Cava Catering Menu Prices 2024

Are you seeking to organize your event or want some attractive catering on your budget? Cava is a private Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant chain that offers a delicious variety of meals as well as catering services.

They have numerous locations around the United States. Cava Group owns this restaurant as well as Zoe’s kitchen. However, the cava catering includes Mediterranean and Greek flavored dishes along with an excellent dining setup.

cava catering

Three friends Grigoropoulos, Ted Xenohristos, and Dimitri Moshovitis are the founder of the Cavna food chain. Brett Schulman who is the CEO of this restaurant has joined this chain in 2009.

In 2006, the first Cava restaurant opened in Rockville and Maryland. However, their main concentration was Mediterranean cuisine which is famous as cava mezze and cava grill across the US. On the east coast and Los Angeles, they have a total of 24 locations in 2017. Moreover, they have over 330 locations by 2019.

They have a very affectionate team that helps you a lot in catering and organizing events. Moreover, cava Food Catering Menu provides you with the best catering experience including events, casual brunch, lunch, and dinner.

There is a very close relationship between food and life, and the Cava provides you with the most delicious cuisine. Today I am going to provide you with the Catering at Cava menu, prices, orders, and many more. Therefore, continue to read till the end to get efficient information about them.

Does Cava do Catering?

Yes, cava do catering but they offer their catering services for a limited period. However, they are trying to expand their services related to catering. Besides these, Cava’s catering services are very enjoyable.

cava mezze catering

While they have a very experienced and cooperative staff. Moreover, you can also get their catering services on your budget.

If you want to place an order for catering from Maryland, DC, and Virginia land, then please check out their full-service restaurants. For more details click on the link given below.  

Cava Meditarean Meal Menu

Cava is famous for its dips and spread that came into being for the long time of Mediterranean traditions. However, the dips are fully fleshed that are made in the kitchen of Rockville, MD while they are supplied to the markets of the midwest and east coast.

The most pleasant thing is that their dips are thoroughly natural while it does not contain any preservatives or artificial flavor. Moreover, their dips and spreads are low in fat, sodium, and calories. Some of them are gluten-free and vegan.

does cava do catering?

You also get a chance to customize your pita, salad, and grain bowl while each cuisine is made from original ingredients. However, they got these ingredients from the local farmers.

The Cava grill menu prices are lower than those of its sister restaurant, Cava Mezze. Whereas, the menu has numerous delicious recipes including tzatziki, lamb dishes, hummus, and terranean and Greek cuisine. Each meal has a unique and appealing flavor while they are thoroughly natural.

Cava Brunch Menu:

Cava has several options where you can get your favorite meal. Moreover, the dishes are very yummy and full of flavor. While the dining setup is very charming and attractive. The presentation of the meal is outclassed. The taste is also very yummy. Let’s have a look at the delicious brunch Cava Menu Catering.

  • Classic benedict
  • Cava home fries
  • Shrimp & girts
  • Spicy lamb benedict
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Salmon benedict
  • Biscuits and honey butter
  • Pork belly and eggs

Cava Sandwich Menu:

  • Sausage pita
  • Pork souvlaki
  • Chicken souvlaki

Cava Lunch Menu:

  • Falafel sandwich
  • Cava gyro
  • Spicy lamb sliders
  • Crispy chicken sliders

Cava Salad Menu:

  • Tahini Caesar
  • Arugula spinach
  • Greek salad

Catering Prices at Cava

As you can see, there is a huge variety of food items at the Cava. However, they offer delicious meals to their customers including different types like soup, salad Mezze, sandwiches, dips Mezze, Cheese Mezze, Vegetable Mezze, grilled Mezze, Meats Mezze, Seafood Mezze, beverages, and many more. Moreover, you can choose your selected ingredients.

For instance, if you have an allergy to some ingredients, then you can ask them not to add such kinds of ingredients to your meal.

The Cava prices for Catering are very reasonable and affordable. However, their services are trustable and satisfactory. Whereas, the prices may vary depending on your local cava restaurants.

Cava Salads

  • Greek Village Salad $4.00 | per person
    • cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, olive , onion, oregano , vinaigrette , feta
  • Arugula Salad $4.00 | per person Dressing on the Side
    • arugula, spinach, cabbage, dill, scallions, meyer lemon dressing
  • Orzo Pasta Salad $3.00 | per person
    • orzo, tomatoes, feta , onions , balsamic

Cava Dip Platters

Small Platter $45 (serves 12 – 15)
Large Platter $80 (serves 25 – 30

served with pita chips, olives & include the following dips:
Hummus, Tzatziki, Crazy Feta, Harissa, Eggplant

Cava Minis + Sliders

  • Mini Falafel Pita Sandwiches $3.50 | piece
    • baby pitas , falafel , tzatziki , tomatoes , onions
  • Mini Gyro Pita Sandwiches $3.50 | piece
    • mini pitas, gyro meat, tzatziki , tomatoes , onions, fries
  • Mini Chicken Pita Sandwiches $3.50 | piece
    • mina pita , grilled chicken , tzatziki , tomatoes , onions, fries
  • Mini Shrimp Pita Sandwiches $4.00 | piece
    • baby pitas , grilled shrimp , tzatziki, tomatoes , onions
  • Grilled Meatball Sliders $5.00 | piece
    • seasoned ground beef, dill , garlic, Greek yogurt , tomato, onion
  • Spicy Lamb Sliders $5.50 | piece
    • ground lamb spiked with harissa, tzatziki , arugula, tomato , onion
  • Fried Chicken Sandwich $5.00 | piece
    • spicy slaw, feta , brioche bun

veggies + small bites

  • Zucchini Fritters $1.75 | per piece
    • shredded zucchini , feta , mint , dill
  • Falafel Fritters $2.00 | per piece
    • crispy chickpea fritters
  • Grape Leaves $2.00 | per piece
    • Jasmine rice , herbs
  • Spanakopita $2.00 | per piece
    • spinach , feta, leeks , phyllo
  • Cheese Pie $2.00 | per piece
    • feta, goat cheese, phyllo
  • Crazy Feta Hush Puppies $2.00 | per piece
    • cornmeal, crazy feta, honey butter
  • Orzo $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
    • rice-shaped pasta, cinnamon, tomato sauce, kefalograviera cheese
  • Vegetable Orzo $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
    • rice-shaped pasta, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic
  • Mushroom Risotto $75.00 half pan | $150.00 full pan
    • arborio rice, saffron, sautéed mushrooms
  • Mac N Cheese $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
    • pasta, arugula , feta, hazelnuts, kefalograviera
  • Brussel Sprouts $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
    • crispy, olive oil
  • Cauliflower $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
    • crispy chickpeas, goat cheese, spicy dill vinaigrette
  • Basmati Rice $40.00 half pan | $80.00 full pan
  • Seasonal Vegetable $60.00 half pan | $120.00 full pan
  • ask about our always-changing seasonal menu

Grilled Meats

  • Chicken Souvlaki Skewers ~ (cut in half) $4.50 | piece
    • grilled marinated chicken breast, onions, lemon, olive oil, herbs
  • Spicy Lamb Meatballs $3.50 | piece
    • all-natural ground lamb, harissa, lemon, garlic, oregano
  • Grilled Meatballs $2.50 | piece
    • seasoned ground beef, dill, lemon, garlic, fresh oregano
  • Lamb Chops $7.50 | piece
    • grilled marinated baby lamb, olive oil, lemon, fresh oregano

Braised + baked meats

  • Moussaka $70.00 half pan / $140.00 full pan
    • eggplant, zucchini, bechamel, mizithra chees
  • with ground beef $90.00 half pan / $180.00 full pan
  • Kastoria Braised Beef $90.00 half pan | $180.00 full pan
    • tender braised beef, tomato, herbs, cinnamon, kefalograviera, feta
  • Lollipop Chicken $3.50 | piece Yogurt & Honey on the Side
    • fried, honey, Greek yogurt, walnuts
  • Lamb Kapama $90.00 half pan | $180.00 full pan
    • braised lamb shoulder, orzo, cinnamon, tomato, kefalograviera
  • Braised Chicken $90.00 half pan | $180.00 full pan
    • red wine braised & shredded chicken, egg noodles with brown butter & kefalograviera cheese


  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon $7.00 | piece
    • simply grilled, lemon
  • Shrimp Souvlaki ~ (3pc per skewer) $6.00 | piece
    • grilled, garlic, dill , lemon, oregano
    • Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $MKT/piece


  • Baklava $3.00 | piece
    • chopped walnuts baked with phyllo and hone
  • Cava Dark Chocolate Truffles $2.00 | piece
    • limited availability

Cava Menu For Catering – Curated Bowls (Minimum Order 10 Person)

Greek Salad$12.55
Grilled Chicken + Rice$12.55
Lentil Avocado$15.20
Spicy Lamb Meatball$14.95
Harissa Avocado$16.95
Grilled Chicken + Vegetables$12.55

Catering Group Bowl Bar Menu Prices

Group Bowl BarServesPrice
Grilled Chicken10$140.00
Roasted Vegetables10$100.00
Harissa Honey Chicken10$155.00
Spicy Lamb Meatball10$160.00

Cava Menu Curated Pitas Prices

Curated PitasServesPrice
Pita Pack10$190.00
(Ten Sandwiches + Personal Choice Of Salad. Four Greek Chicken, Four Crispy Falafel, Two Spicy Chicken + Avocado)
Avocado Caesar
Greek Salad

Salads Menu with Prices

Avocado Caesar10$55.00
(Arugula, Romaine, Avocado, Pickled Onions, Tahini Caesar, Pita Crisps)
(Crumbled Feta, Persian Cucumber, Romaine, Tomato + Onion, Greek Vinaigrette, Kalamata Olives)

Cava Chips + Dips Menu with Prices

Catering Cava Chips + Dips Menu ServesPrice
Pita Chips + Dip10$36.00
(Served With Personal Choice Of One Dip: Red Pepper Hummus, Hummus, Roasted Eggplant, Crazy Feta, Tzatziki)
Assorted Dip Platter10$62.00
(Served With Pita Chips & Includes Red Pepper Hummus, Hummus, Spicy Hummus, Roasted Eggplant, Crazy Feta, Tzatziki)

Desserts + Drinks Menu with Prices

Cookie Platter (Serves 10)$36.00
Brownie + Blondie Platter (Serves 10)$30.00
Single Brownie$2.50
Single Blondie$2.50
Single Cookie$3.00

Catering Drinks At Cava Prices

Gallon Lemonade$13.50
Gallon Iced Tea$15.00
Gallon Blueberry Lavender$16.50
Gallon Cucumber Mint$14.00
Gallon Pineapple Apple Mint$16.00
Still Water$2.75
Sparkling Water$2.75

Cava Mezze Catering:

Brett Schulman is the CEO and co-founder of a fast-casual chain restaurant. Originally, it was the cava mezze grill, later renamed as cava grill, and then finally Cava. However, cava mezze catering is famous as the sister of the Cava restaurant.

Their staff is very humble and cooperative while you will get very good services from there. But the one drawback is that they do not offer catering services for the off-site events.

Furthermore, you can’t order anything for home if they are offering a dining setup. Cava mezze catering offers a huge menu that is full of delicious meals.

Cava Mezze Platters:

  • Grilled mezze platter
  • Mediterranean seafood mezze

Cava Meat Mezze:

  • Kastoria style beef
  • Braised meatballs
  • Pork fricassee
  • Braised beef and kokinisto
  • Stewed lamb or lamb Kapama
  • Cava carpaccio

Cava Grilled Mezze:

  • Spicy greek sausage
  • Grilled meatballs
  • Pork or chicken souvlaki
  • Baby lamb chops
  • Lollipop filet and shrimp
  • Mini souvlaki sandwich

Cava Vegetable Mezze:

  • Spanakopita
  • Zucchini and squash
  • White bean ragout
  • Grape leaves or dolmades
  • Zucchini fritters

Cava Cheese Inspired Mezze:

  • Cava frittata
  • Orzo
  • Cheese pie or tiropita
  • Tomato feta stack
  • Baked feta and tomato
  • Greek bolognese
  • Greek fries

Seafood Mezze:

  • Opa Opa shrimp
  • Fried calamari
  • Grilled octopus
  • Cava crab cakes
  • Scallops risotto
  • Shrimp souvlaki
  • Muscles Kolonaki
  • Stuffed shrimp
  • Baked shrimp
  • Muscles risotto

Cava Mezze Catering Menu PDF

What is a Cava bowl?

At cava, you will get numerous bowls filled with many yummy ingredients. When you go through the line, you can choose the greens and bowl atop grains. While you can also choose both. In the cava bowl, you will get a variety of rice such as basmati rice, lentils, and brown rice.

Moreover, they have a huge variety of green salads and vegetables. The cava bowl also includes the delicious marinated pork, chopped chicken, and meatballs. However, the bowl includes some hummus, tzatziki, and heavenly greek feta and salsas.

Finally, they are topped with mouth-watering pickled onions and cabbage. The cava Mediterranean bowl is amazing and has several grains and offers a mouth-watering and appetizing reflection.

And if you are in a fix, how much is a Cava grain bowl? So, the price may vary depending on your local cava restaurant. Because they have numerous locations across the US, therefore, the prices are different for different cities.

Is Cava the same as Cava mezze?

There is not too much difference between cava and cava mezze because they are chain restaurants. However, the main difference is that cava mezze does not offer catering services and they don’t offer catering for off-site events.

Moreover, the cava mezze try to expand their catering services, but they don’t do home deliveries. On the other hand, cava do catering and provide the best services to their customers.

Moreover, they have a very attractive dining setup. Cava helps you to arrange your event within your budget while their staff is very humble and cooperative.

Customer Services of Cava for Catering

Here we have mentioned the contact details of the cava restaurants. Let’s have a look at them.

Cava Social Media Accounts

Affordable Catering Menus with Prices,

Final Thought!

In conclusion, Cava offers a delightful range of Mediterranean and Greek dishes, providing an excellent catering experience for various events within your budget. With its expansion across the United States, Cava stands out for its commitment to natural, flavorful meals, customizable options, and a friendly team dedicated to making your event memorable. Whether it’s for a casual brunch or a formal dinner, Cava’s diverse menu, affordable prices, and cooperative staff ensure a satisfying and delicious dining experience.

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