10 Best Lunch Catering Restaurants in 2023

What is Lunch Catering?

Lunch catering refers to the service of providing food and beverages specifically for lunchtime events or occasions. It can range from casual to formal settings and is commonly sought after for business meetings, seminars, weddings, family reunions, and more.

Lunch Catering Menu

Key Elements to Consider in Lunch Catering

  1. Type of Service:
    • Buffet Style: A setup where guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes.
    • Plated Service: Each guest is served an individual meal.
    • Boxed Lunches: Pre-packaged lunches, ideal for picnics or on-the-go events.
    • Family Style: Dishes are placed on the table, and guests serve themselves.
  2. Menu Selection:
    • Cuisine Type: From Mediterranean to Asian, determine the kind of cuisine you want.
    • Dietary Restrictions: Cater to preferences like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.
    • Variety: Ensure there’s a mix of proteins, veggies, grains, and desserts.
  3. Budget: Costs can vary based on the type of food, service, and extras (like beverages or special equipment).
  4. Quantity: Estimate the amount of food based on the number of guests.
  5. Tasting Sessions: Before finalizing a caterer, taste test the dishes to ensure quality and flavor.
  6. Logistics: Consider the location, setup, cleanup, and the number of servers required.

Benefits of Lunch Catering:

  1. Convenience: Outsourcing the food preparation, serving, and cleanup can save time and reduce stress.
  2. Variety: Caterers often have extensive menus, ensuring a wide range of options.
  3. Professionalism: Experienced caterers can handle the nuances of food presentation and service.
  4. Accommodation: Dietary restrictions and preferences can be easily managed.

Popular Lunch Catering Dishes:

  1. Sandwiches/Wraps: Often filled with meats, cheeses, veggies, and various condiments.
  2. Salads: From Caesar to quinoa, salads are refreshing and versatile.
  3. Hot Dishes: Pasta, grilled meats, stir-fries, and more.
  4. Beverages: Including sodas, juices, teas, and coffees.
  5. Desserts: Cookies, brownies, fruit tarts, and other sweet treats.

Selecting the Right Caterer:

  • References and Reviews: Always check reviews and get references.
  • Licensing: Ensure the caterer has the required licenses and adheres to health standards.
  • Experience: A caterer familiar with your type of event can be beneficial.
  • Flexibility: They should be adaptable to changes or special requests.

10 Best Lunch Catering Restaurants in 2023

If you’re pressed for time and looking for exceptional lunch catering, our curated list for 2023 has got you covered.

Selected for their competitive pricing and superior quality, these restaurants lead the lunch catering industry:

What sets these establishments apart? Their commitment to affordability, diverse menus, and catering to a variety of dietary needs. For instance, Subway stands out due to its ubiquitous presence and customizable offerings. Meanwhile, Jason’s Deli shines for its extensive vegetarian and gluten-sensitive options.

For those seeking keto-friendly choices, Corner Bakery Café, Jason’s Deli, and Subway are top contenders.

Top 10 Restaurants Providing Stellar Lunch Catering

1. Panera Bread Lunch Catering Restaurants

Renowned for Boxed Lunch Catering A diverse range of sandwich-boxed lunches. Signature baguette lunch boxes featuring flavors like pepperoni mozzarella melt and Napa almond chicken. Salad-based boxed lunches, such as the Southwest Caesar salad.

Panera Bread Lunch Restaurants

2. Jason’s Deli Lunch Catering Restaurants

Signature sandwich trays, including Southwest wraps and Tuscan Focaccia sandwiches. A variety of boxed sandwich options and event packages. Gluten-sensitive and vegetarian boxed lunch offerings.

Jason’s Deli Lunch Restaurants

3. Corner Bakery Café Lunch Catering Restaurants

A vast choice of 8 salad options. Individual pasta dishes like chicken carbonara. Corporate-friendly offerings: salad boxes with cookies and sandwich boxes with chips

Corner Bakery Café Lunch Restaurants

4. Potbelly Sandwich Shop Lunch Catering Restaurants

Customizable individual lunch boxes with sandwiches, cookies, and chips. Catering bundles such as the Potbelly bundle, catering to various group sizes. Extensive menu including soups, mac and cheese, and toppings.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Restaurants

5. Firehouse Subs Lunch Catering Restaurants

Diverse lunch catering platters, from standard to deluxe. Dessert platters and individual boxed lunches. Specialty boxes like The Rookie and The Lieutenant.

Firehouse Subs Lunch

6. Jersey Mike’s Subs Lunch Catering Restaurants

Offerings include subs by the box or by the bag. Each boxed lunch includes a sub, cookie, chips, and an optional drink.

Jersey Mike’s Subs Lunch

7. Jimmy John’s Lunch Catering Restaurants

Choose from various combos or customize your own boxed lunch. Options for larger gatherings include crowd-pleaser assortments and the mini Jimmys package.

Jimmy John’s Lunch Restaurants

8. Subway Lunch Catering Restaurants

Budget-friendly lunch catering with individual meals and platters. Popular options include the Subway to Go Meal and the classic combo platte

Subway Lunch Restaurants

9. Chick-Fil-A Lunch Catering Restaurants

A diverse menu featuring grilled chicken bundles, nugget trays, wraps, and more. Dessert options include chocolate cookie trays and brownie trays.

Chick-Fil-A Lunch Restaurant

10. Boston Market Lunch Catering Restaurants

Catering packages like silver, gold, and platinum, each with unique offerings. Hot buffet catering for larger groups and individual salad meals

Incorporate lunch catering into your events or daily corporate needs, ensuring a delightful dining experience without the fuss.

Boston Market Lunch Restaurants

Restaurants That Serves Lunch Catering

FAQs Regarding Lunch Catering


Lunch catering can elevate any mid-day event, providing guests with a delightful culinary experience. It takes the hassle out of meal preparation, allowing hosts to focus on their guests and the event’s purpose. Whether you’re hosting a business luncheon, a family gathering, or a social event, the right caterer can make all the difference.

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