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Ultimate review of Wegmans Catering: In 1916, Rochester, New York, witnessed the inception of Wegmans, a visionary venture by Walter and John Wegman. This family-operated organization, now steered by third and fourth-generation Wegmans – Danny, Colleen, and Nicole – has grown from a single storefront to a reputable chain with over 110 locations across the East Coast, including New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

Celebrated for offering a plethora of consumer goods from fresh produce to gourmet meals, Wegmans, valued at $11.2 billion in annual sales, is more than just a supermarket; it’s an institution deeply embedded in community service and employee well-being, consistently ranking high on Fortune’s list of best workplaces (4th in 2023).

Despite its acclaimed status, some may find the price point slightly higher compared to other chains, yet many customers believe the quality justifies the cost. Their commitment to health and nutrition, showcased in their Food You Feel Good About line, aligns with modern consumer sensibilities, albeit with a keen eye on removing ‘artificials’ from products.

Wegmans’ journey of expansion, from a simple Rochester-based store to a prominent presence in numerous states, reflects a blend of tradition and innovation, always keeping the customer experience at the forefront.

Wegmans Catering Trays

wegmans catering party trays

Wegmans Catering Menu Prices 2024

wegman's catering menu
Wegman Catering ItemsSize/CountPrice
Wegmans BuffetPer Person$17.50
Wegmans Veggie TrayMedium$27.00
Wegmans Fruit TrayMedium$30.00
Vegetable TrayLarge$70.00
Sliced Fruit PlatterMedium$75.00
Crudites PlatterMedium$65.00
Cheese TraysVaries$49-$149
Shrimp Tray24 Count$29.00
40 Count$55.00
60 Count$80.00
Cubed Cheese & Fruit TrayMedium$40.00
Cubed Cheese & Meat TrayMedium$45.00
Snackers TrayLarge$55.00
Deviled Eggs TrayMedium$16.00
Sushi Sensation TrayServes 15-30$95.00
Sushi Celebration TrayServes 10-18$50.00
Sushi Veggie Garden PlatterServes 10-18$40.00
The Grand Sushi TrayServes 15-30$75.00
Heart Sushi TrayServes 15-30$65.00
Kids Like Sushi TooServes 10-18$35.00
Sushi Deluxe TrayServes 15-30$70.00
Sushi Favorite TrayServes 10-18$50.00
Sushi Party Family Pack 21oz32 pieces$19.00
Cooked Sushi Family Pack 16oz24 pieces$15.00
Spicy Sushi Family Pack 15oz24 pieces$19.00
Skinny Sushi Roll Family Pack 14oz24 pieces$19.00

Therefore, if you are holding say for instance a Thanksgiving party, you can consider the Wegmans Thanksgiving Dinner menu for instance.

Types of Catering Trays available at Wegmans Menu Pictures

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wegmans catering menu

wegmans catering items
wegmans catering party trays
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