Safeway Catering Menu Prices 2023

Safeway is an American chain of supermarkets that was founded in 1915. Safeway is popular due to the online delivery of grocery items. Many people buying grocery items from Safeway don’t know that Safeway also provides catering services.

Safeway catering

Safeway Catering for a Party

Customers these days are free to choose the catering brand depending on their choice and past experience, people have got so many options to choose from when it comes to rendering catering services.

Safeway Deli Catering Trays for every event

There are plenty of platters and trays offered by Safeway that people can order on any occasion. Safeway deli platters are filled with premium quality dishes of deli meat and other things that go with deli meat in the platter.

Safeway catering trays

Whether you have a big party at your place or a small gathering, you can always entertain your guests at the party with delicious and nutritional food. Safeway deli trays are also another most suitable option for people wanting to enjoy the taste of deli meat.

Safeway Catering Menu with Prices 2023

The catering menu of Safeway is extraordinary which makes it stand out. This menu has a range of food items to offer that is enough to fulfill the needs of the cuisine.

Safeway is already known among the people for selling bakery items, dairy products, and frozen food items. So, it is easy for people to believe and trust in the company for getting the catering services.

Safeway is well-versed in selling large quantities of food to many people on short notice. When you have organized a party at your home, and you want delicious food to be served to your guests, you don’t need to look any further and choose Safeway party platters.

Safeway offers fresh and high-quality food on the catering menu. You need to apt for the food from the menu according to the season.

Safeway catering menu solves this problem and offers the food items in the menu according to the season. Safeway platters on the menu change according to what people want.

Safeway Catering Party Trays Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Party TraysServesPrices
Sliced Cheese $39.99 
Salad Sandwich’s 10-12$19.99 
Big Dipper16-20$49.99 
Mini Croissant Salad 12-16$39.99 
Vegetable & Dip 20-25$49.99 
Fresh Fruit $49.99 
Classic 15-20$59.99 
Meat Lovers 12-16$59.99 
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99 
Vegetable & Hummus 20-25$59.99 
Carving 18-20$69.99 
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99 
Italian Sampler 15-20$99.99 
Holiday Sweet 15-20$69.99 

Safeway Catering Chicken Tray & Party Pack Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Chicken Tray & Party PackServesPrices
Fried Chicken $50
Bowl Caesar Salad 12-16$29.99
Wing Fling 12-16$59.99
Elegant Charcuterie 15-20$89.99 

Safeway Sandwich Platters Catering menu with Prices

Safeway Sandwich Platters MenuServesPrices
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99

Safeway Catering Sandwich & Wrap Platters Menu Prices

Safeway Catering Sandwich & Wrap PlattersServesPrices
Pinwheel /Hye Roller12-16$49.99
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Pretzel Slider Roll  25-27$59.99

Safeway Catering Meat & Cheese Platters Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Meat & Cheese PlattersServesPrices
Meat Lovers 12-16$59.99
Classic Meat & Cheese 15-20$49.99
Italian 15-20$79.99
Classic 15-20$59.99
Deli 20-24$89.99

Safeway Catering Seafood Platters Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Seafood Platters ServesPrices
Kicked Up Combo 4-6$21.99
Alaskan 2 Lbs Snow Leg Surimi6-8$19.99
Bounty Shrimp 8-12$39.99
Admiral’s Feast 6-8$29.99

Safeway Event Catering Trays Menu with Prices

Safeway Event Catering Trays ServesPrices
Mini Croissant Salad 12-16$39.99
Classic 15-20$59.99
Vegetable & Dip 20-25$49.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18-24$59.99
Pretzel Slider Roll 25-27$59.99
Croissant Sandwich 12-16$59.99
Cocktail Condiment 15-20$79.99
Fine Cheese & Fruit 15-20$69.99
European Cheese 15-20$99.99
Elegant Charcuterie 15-20$89.99

Safeway Deli Catering Trays Menu with Prices

Safeway Deli Catering Trays ServesSizePrice
Honey Ham And Turkey (Hormel Gatherings) 28 Oz$18.99
Chicken Salad Include Cracker Duo$5.00
Hard Salami And Pepperoni (Hormel Gatherings) 28 Oz$18.99
Seafood Salad Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Tasting Board (Columbus Charcuterie) 12.5 Oz$16.99
Chicken Salad Duo$5.00
Brie Trio  $4.00
Spinach Dip Quad$5.00
Cut Salami And Cheddar Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Apple Celery Pretzel Peanut Butter Quad$4.00
Fruit & Cheese4-6 $24.99
Hormel Supreme 39.7 Oz$21.99
Sandwich Pinwheel 16 Inch(Tray)$39.99
Croissant Sandwich4-6 $19.99
Wing Fling12-1616 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Meat Lovers20-2416 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Classic Meat And Cheese20-2416 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Club Sandwich4-6 $19.99
Hye Roller4-6 $19.99
Tuna Salad Include Crackers Duo$5.00
Sliced Cheese30-3616 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Sandwich Roll 18 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Classic Meat & Cheese 16 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Fresh Cut Turkey Ham & American Cheese (Boars Head) Trio (0.50 lb)$12.99
Wing Fling 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Grape Cookie Cheddar Turkey Quad$4.00
Nibbler Meat Include Cheese 18 Inch (Tray)$64.99
Babybel Trail Mix Gummi Apple Quad$4.00
Wings Buffalo  $24.99
Party Pack  $79.99
Big Dipper 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Nibbler Meat And Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$34.99
Salad 18 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Salad 12 Inch (Tray)$44.99
Turkey & Cheddar  $19.99
Spinach Dip Boule Large$14.99
Greek Hummus Trio$4.00
Seafood The Admirals Feast Medium (32 Oz)$29.99
Salami And Cheese Trio$4.00
Protein Trio$4.00
Pretzel Brownie Apple Peanut Butter Quad$4.00
Mediterranean Trio$4.00
Condiment 16 Inch (Tray)$19.99
Breakfast Trio$4.00
Hummus And Olive Trio$4.00
Sliced Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$29.99
Meat Lovers 16 Inch (Tray)$54.99
Cheese Trio$4.00
Sliced Cheese 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Hoagie Sandwich 18 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Finger Sandwiches 16 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Produce-Fresh Sliced Fruit Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt Include Strawberries And Blueberries 13 Oz$6.00
Vegetable And Dip 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Turkey Picante Snacker Maple Provolone Cheese (Boars Head)- 530 Cal 0.50 lb$6.00
Spanish Chorizo  $14.99
Brie And Cracker 0.50 lb$16.79
Croissant Sandwich 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Elegant Charcuterie  $79.99
Salad Sandwich 16 Inch (Tray)$29.99
Cheese Platter (Boars Head)  $14.99
Finger Sandwiches 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Mini Croissant & Salad Sandwich 16 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Italian Nibbler  $16.79
Pretzel Sliders Roll 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Classic 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Cheddar Salami  $16.79
Cafe Hoagies & Heroes (Signature) Large$39.99
Caprese  $16.79
Mozzarella Tomato  $12.99
Cheese Ball  $32.78
Vegetable And Hummus 16 Inch (Tray)$49.99
Salad Sandwich 12 Inch (Tray)$19.99
Carving 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Cheddar Trio16.79
Classic Meat And Cheese 12 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Vegetable And Hummus 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Meat Lovers 12 Inch (Tray)$39.99
Cubed Cheese Include Garnish (Primo Taglio) 8 Inch (Tray)$13.99
Lox And Bagel 16 Inch (Tray)$69.99
Vegetable And Dip 18 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Italian 16 Inch (Tray)$69.99
Italian Sampler 16 Inch (Tray)$89.99
Meat Lovers 16 Inch (Tray)$59.99
Salad Caesar12-16 $21.99
Sweet Treat (Cheese)  $69.99
Mediterranean  $79.99
Harvest  $69.99

Safeway Catering Menu Fruit Trays with Prices

Safeway Catering Fruit Trays ServesSizePrices
Fresh Fruit20-2516″$49.99
Fresh Fruit25-3018″$59.99

Safeway Catering Snack Square Tray Menu with Price

Snack Square Tray at Safeway catering MenuServesPrices
Spinach & Boule$19.99
Fruit & Cheese6-8$14.99
Hot Wings$19.99
Hye Roller /Pinwheel$19.99
Croissant Sandwich Snack (Ten Mini Sandwiches)$21.99

Safeway Catering Appetizers Party Trays Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Appetizers Party TraysServesPrices
Square Snack Spinach & Boule $19.99
Alaskan Snow Leg Surimi (2 Lbs)6-8$19.99
Kicked Up Combo 4-6$21.99
Square Snack Club Sandwich $19.99
Sliced Cheese $39.99
Admiral’s Feast 6-8$29.99
Big Dipper16-20$49.99
Bounty Shrimp 8-12$39.99
Pinwheel /Hye Roller12-16$49.99
Finger Sandwich $49.99
Holiday Sweet 15-20$69.99
Wing Fling 12-16$59.99
Fine Cheese & Fruit 15-20$69.99
Lox & Bagel 10-12$69.99
Harvest 15-20$79.99
Cocktail Condiment 15-20$79.99
Mediterranean 15-20$89.99
Pack Deli 20-24$89.99
European Cheese 15-20$99.99
Italian Sampler 15-20$99.99

Safeway Catering Cakes Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering Cakes Menu ServesSizePrices
Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Super Mario)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)16 – 241/4$36.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)16 – 241/4$36.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)16 – 241/4$36.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)16 – 241/4$36.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Mickey And The Roadster Racers Sheet Cake (Mickey)16 – 241/4$36.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)16 – 241/4$36.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)16 – 241/4$36.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)16 – 241/4$36.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)16 – 241/4$36.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)16 – 241/4$36.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)16 – 241/4$36.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)24 – 481/2$52.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)16 – 241/4$36.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)24 – 481/2$52.99
Mario Kart Sheet Cake (Super Mario)24 – 481/2$52.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)24 – 481/2$52.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)24 – 481/2$52.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Mickey)24 – 481/2$52.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)24 – 481/2$52.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)24 – 481/2$52.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)24 – 481/2$52.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake24 – 481/2$52.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)24 – 481/2$52.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)24 – 481/2$52.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake32-481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)24 – 481/2$52.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake32-481/2$52.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)32-481/2$52.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)32-481/2$52.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)32-481/2$52.99
Sheet Cake (Disney Princess)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (My Little Pony)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mario Kart Sheet Cake (Super Mario)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Batman)48 – 96Full$79.99
Crown & Scepter Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Spider-Man)48 – 96Full$79.99
Enchanting Unicorn Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Ariel And Scuttle Sheet Cake (Little Mermaid)48 – 96Full$79.99
Happy Helpers Sheet Cake (Minnie Mouse)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Cars 3)48 – 96Full$79.99
Unicorn Creations Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Mickey)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mystical Mermaid Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Unify Sheet Cake (Avengers)48 – 96Full$79.99
Disney Pixar – Team Toy Sheet Cake (Toy Story Four)48 – 96Full$79.99
Mythical Journey Sheet Cake (Disney Frozen Two)48 – 96Full$79.99
Sheet Cake (Paw Patrol)48 – 96Full$79.99
Lightup Pikachu Sheet Cake (Pokemon)48 – 96Full$79.99
Happy Sheet Cake (Trolls)48 – 96Full$79.99
Dinosaur Pals Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Hat Graduate Sheet Cake (Mega)48 – 96Full$79.99
Shark Creations Sheet Cake48 – 96Full$79.99
Birthday Balloons Sheet Cake (Edible Image)48 – 96Full$79.99

Safeway Catering Salads Menu with Prices

Safeway Catering SaladsServesPrices
Bowl Caesar Salad 12-16$29.99 

Safeway catering Fresh Flowers

Safeway catering Fresh FlowersPrices
Rose Bunch (Dozen)$14.99 
Tulip Bunch Fresh Cut $9.99 
Bouquet Fragrant Rose $16.99 
Bouquets Mixed Spring $14.99 
Bouquet Debi Lilly Grass Chic Rose $21.99 
Spring Arrangements Mixed $39.99 
Rose Arrangements (Dozen)$39.99 
European Garden$69.99 

Safeway Catering Party trays

Safeway party trays are also very popular among people needing fresh food with extraordinary taste. The customers are free to choose their desired party tray depending on their budget and affordability.

Safeway party tray prices may vary if the customer chooses to change them. The price is mentioned on the menu.

Safeway Catering Party trays menu

Safeway Affordable Platters Trays Menu

The food items offered by Safeway catering are very cheap. Safeway offers many platters and trays at very affordable rates. Safeway sandwiches platter is also very affordable.

There are fresh fruit platters, cakes, cheese packages, and much more to offer by Safeway. Putting together all these things can get you to have delicious food at the party with a great variety of fresh food.

Safeway Catering Order Online 

Steps to order Safeway Catering Menu online in 2023,

  1. Visit Safeway’s official website.
  2. Find the Catering section.
  3. Explore the menu and select your desired items.
  4. Customize your order with specific quantities and add-ons.
  5. Add the items to your online cart.
  6. Choose between pickup or delivery.
  7. Provide necessary details like delivery address or pickup location.
  8. Review your order and make any adjustments.
  9. Proceed to payment and enter your payment information.
  10. Confirm your order.
  11. Receive a confirmation email or notification along with a receipt.

Ordering Safeway Catering online offers convenience and efficiency for your event or gathering planning.

Order Safeway decoration items with food:

The best thing about Safeway is that you can order the decoration items for the party along with the food. Whether you need greeting cards or balloons, you will get everything depending on your budget and choice.

You can make the party hall more eye-catchy and appealing with the decoration and flower arrangements. to make your day more delightful, order the bouquet at Safeway with the best choice of flowers that you like.

Safeway Catering Payment Options:

Safeway makes it easy for you to pay for your purchases with a variety of convenient payment methods. While we do not currently accept PayPal, we offer several other options to suit your needs:

  • Credit cards: Safeway accepts major credit cards including Visa, American Express, Discover, and MasterCard, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.
  • Debit cards: You can use debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos to make your payment quickly and securely.
  • Cash: For those who prefer traditional payment methods, cash is always welcome at our stores.
  • Gift cards: If you have Safeway gift cards, you can use them to conveniently cover your purchase.
  • Personal checks: We accept personal checks as a trusted payment option at Safeway locations.
  • Apple Pay: While Apple Pay is currently accepted for in-store payments at select locations, our goal is to provide you with flexible and secure payment options.

Safeway Catering Delivery Methods:

At Safeway, we understand the importance of convenience when it comes to getting your food. While we continuously strive to enhance our services, please note our current delivery options:

  • In-store: Visit our Safeway store near you to shop in person and enjoy our wide selection of fresh and delicious products.
  • Drive-thru: While we do not currently offer drive-thru services, we are constantly exploring ways to improve and meet your needs.
  • Home Delivery: While home delivery is not available at this time, we are working on expanding our services to provide you with even more convenience.
  • Curbside pickup: Currently, curbside pickup is not available, but we are actively exploring options to bring you this convenient service in the future.

At Safeway, we value your satisfaction and are committed to providing you with a seamless shopping experience. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you in-store with our wide range of products and exceptional customer service.

Locate the store near you

Safeway catering is one of the biggest food chains in the USA. It has expanded its name across the USA. Thus, it is no longer difficult for people to place orders.

No matter in which state of America you live, you can visit the official website of Subway to locate the store near you. The feature of the store locator will inform you about the nearest Safeway store.

Safeway Catering Near me

Safeway Customer Services


Safeway’s catering menu offers a diverse selection of delicious options at competitive prices. With quality ingredients and a user-friendly ordering process, Safeway simplifies the catering experience while delivering great value. Choose Safeway for your next event and enjoy convenience and culinary excellence.

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