Mission BBQ Catering Menu with Prices 2024

If you love everything grilled or barbequed and have a gluten-free and kids menu, consider Mission BBQ catering menu that has something for these people.

Mission BBQ menu catering0? aims to satisfy the tastebuds of those individuals who simply love their pork, chicken, meat, etc., and also for those who are on a gluten-free diet.

Mission BBQ Catering Menu

The gluten-free menu is amazing. Mission BBQ knows the hardships faced by those on a gluten-free diet and has incorporated something for them.

The gluten-free menu has an option for kids as well. You can get an idea of this by considering the Mission BBQ menu Catering.

 Mission BBQ aims to make the life of its customers easy in all processes. You can check out their menu online according to your location and which restaurant you want to visit.

catering prices for the food are listed online. You can then arrange what you want according to your budget.

Mission BBQ Food Catering Menu with Prices

Serves (cont.)
30 PeopleSmoked Meat, etc.12 lbs
40 PeopleSmoked Meat, etc.16 lbs
50-50,000 PeopleYou Bet!
Meat Market Smoked Here – All Day
Chopped BrisketMarinated Memphis Belle$23.58/Pound
BrisketOak Smoked$25.98/Pound
TurkeyLean & Mean, Sliced$19.98/Pound
Pulled PorkHand Pulled, Slow Smoked$18.78/Pound
SausageChz or Classic #41 & Jalapeno$19.98/Pound
Pulled ChickenJuicy & Tender$17.98/Pound
Mission BBQ Smokehouse Signatures
SalmonMoist & Mild, North Atlantic$13.49/Pound
ChickenHalf a Yard Bird$10.29/Pound
RibsSpare Ribs St. Louis Style$30.29/Pound
Back Ribs BAY-b Tender, Fall off the Bone$30.99/Pound
Sides Made From Scratch
Baked Beans with Brisket$12.69/¼ Price
Mac-N-Cheese$12.94/¼ Price
Cold SlawCrisp & Creamy$12.04/¼ Price
Green Beans with Bacon$12.49/¼ Price
Kettle Chips$6.84/¼ Price
SaladGarden Greens$17.54/¼ Price
Super Seasonal SidePotato Salad$13.14/¼ Price
Bakery Menu
Slider Rolls$4.99 DZ
Fresh Sandwich (Buns)$6.99 DZ
Corn Bread$0.99 EA
Large Brownie & Cookie TrayFeeds 50+ people$62.50
Small Brownie & Cookie TrayFeeds 25+ people$32.50
Seasonal SweetsYES
Beverages Ice Cold
Kettle Brewed Iced Tea$7.50 GAL
Handmade, Sweet & Unsweetened$7.50 GAL
Summertime Lemonade$7.50 GAL
Bottled Classics Old School$3.44 EA
Bottled H2O$2.39 EA
Canned Sodas$1.85 EA

When looking for a catering service you will want to choose one that caters to many occasions so that you do not have to look anywhere else.

Mission BBQ is involved in catering to many events including weddings, reunions, meetings, office parties, school events, retirements, etc. Anything you want to order a BBQ cuisine to, simply contact them.

Meat Market Prices

Barbeques are scrumptious and enjoyed by many people across the globe. It is time-consuming and hectic organizing a barbeque at home.

If you want to order catering like this you can consider Mission BBQ Menu catering. They will do all the tough work for you and present your guests with amazing and fresh meat and salad options.

mission bbq catering meat market

Mission BBQ Menu Serving Sizes & Prices

It does not matter how many guests you have invited and how much they want to consume, this catering service is available to help you out.

For instance, if you are having a wedding you can look at Mission BBQ wedding catering Menu options.

A wedding is an important event and you want everything to be perfect, especially the food. Therefore choose a reputable and amazing catering service for this.

mission bbq catering

They also provide all set up facilities and staff to help with the catering. The cost of this is stated as well.

Simply inform them if you want any plates, cutlery, serving utensils, tablecloth, etc. They will help you organize the best occasion with scrumptious food.

Smoker Prices

Mission BBQ smokehouse signature is the most loved one menu of the Mission BBQ. Smokehouse contains Smoky chicken, smoked salmon, spare ribs, etc at Suitable prices.

You can have a look at the restaurant menu and the catering one. Both are presented separately. The specials can be considered as well.

Mission bbq catering smoker

Mission BBQ Sides Prices

Mission BBQ has options for nearly everyone. Your kids will not be left out whilst you are eating. However, you need to know that the menu is meat-centric.

If you want to arrange a vegetarian mean you can add some side dishes together. Mission BBQ menu Catering is known for its sauces, and will never disappoint.

There are some most famous sides of Mission’s BBQ Catering Prices with Menu.

Mission bbq menu sides

Mission BBQ Beverages with Prices

Mission BBQ prices of beverages are affordable for every customer. It includes Canned Sodas, Bottled Classics, Kettle Brewed Iced Tea (Handmade, Sweet and Unsweetened), etc.

Mission bbq drinks

Mission BBQ Desserts Catering Prices

Mission BBQ place with its own bakery is sure to be great. Mission BBQ  not only offers fresh sandwich rolls, but they also have slider sandwiches and freshly baked cornbread.

Mission BBQ desserts are delicious in taste and also suitable in prices. Its delicious desserts menu with prices are following,

Mission bbq desserts

Mission BBQ Catering Bakery itemsSizesPrices
Fresh Sandwich BunsDozen$6.99
Slider RollsDozen$4.79
Corn Bread1 pc$0.79
Brownie & Cookie TraySmall$32.50
Brownie & Cookie TrayLarge$62.50
Banana PuddingQuart$9.99
Peach CobblerQuart$9.99
Bread PuddingQuart$9.99
Blueberry CobblerQuart$9.99

Mission BBQ Lunch Boxes Prices

When having any occasion you will want all your guests to have something to eat. No one must be left out.

This is why you need to look for a versatile menu. It should include something for vegetarians, kids, those who are on a gluten-free diet, etc.

mission bbq lunch box

Mission BBQ Party Packs

With the Party Packs of Mission BBQ, you can choose 2-3 meats, 3 sides, anything from the bakery, and all the sauces you want.

Memphis Belle, Craftsman Special, and Smoky Mountain are just a few of the many options for sauces.

Mission bbq party packs

Mission BBQ Catering Party PacksSizesPrices
Choose 2 or 3 meatsPer Person$11.99
Choose up to 3 sidesPer Person$11.99
Choose from the BakeryPer Person$11.99
Choose your saucesPer Person$11.99

Mission BBQ Customer Services


Have a look at Mission BBQ reviews for Catering Menu if you want to get an idea of what customers felt ordering from here.

It is important to do this when ordering a catering service so that you can know if everything worked out well. The reviews may tell you how the staff, equipment, food, etc. all was.

mission bbq catering menu reviews

If you want an event to be organized without you having to do much work, Mission BBQ is one to check out as they claim to help make the event easier for you.


How much BBQ for 30 guests?

VooDoo BBQ & Grill recommends the following amount of BBQ based on the number of guests:
For 20-22 Guests: 9 pounds of meat
For 30-35 Guests: 12 pounds of meat

Are BBQ food trucks profitable?

According to estimates, a BBQ catering business that operates three days per week at a regular location and one day per weekend at an event has the potential to generate approximately $8,600 in revenue per week.

What kind of truck does MISSION BBQ use?

MISSION BBQ, a popular BBQ restaurant chain that specializes in serving traditional American BBQ cuisine, is known for using M35A3 Deuce and Half Cargo Trucks as part of its brand identity.

What is Mission BBQ Restaurant Catering Wedding?

MISSION BBQ offers catering services for weddings, which can provide a unique and memorable experience for couples and their guests. In addition to their mouth-watering BBQ menu options, MISSION BBQ also offers a customizable and personalized catering experience, where couples can select from a range of packages to suit their needs and preferences.

You can also visit these for more different and unique catering menu ideas,

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