Shoprite Catering Menu with Prices 2024 [Platters Variety & Meal Packages]

We all hold some sort of occasion at a certain time. It may be an anniversary, birthday, even a funeral. Whatever the gathering, it is important that guests leave with a full stomach or after having eaten something. It becomes difficult to arrange this for everyone so that all are satisfied.

Catering services like Catering menu at Shoprite can help out here. They will be able to provide you with a variety of dishes and meals that all guests will enjoy.

Shoprite Supermarket Menu, perfect for every occasion

When one takes out time to contact a catering service, they hope that they will be able to handle the occasion. If this does not happen, it is a waste of time.

Shoprite Catering

Customers will not be dissatisfied with the Shoprite sandwich trays service. The reason for this is that they will have something for all types of functions.

If you want to have a kid’s birthday party, they will provide you with all eatables. If it is a wedding, they have available food. You, therefore, do not need to worry about this.

Top Catering Menu Options

Sometimes we may hold an occasion where we simply want to give guests tea and not a full course of food.

It may be because the timing is such that tea is better preferred. The catering service must be able to provide for all occasions.

Shoprite menu for Catering has full meals and others as well. You can get salads, and sandwiches also. Sandwiches are preferred if you are inviting at a time when no one wants to eat a full meal.

Discover Catering’s top special menu items:

  1. Chicken Parm: Italian classic with breaded chicken, marinara, and mozzarella.
  2. Beef Brisket: Tender, slow-cooked beef with mashed potatoes and green beans.
  3. Shrimp Scampi: Flavorful shrimp in garlic butter over angel hair pasta.
  4. Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce: Grilled salmon with asparagus and rice.
  5. Vegetarian Lasagna: Layers of pasta, veggies, and cheese.

Perfect for any event size, these dishes ensure your guests’ satisfaction and event success.

What about Shoprite costs?

If you want budget-friendly catering for your event Shoprite is the best one. Shoprite costs are very reasonable for any kind of event.

Shoprite Supermarket is not only affordable but also contains a variety of menu options from starters to the dessert menu.

Don’t worry about the Shoprite costs, these are according to the menu. What about tenders? Shoprite tenders menu is yummy, try this tender and give your taste buds a new experience.

Shoprite Catering Prices 2024

Shoprite’s catering menu has different kinds of party platters from appetizers to desserts, but the most favorite is sandwich platters.

Shoprite party trays contain chicken platters, sandwich platters, cheese, fruit & salad platters, sushi, & delicious hot trays which contain fried chicken their prices range from $45 to $90 depending upon the packs.

All the party platters trays have affordable prices ranging from $39-$ can also customize your party tray according to your need.

What are you waiting for order your catering tray and make your event memorable with Shoprite Menu catering.

Appetizers Catering Prices

Shoprite Appetizers MenuServesPrices
Crostini-Platter (Assorted)10$59.99
Taverna-Platter (Greek)10$59.99
Formaggio-Platter (Cinque)10$59.99
Spinach-Dip-bread (Bowl)15$24.99
Black-Bear (Fruit and cubed Cheese Platter)12$44.99
Tuscan-Antipasto (Small)15$59.99
Asian-Dumplings and Spring-Rolls8$39.99
Crowd Pleaser20$44.99
Sandwich-Platter (Pull Apart-Slider )8$29.99
UNO-Stuffed-Bread Platter8$39.99
Gourmet-Cheese and Fruit-Platter20$54.99
Cheese-Continental (Small)10$44.99
Cheese-Wheel-Cake (Bright Brieginnings)15-20$69.99
Cheese-Platter (International)10$74.99
What A Pickle Platter10$39.99
Italian-Platter (Around the Table)10$44.99
Shooter-Platter (Mozzarella Tomato)15$59.99
Cheese-Platter (Smoked )10$29.99
Cheesecake-Dinner Rolls (Factory Brown Bread)1$4.49

Shoprite Starters Prices

Shoprite Starters MenuServesPrices
Tuscan-Antipasto (Small)15$59.99
Spinach-Dip-bread (Bowl)15$24.99
Black-Bear (Fruit and cubed Cheese Platter)12$44.99
Asian-Dumplings and Spring-Rolls8$39.99
Shrimp-Classic (Large) 100 pcs15$59.99
Shrimp-Mariner (Large) 50 pcs10$39.99
Sandwich-Platter (Pull Apart-Slider )8$29.99
Crowd Pleaser20$44.99
UNO-Stuffed-Bread Platter8$39.99
Gourmet-Cheese and Fruit-Platter20$54.99
Cheese-Continental (Small)10$44.99
Titanic-Shrimp (Large) 150pcs20$79.99
Clams and Garlic-Butter10$49.99
Panko Coconut-Shrimp8$24.99
Panko Breaded-Shrimp8$24.99
Seafood and Shrimp -(Salad Combo) 8 lbs.40$99.99
Salad and Seafood (Combo Platter) 4 lbs. 20$49.99
Bruschetta-Bowl Platter (Sliced)20$18.99
Enaki-Sushi-Platter58 pcs$55.99
King’s-Hawaiian- Sliders (Philly Cheesesteak)8$34.99

Shoprite Deli Platters & Sandwiches Prices

Deli Platters & SandwichesServesPrices
Finger-Sandwich 8$39.99
Wrap Platter8$59.99
Artisan Sandwich Platter (choose 3 Varieties)8$59.99
Chicken (Mediterranean Grilled)-Sandwiches8$49.99
3 -Ft. Chicken -Italiano- Hoagie10$59.99
Deli-(Roman Holiday) -Small10$49.99
New Yorker-Deli10$79.99
Artisan Baguette Sandwich Platter8$54.99
King’s-Hawaiian- Sandwiches (Specialty)8$34.99
Sloppy-Joes Platter8$44.99
Fixin’s-Platter (Small)10$13.99
Cheese (Snacking) & Fruit Platter$19.99

Shoprite Entrees Prices

Entrees MenuServesPrice
Friendsgiving-Bundle (2 Entrees+ 6 Sides+ 1 Dessert)15$159.99
Onions, Peppers & Sausage8$44.99
Meatballs-in Marinara12$44.99
Herb-Roasted-Turkey Breast8$49.99
Smoked-Cider-Applewood (Maple-Glazed-Ham)8$44.99
Lobster-Mac and Cheese10$89.99
Broccoli Rabe, Cavatappi and Sweet Italian Sausage8$39.99
Fried-Chicken 48 pcs$69.99
Pork-Carnitas (Pulled)8$34.99
Chicken (Grilled)-Caprese Platter8$49.99

Seafood & Sushi Catering Prices

Shoprite Seafood & Sushi MenuServesPrices
Shrimp Mariner-(Large) 50 pcs10$39.99
Clambake (Traditional) for Two2$69.99
Shrimp-Classic (Large) 100 pcs15$59.99
Lobster-Mac and Cheese10$89.99
Titanic-Shrimp (Large) 150 pcs20$79.99
Crab (Creamy) and Spread-Cheese-Platter10$19.99
Clams and Butter-Garlic10$49.99
Crab (Mini)-Cake Appetizer-Tray8$39.99
Coconut Shrimp (Panko)8$24.99
Snow-Crab (Alaskan) and Seafood-Platter8$24.99
Panko-Shrimp (Breaded)8$24.99
Fish-Platter (Smoked)10$79.99
Appetizer Tray-(Crab Rangoon)8$19.99
Seafood-Salad and Shrimp(Combo-Platter)40$99.99
Coconut-Shrimp & Crab-Cake (Mini) Appetizer Tray8$29.99
Seafood-Salad (Combo-Platter)20$49.99
Sushi (Kazoku)-Platter$34.99
Sushi (Enaki)-Platter58 pcs$55.99
Steakhouse-Shrimp-Platter (Cocktail)4$39.99
Crawfish Steamer2$29.99
Sushi(Matsuri)-Platter39 pcs$49.99

Catering Prices for Salads at Shoprite

Shoprite SaladsServesPrices
Garden-Salad (Traditional)8$34.99
Vegetable-Salad (Crunchy)10$39.99
Penne-Pasta Salad8$34.99
Crunch (Broccoli)-Salad10$39.99

Shoprite Sides Prices

Sides menuServesPrices
Thanksgiving-Gravy (Turkey)1 qt$4.99
Yukon-Gold (Mashed Potatoes)8$24.99
Macaroni and Cheese8$34.99
Tomato(Roasted) and Green-Beans8$29.99
Honey-Thyme-Carrots (Roasted)8$29.99
Parmesan-Broccoli (Lemon) and Cauliflower8$29.99
Fingerling-Potatoes (Herb-Roasted)8$29.99
Sweet-Potatoes (Mashed)$24.99
Au-Gratin Potatoes (Cheddar Scallion)8$29.99
Cheddar-Mac (White) & Cheese8$34.99
Butternut-Squash with Cranberries (Fall-Spiced Roasted)8$34.99
Green-Beans with Garlic (Roasted)8$29.99

Shoprite Halloween Menu with Prices

Catering Menu for HalloweenServesPrices
Halloween Bundle12$99.99
Vegetable Platter8$34.99
Chicken Nuggets8$19.99
Chicken Tenders8$29.99
Spinach Dip Bread (Bowl)15$24.99
Asian Dumplings and Spring Rolls8$39.99
Seafood catering
Panko-Coconut Shrimp8$24.99
Shrimp Classic Large15$59.99
Pull Apart – Slider Sandwich Platter8$29.99
Deviled Eggs8$29.99
Stuffed Mushrooms10$39.99
Gourmet Cheese and Fruit Platter20$54.99
Appetizer Tray- Mini Crab Cake 8$39.99
Appetizer Tray-Crab Rangoon 8$19.99
Mozzarella Tomato Shooter Platter15$59.99
Deli and Sandwich Platters
Panini Platter8$34.99
Wrap Platter8$59.99
American three Foot Hoagie10$54.99
Italian Hoagie/Sub- three foot10$54.99
American six Foot Sub15-20$99.99
Roll Up Platter8$44.99
Vegetarian six Foot Hoagie20$99.99
Vegetarian three Foot Hoagie10$54.99
King’s-Hawaiian Specialty (Sandwiches Platter)8$34.99
Signature Salad8$34.99
Kids Brownie Platter24$16.99
Cupcake Celebration Platter16$26.99

Shoprite Tailgate Favorites Menu Prices

Special Bundle
Finger Sandwiches8$39.99
Field Day Bundle15$129.99
Cubed Cheese and Fruit Platter (Black bear)12$44.99
Assorted Crostini Platter10$59.99
Tuscan Antipasto15-small$59.99
Spinach Dip Bread (Bowl)15$24.99
Chicken Tenders8$29.99
Chicken Wings8$59.99
Seafood catering
Appetizer Tray-Mini Crab Cake 8$39.99
Panko-Coconut Shrimp8$24.99
Appetizer Tray-  Coconut Shrimp & Crab Cake Mini 8$29.99
Mozzarella Tomato Shooter Platter15$59.99
White Cheddar Mac ‘N’ Cheese8$34.99
Appetizer Tray-Crab Rangoon 8$19.99
Shrimp Combo Platter20$69.99
Wrap Platter8$59.99
Finger Sandwich Platter8$39.99
Italian Hoagie/Sub-three foot10$54.99
Traditional Garden Salad8$34.99
Pull-Apart Slider (Sandwich Platter)8$29.99
American three Foot Hoagie10$54.99
Vegetarian three Foot Hoagie10$54.99
Hoagie Platter8$49.99
Vegetarian six Foot Hoagie20$99.99
Gourmet three Foot Hoagie10$69.99
King’s-Hawaiian Philly (Cheesesteak Sliders)8$34.99
Gourmet six foot Hoagie20$129.99
Finger Sandwiches8$39.99
Salads and Veggies
Signature Salad8$34.99
Vegetable Platter8$34.99
Crunchy Vegetable Salad10$39.99
Penne Pasta Salad8$34.99
Vegetable-(Crunchy) Salad1039.99
Message Cookie (Football)$9.99
Seasonal Cupcake (12)$10.99
Petite-Cannoli-Kisses and Chocolate-Tarts (26pcs)13$29.99

Cakes & Deserts

Bakery ItemsServesPrices
Special Occasion Cakes (Filled Cake)
1 sheet80$81.99
Half sheet40$42.99
10 inch Round20$30.99
Quarter sheet 20$27.99
8 inch Round 12$22.99
Special Occasion Cakes (Unfilled Cake)
1 sheet80$67.99
Half sheet40$36.99
10 inch Round20$27.99
Quarter sheet 20$23.99
8 inch Round 12$20.99
Dessert Platters
Italian-Platter (Mini)15$59.99
Cannoli-Platter (Filled Mini)18$59.99
Wheel “Cake” (Bright Brieginnings-Cheese) 20$69.99
Brie Cake$49.99
Strawberries (Hand-Dipped) 3$12.99
Celebration-Platter (Cupcake)16$26.99
Pastry-Platter (Petite)30$29.99
Tart-Platter (Key Lime & Petite Lemon) 12$24.99
Cookie-Platter (Gourmet)15$24.99
Pull-A-Part (Cupcake)24$26.99
Pull-A-Part (Seasonal-Cupcake) 12$10.99
6 Pack Cupcakes$5.99
Down-Cake (Pineapple-Upside)8$5.99
Gourmet Cookies (Chocolate-Dipped)12$19.99
Sprinkle Cookie-Platter (Kids-Rainbow) 36$19.99
Pull-A-Part (Cupcake)12$10.99
Pretzel-Platter (Chocolate-Covered)15$29.99
Brownie-Platter (Kids)24$16.99
Tart-Platter (Petite Fresh-Fruit)12$29.99
Chocolate-Tarts & Petite-Cannoli-Kisses 13$29.99

Floral & Balloons Prices

Shoprite Floral & BalloonsPrices
12″ Mum-Hanging-Basket$13.99
Pelee-Mums with Pot-Cover$6.99
Design-Own Bouquet$5.69

Why do People love Shoprite platters?

Many people love consuming Shoprite platters of various fillings. These are light on the stomach and look fun and also professional on occasions.

They can be present at weddings or a gathering of work. The benefit is that they are easy to eat and do not produce a mess as well.

shoprite platters

Shoprite sandwich trays service has many sandwiches selections catering to the taste buds of all guests. There are tuna, ham, chicken, grilled chicken, steak, tomato mozzarella, turkey, etc..

The tomato mozzarella can be chosen for vegetarians.

Before you order anything check out the Shoprite catering menu prices and see whether they are within your budget. It is possible to get useful Shoprite party platters coupons so that prices can be reduced more.

Sandwich Platters Prices

Sandwich Platters MenuServesPrices
Roll Ups8$44.99
Finger-Sandwich 8$39.99
Wrap Platter8$59.99
Chicken (Mediterranean Grilled)-Sandwiches8$49.99
3-ft. Italian-Hoagie or Sub10$54.99
Artisan Sandwich Platter (choose 3 Varieties)8$59.99
3 -Ft. Chicken -Italiano- Hoagie10$59.99
3 Ft. American- Hoagie10$54.99
6 Ft. Chicken-Italiano-Hoagie20$109.99
Artisan Baguette Sandwich Platter8$54.99
6 ft. Gourmet-Hoagie20$129.99
6 ft. Vegetarian-Hoagie20$99.99
3 ft. Gourmet-Hoagie10$69.99
3 ft. Vegetarian-Hoagie10$54.99
6 ft. American-Sub15-20$99.99
King’s-Hawaiian- Sandwiches (Specialty)8$34.99
King’s-Hawaiian- Sliders (Philly Cheesesteak)8$34.99

Shoprite Vegetarian and non-vegetarian Catering Menu

One tension that party organizers face is handling the eating needs of all present. They do not know whether the particular guest is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

If they order all meat dishes, this will lead to vegetarians being dissatisfied. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a service which will provide everything for both.

shoprite thanksgiving catering

Shoprite Thanksgiving Dinner catering has salads, meats like turkey, chicken, bacon, etc. You can get whatever the guest will prefer.

They have a variety of salads that you can choose from. This variety on the menu is preferable as you will know that there will be something that you will definitely like.

Fruits & Veggies Prices

Shoprite Fruits & Veggies MenuServesPrices
Fruit-Platter-Sliced 8$39.99

Shoprite Specialize in Breakfast

There may not be many catering services that provide breakfast menus. This is sometimes needed especially if you are inviting early in the day.

The guests will not want to eat something heavy. To make the work easy on you, you can order from a service that specializes in breakfast.

shoprite hoagie trays

Shoprite hoagie trays have many options for those who want to order at this time. You can get a full breakfast meal, or simply trays.

There are baskets and a bar option as well. Once again you will have many options to choose from when it comes to breakfast.

If you are inviting before lunchtime it is preferable if you order breakfast. If you choose to order certain dishes it may not look good as the time is not appropriate for this. Breakfast is only perfect here.

Breakfast Platter Catering Prices

Shoprite Breakfast PlatterServesPrices
Bagel-Platter (Assorted )24$34.99
Strudel-Bites Platter-Assorted (36 pcs)18$19.99
Muffin(Mini)-Platter (36 pcs)18$16.99
Cake(Crumb)-Platter (12 pcs)12$24.99
Salmon-(Smoked) Platter12$49.99
Fish-Platter (Smoked)10$79.99

How to order Catering menu at Shoprite Supermarket?

  1. The ordering process can be done in 3 methods:
    • Shoprite app
    • Shoprite official website
    • direct pickup from Shoprite restaurant
  2. Ordering online provides the customer with the flexibility to personalize their purchase conveniently. It also allows them to check catering rates at Shoprite Market before placing an order.
  3. To order using their app, customers may make an order via the ShopRite Order Express app and it will link them to a nearby restaurant. There is an option for contactless delivery available.
  4. Customers may also place orders by phone call.

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Shoprite Customer Services

Catering Shoprite Reviews

Shoprite has certainly left a lasting impression. Their menu offerings have been receiving rave reviews, and for good reason. They offer a wide variety of customizable options, from full buffet-style feasts to more intimate snack-style services.

What truly sets Shoprite Menu Catering apart is their dedicated and welcoming staff. They go above and beyond to ensure that every detail of your event is executed flawlessly, regardless of its size.

Whether you’re hosting a casual gathering or a formal affair, Catering has a diverse selection of options to cater to every taste. Their commitment to delivering delicious food and top-notch customer service makes them a popular choice for many.

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