Applebees Catering Menu with Prices 2023

Get ready to check out some complete details about the Applebees Catering menu and prices! But we are sure many of you would not be fully aware of the Applebees! Well, let’s have a little discussion about the Applebees first!

All about Applebees Catering Menu 2023

Applebee’s is a well-known and top leading multi-cuisine-based restaurant which is located in America. This restaurant has already established its main branches in many other regions in the world.

Their menu and cuisines are so much famous that once you are visiting this restaurant, you will wish to visit it again and again!

Applebees Catering

The best thing about this food place is that they offer a complete combination of different types of cuisines with a friendly atmosphere and excellent services for the customers. They bring an incredible dining experience.

What Is so Special About Applebees Catering Menu?

The real popularity of this food place has been made possible due to the fantastic menu catering, which has become the main specialty of Applebee’s catering. They have a vast menu and are based on the catering of all the palates.

Their menu is set with the food items, which is an excellent combination of Mexican as well as American with Italian food items! In the classic appetizers, they are offering delicious chili cheese nachos or Buffalo wings, which has become so much favorite among the visitors.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy their onion rings or wonton tacos. They are commendable with their cuisine services and excellent dining facilities, which make this food restaurant worth visiting again and again! They have different varieties in Applebees chicken steaks and fajitas.

Applebees Catering Party Platters Menu with Prices

Applebees catering party platters prices
Applebees Catering Party PlattersServesCaloriesPrices
Chicken (Tenders)6-83910$34.99
Chips with Salsa6-83730$19.99
Wings (Boneless)3-51920$44.99
Wings (Boneless)6-83800$79.99
Wings (Boneless)10-125710$129.99
Wings with Double Crunch (Bone)6-81920$64.99
Wings with Double Crunch (Bone)10-123850$94.99
Wings with Double Crunch (Bone)14-165770$139.99
Mozzarella Sticks6-85190$32.99
Classic Combo6-812960$79.99
Spinach and Artichoke Dip6-85480$29.99
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad6-82200$49.99
Oriental Chicken Salad6-83190$49.99
Grilled Chicken Oriental Salad6-82710$49.99
4 Cheese Mac and Cheese & Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders6-87030$66.99
3 Cheese Penne Chicken6-86360$49.99
Broccoli Chicken Alfredo6-87860$67.99
Fiesta Lime Chicken6-86310$54.99
Bacon Cheddar Grilled Chicken Sandwich6-84970$49.99
Chicken Fajita Rollup6-85820$49.99
Chicken Salad Wrap (Oriental)6-87240$49.99
Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap (Oriental)6-86050$54.99
House Salad6-8670$19.99
Caesar Salad6-81650$19.99
Classic Fries6-83090$15.99
Green Beans (Garlicky)6-81010$15.99
Cole Slaw (Signature)6-8980$15.99
Steamed Broccoli6-8600$15.99

Applebees Catering Drink Menu with Prices

Applebees Catering BeveragesServesCaloriesPrices
Ice Tea6-860$9.99
Iced Tea (Mango) 6-8870$9.99
Iced Tea (Raspberry)6-8830$9.99
Iced Tea (Kiwi) 6-8730$9.99
Iced Tea (Pomegranate)6-8760$9.99
Lemonade (Mango)6-82970$9.99
Lemonade (Raspberry)6-82920$9.99
Lemonade (Kiwi) 6-82820$9.99
Lemonade (Pomegranate) 6-82860$9.99
Diet Pepsi 6-80$9.99
Mountain Dew6-81810$9.99

If you are interested in making an online booking at your home from Applebees, then you can place your order straight away by visiting the official website of Applebees.

But make sure that you already have the account on their website so you can freely place your order.

If you don’t have an account, then you need to create the one beforehand. Before confirming the order, they will ask for some personal details from your side where they might as that from which US state you belong.

In this way, they will be able to assign you the closest chain of the restaurant for your convenience. Your order will reach your doorstep in just 24 hours.

On weekends and special holidays, you need to place your order at least two days before so they can accept your order delivery easily.

Delicious Serving of Desserts in Applebees Catering Menu

Moreover, Applebees Catering Menu is also flooded with some tasty dessert varieties, as well. Their dessert specialty falls under the categories of Chocolate Mouse, Hot Fudge Sundae and Strawberry Cheesecake!

Applebees catering desserts menu

If you love to taste the sweet dishes from Applebee’s menu, then you can choose for their amazing chip cookie sundae, which is incredible to taste once. They add extra spice in their dishes which make it extra delicious.

How to order Applebees Catering Online?

Steps to Order Applebees Catering Menu,

  1. Choose your preference: Decide whether you want delivery or pick-up for your catering order from Applebee’s.
  2. Place your order: You can place your order through their website or by calling the restaurant directly.
  3. Provide event details: When placing your order, specify the date, time, and number of guests for your event. This information is important to ensure that your order is prepared and delivered/picked up on time.
  4. Choose your preference: Let Applebee’s know whether you prefer delivery or pick-up. If you choose delivery, provide the address where you want your food to be delivered. If you choose pick-up, make sure you know the location of the nearest Applebees restaurant.
  5. Payment information: You’ll need to provide payment information when placing your order. Applebees accepts a variety of payment options, including credit cards and gift cards.
  6. Confirmation: After placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email or call from Applebees with the details of your order and the delivery/pick-up time.
  7. Pick-up or delivery: On the day of your event, your order will be ready for pick-up or delivery at the specified time. If you chose delivery, make sure to check that all items are included before the driver leaves.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free catering experience with Applebees.

What else do you want?

They offer the Applebees catering menu prices at reasonable prices that usually started from US$20 and ended up around US$50.

They have the perfect dining services in their Applebees catering prices, which suitably stand according to your requirements and needs.

Ever since the time they have established their food chain, they grew to immense fame and success in just the least period.

They are commendable with their cuisine services and excellent dining facilities, which make this food restaurant worth to visit again and again! Official Website:

Applebees Customer Services

Applebees Social Media Accounts

Applebee’s Catering Customer Reviews 

No doubt that their catering service is becoming ideal for all those customers who love visiting this food chain restaurant again and again.

You can host any party or event at affordable prices with some delicious dishes servings with Applebee’s menu.

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