The Boiling Crab Menu with Prices 2023

Tired of the usual burger and fries? Dive into The Boiling Crab menu for a delectable yet affordable seafood experience.

Discover unique dishes and tantalize your palate—all with a simple click. Whether you’re dining in, ordering over the phone, or online, the process is effortless.

Here’s your 3-step guide to a seafood delight:

  • Select your main seafood dish.
  • Enrich it with a mouthwatering sauce.
  • Enhance your meal with our curated condiments.

However, do note that menu offerings may differ across locations. To ensure you get what you crave, use our store locator first. And speaking of cravings, the centerpiece of our menu is undoubtedly the crab.

Our front-page selections feature an array of seafood wonders: from various crab legs to succulent shrimp, flavorful crawfish, mussels, and delectable oysters.

Boiling Crab Menu

Choose your seafood in its pure form or seasoned to perfection. For those who can’t resist fried treats, The Boiling Crab has a dedicated section just for you.

Dive into one of our nine scrumptious options, from the unique Sha-Bang Shrimp and catfish to evergreen favorites like chicken tenders and hot wings. Ideal for group outings, our fried baskets pack a hearty punch, providing up to 1570 kcal.

Our menu showcases five prominent baskets, inclusive of kid-sized and large chicken tenders, catfish, crab, and exquisite shrimp.

Celebrate with friends and embark on a culinary adventure.

Enhance your meal with one of our three signature sauces: aromatic garlic, the classic Boiling Crab sauce, or zesty lemon pepper. Feeling adventurous? Combine them to create the explosive Whole Sha-Bang sauce!

Adjust your heat preference with our seafood. Opt for a mild flavor or add a hint of spice. For thrill-seekers, the medium and extra spicy variants promise an exhilarating experience that will ignite your senses!

Finally, complement your meal with one of our 12 sides. Begin with classics like corn, potatoes, and rice, or venture into our assorted fries range.

Quench your thirst with our beverage selections, spanning from local beers to aromatic teas and the refreshing Margarita.

Boiling Crab Menu Specials

The Boiling Crab continually treats its patrons with a range of discounts and promotions all year round. Some of their standout offers include:

  • Happy Hour: Daily between 3pm and 6pm, indulge in discounted drinks and appetizers.
  • Weekend Delights: Every weekend, discover unique deals on their signature seafood boils. These might range from discounts on specific seafood to complimentary side dishes.
  • Engage Online, Save Offline: Stay connected with The Boiling Crab on platforms like Instagram and Facebook for exclusive social media deals.
  • Group Offers: Bringing a big group? Enjoy special discounts tailored just for you.

Moreover, for those looking for continued rewards, The Boiling Crab proudly presents the “Dirty Fun Club”. Members earn points for every dollar spent, which can be cashed in for discounts on subsequent visits.

The Boiling Crab Menu with Prices 2023

Dive into a culinary journey with the freshest seafood selections at The Boiling Crab in 2023. Boiling Crab’s updated menu boasts competitively priced delicacies tailored for all seafood lovers.

From classic crab pots to innovative appetizers, explore dishes that fit every budget. Experience gourmet quality without the gourmet price, only at The Boiling Crab this year.

The Boiling Crab Menu with Prices

The Boiling Crab Menu
The Boiling Crab Prices & Menu – What’s Your CatchCaloriesPrice
Raw Oysters (6 Pcs)120$16.50
Raw Oysters (12 Pcs) $29.00
Snow Crab Legs100-820Market Price
Dungeness Crab330-1790Market Price
Lobster210-1660Market Price
King Crab Legs100-870Market Price
Crawfish60-780Market Price
Shrimp270-860Market Price
Crawfish (Frozen)70-790Market Price

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Boiling Crab Basket Menu with Prices

Boiling Crab Basket Menu
Boiling Crab Menu BasketCaloriesPrice
Softshell Crab Basket830$16.00
Shrimp Basket980$13.00
Catfish Basket1570$12.00
Chicken Tenders Basket1180$10.00
Kids’ Chicken Tenders Basket650$6.00
Sha-Bang Bang Shrimp1080$12.00
Hot Wings (6 Pcs)820$11.00
Hot Wings (10 Pcs)1260$17.00

Boiling Crab Menu Extras with Prices

Boiling Crab Extras Menu
Boiling Crab Menu ExtrasCaloriesPrice
Gumbo with or without Rice130-180$7.00
Corn On The Cob90-270$1.50/each
Hard Boiled Eggs (3 eggs)240$4.00
Potatoes (3 Pcs)190-550$2.50
Crabber Fries (half Order)455$9.00
Crabber Fries580$15.00
Lemon Pepper Fries580$6.00
Cajun Fries580$6.00
Steamed Rice370$2.50
Sweet Potato Fries690$6.50
Extra Condiments70-400$0.75/each

Boiling Crab Drinks Menu with Prices

Boiling Crab Drinks Menu
Boiling Crab Menu DrinksCaloriesPrice
Domestic Beers110-170$5.00
Assorted Sodas & Teas
(Diet Coke, Coke, Root Beer, Sprite, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Mr. Pibb, Sweet Green Tea, Minute Maid Lemonade, Unsweetened Black Tea, Sweet Black Tea, Sweet Raspberry Tea)
TBC Margarita
(Fresh Lime Juice, SABE Blanco, House-made Simple Syrup)
Imported/Specialty Beers
(Blue Moon, Dos Equis, Corona, Modelo Especial, Heineken, Pacifico, New Castle, Stella Artois)
{Select Beer (please ask servers for beer recommendations), Tabasco, Clamato, House Michelada Seasoning, Fresh Lime Juice}

The Boiling Crab Menu Delivery Methods

  • In-Store: Available
  • Drive Thru: Not Available
  • Home Delivery: Available
  • Curbside Pickup: Not Available

How to order Boiling Crab Menu?

Ordering from The Boiling Crab is a breeze, whether you prefer a sit-down experience or the convenience of online ordering.

Dine-in Experience:

  1. Upon your arrival at The Boiling Crab, a friendly server will assist you with your order.
  2. Choose from an array of seafood boils such as crawfish, shrimp, crab, and mussels, complemented by sides like corn on the cob, potatoes, or sausage.
  3. After placing your order, relax and anticipate a perfectly cooked seafood feast delivered right to your table.

Online Ordering:

  1. Visit The Boiling Crab’s website and set up an account.
  2. Choose your preferred restaurant location and specify either pickup or delivery.
  3. Browse the menu, add desired items to your cart, and move to checkout.
  4. Complete the payment details and confirm your order.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to you post-order.
  • For pick-ups, await a notification signaling that your order is ready.
  • For deliveries, a tracking number will be provided to monitor your order’s journey to your doorstep.”

Boiling Crab Customer Services

FAQs Regarding Boiling Crab Menu


In search of a unique culinary adventure? The Boiling Crab menu is your destination. Discover dishes infused with singular sauces, all at compelling prices.

And with swift home delivery options, a delectable seafood feast is just a click away. Explore the menu and order from your preferred delivery platform to relish an unparalleled dining experience.

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