettuce on our fresh baked French loaves served with baby dill pickles.
large tray (9-15 guests) $36.99
16″ Gourmet Roll Platter
A selection of 4 cheddar cheese rolls, 4 pizza buns, 2 light, and flakey croissants, and 5 cheddar cheese breadsticks.
large tray (15 guests) $9.99
Artisan Roll Platter
This platter has an assortment of white, 60%, 100% whole grain, and multigrain rolls that are fresh-baked each morning.
large tray (25 guests) $4.99
Dessert Platter
A delightful assortment of squares, cookies, and pastries. The platters range in size from 12″ (small), 16″ (medium), and 18″ (large).
small tray (20 guests) $12.99
medium tray (30 guests) $18.99
large tray (50 guests) $29.99
Pastry Platter
This pastry platter has a delicious selection of 4 braided pastry strudels, 4 sticky cinnamon buns, 3 Eccles cakes, and 2 decadent Copenhagen pastries.
large tray (13 guests) $19.99
16″ Cookie Platter
This sweet platter has a mixture of 36 chocolate chip cookies, 12 chocolate chewie cookies, 6 hermit cookies, 6 rich shortbread cookies, and 9 soft macaroons.
large tray (69 guests) $14.99
16″ Gourmet Jumbo Cookie Platter
This big platter is made up of our soft and chewy, fresh-baked jumbo cookies including chocolate chunk, peanut butter cup, cranberry oatmeal raisin, double chocolate, and more.
large tray (30 guests) $19.99
1/2 Sheet Value Cakes
We offer a vanilla, chocolate, or carrot cake to your special order. Our white cake has a hint of vanilla flavor, the chocolate is made with rich cocoa and our carrot cake is moist and has a hint of traditional spices. We offer several different designs to match any occasion.
large tray (30-36 guests) $21.99+
Cupcake Cakes
No plates required when serving our cupcake cakes. This is a great dessert solution at coffee time or a special event. Your guests help themselves to one serving or two! We offer several different designs to match your occasion. Comes in vanilla or chocolate.
large tray (24-36 guests) $17.99+
Celebration Cakes
Beautiful cakes made to order for any special occasion or celebration! From birthdays and anniversaries to retirements and promotions, our cake experts can help you make the perfect choice for any occasion.
Custom Cakes
Our Bakery Counter 1/4 sheet cakes come with a character kit or photo image and your choice of icing, cake, and filling.
Shower Cake
We also have a selection of Anniversary cakes to choose from.
Silk & Satin Wedding Cake
One of our most popular wedding cakes that includes hand made flowers from traditional gum paste.
Black Forest 1/2 Sheet Cake
Order an additional cake for your guests. We have traditional dark chocolate Black Forest cake with cherry filling & whipped topping or a rich carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
Bistro Cakes
These cakes are made with 3 layers of cake and are 1/8 of a sheet! They can serve between 8 – 10 people. We have strawberries, orange and banana, and many other varieties to choose from.
Irresistible Frosted Cupcakes
Great for a wedding cupcake cake. We have 10 flavors to choose from like French Vanilla, Strawberry Delight, Chocolate Dipped Truffle, and more.

The catering menu of Safeway is extraordinary that makes it stand out. This menu has a range of food items to offer that is enough to fulfill the needs of the cuisine. Safeway is already known among the people for selling bakery items, dairy products, and frozen food items. So, it is easy for people to believe and trust in the company for getting the catering services.
Safeway is well-versed at selling large quantities of food to many people on short notice. When you have organized a party at your home, and you want delicious food to be served to your guests, you don’t need to look any further and choose Safeway party platters.
Safeway offers fresh and high-quality food on the catering menu. You need to apt for the food from the menu according to the season. Safeway catering menu solves this problem and offers the food items in the menu according to the season. Safeway platters in the menu change according to what people want.

Safeway catering for a party:

The customers these days are free to choose the catering brand depending on their choice and past experience. , people have got so many options to choose from when it comes to rendering catering services.
Safeway deli platter: There are plenty of platters and trays offered by Safeway that people can order on any occasion. Safeway deli platters are filled with premium quality dishes of deli meat and other things that go with deli meat in the platter. Whether you have a big party at your place or a small gathering, you can always entertain your guests at the party with delicious and nutritional food
Safeway deli trays are also another most suitable option for people wanting to enjoy the taste of deli meat.
Safeway party trays: Safeway party trays are also very popular among people needing fresh food with extraordinary taste. The customers are free to choose their desired party tray depending on their budget and affordability. Safeway party tray prices may vary if the customer chooses to change them. The price is mentioned on the menu.
Locate the store near you:
Safeway catering is one of the biggest food chains in the USA. It has expanded its name across the USA. Thus, it is no longer difficult for people to place orders. No matter in which state of America you live, you can visit the official website of Subway to locate the store near you. The feature of store locator will inform you about the nearest Safeway store
Get affordable platters and trays:
The food items offered by Safeway catering are very cheap. Safeway offers many platters and trays at very affordable rates. Safeway sandwiches platter is also very affordable. There are fresh fruit platters, cakes, cheese packages, and much more to offer by Safeway. Putting together all these things can get you to have delicious food at the party with a great variety of fresh food
Order decoration items with food:
The best thing about Safeway is that you can order the decoration items for the party along with the food. Whether you need greeting cards or balloons, you will get everything depending on your budget and choice. You can make the party hall more eye-catchy and appealing with the decoration and flower arrangements. to make your day more delightful, order the bouquet at Safeway with the best choice of flowers that you like.

How to place an order on Safeway catering:

Unfortunately, there is no way to place an order online at Safeway. No matter you want to place an order for an individual or for a group of people at a party, you will have to visit the official website of Safeway for placing the order. On the official website, you can search for Safeway catering services. This will make you get in touch with the expert Safeway caterer near you
If you are placing an order which is larger, you should make sure that you place order 24 hours before you need the food. This will enable the Safeway caterers to prepare the fresh food for you and deliver the food to you in time.
To decide what you want to choose from the menu of the Safeway, you will have to look through the Safeway deli menu since the regular menu is not available on the official website of the Safeway. The expert that you will be connected with can also help you in placing the order by telling you about the choices you have.

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