Central Market Catering Menu Prices & Reviews

By Salena Gomes | Last Updated: September 18, 2021

Central Market Catering offers a wide variety of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Central Market Catering offers a wide range of services. Menu including central market breakfast catering, event catering, in-house catered events, and custom menus.

They provide delicious dishes for all occasions and can accommodate any dietary need. Central Market is Located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. Central Market Catering is always available to serve you at your next event!

Central Market Catering Menu

Central market catering menu Prices

Central Market Catering is a full-service caterer. Offering everything from breakfast to dinner and catering for all occasions. From food to décor, they have you covered.Here are some of their most popular catering menu items: 

Central market Breakfast catering platters including eggs benedict or pancakes with bacon.Central market Lunch options including sandwiches and salads. Central market Dinner selections such as pasta bolognese or shrimp scampi.

Central Market Catering Menu with Prices

Central Market offers its customers a lot dishes to choose from, including;

Central Market Catering menu with Prices start from $10 per person up to $25 per person. For more information on the Central Market Catering menu with prices, view the given table,

Central Market Catering Menu ItemsPrices
Fresh bagels$18.00
Assorted mini scones platter$25.00
Tropical fruit bowl (in season)$30.00
Fresh fruit platter$30.00
Breakfast muffins platter$25.00
Berry & yogurt parfait service$45.00
Frittata casserole$20.00
Central market quiches$14.00
Breakfast sandwiches$35.00
Breakfast tacos$30.00
Smoked salmon platter$95.00
Flank steak platter$65.00
Signature sandwiches platter$50.00
Signature deli platter$90.00
Tea sandwiches platter$35.00
Classic deli platter$70.00
Breakfast pastries platter$29.00
Central market chicken platter$45.00
Quesadilla platter$40.00
Shrimp cocktail platter$65.00
Grilled vegetable platter$40.00
Antipasti platter$70.00
Tartlet platter$70.00
Mediterranean platter$60.00
Brownies & bars$40.00
Roasted tenderloin platter$99.00
Baked brie$55.00
French brie with preserves$55.00
Mediterranean torte$50.00
Cookie platter$55.00
Rustic cheese platter$40.00
Artisan cheese sampler$85.00
Cookie bar combination platter$49.00
Fruit and cheese platter$20.00
Cracker baskets$9.00

Central Market Breakfast Catering

Central Market catering

Central Market Breakfast catering Menu offers a wide variety of delicious dishes, including eggs benedict, french toast with bacon, pancakes, omelets, and much more.

All Their catering dishes prepared by their talented chefs. They can accommodate any dietary needs or restrictions. You don’t have to worry about the quality. Because They only use fresh ingredients to provide the best tasting meals possible.

Special Central Market Holiday Catering

The holidays are a time to celebrate with friends and family. What better way is there than gathering in the kitchen with your loved ones?Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s important to have satisfying menu.They have planned by creating a delicious Central Market holiday Catering Menu. Now available at selective locations. 

Choose from three different menus, including:

To order your favorite dish today, visit their online store.

Central Market helps to create memorable family-friendly options that can be fitted to any size group.Central Market holiday catering offers packages for ten people up to 100+, no matter how many people join in on the festivities.

Amazing Central Market Catering Menu Houston

Central Market Catering Menu in Houston is a company that offers catering services to businesses in the Houston area. Central Market Catering Houston company has been around for over 25 years. It has grown into one of the most trusted catering service providers in Texas.

Central market catering menu Houston is known for its high-quality food, great customer service, and affordable prices. Suppose you’re looking for an excellent caterer that will provide delicious food at a phenomenal price. In that case, Central Market is your best choice. Contact them today!

Central Market Catering Houston Texas

Central Market Catering menu prices

Central Market is a full-service catering company in Houston, Texas. They provide the best food and service for any event you’re planning. Including weddings, birthday parties, receptions, and more!

Central Market Catering Houston, Texas, specializes in providing high-quality food for any occasion. Their team of chefs and event planners have extensive experience with creating delicious dishes that meet your needs. 

Central Market Catering Menu Fort Worth

Central Market Catering Menu Fort Worth provides you with various options to make your next event complete. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our catering menu has something for everyone.Their team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your event is memorable and delicious.

Their menu includes traditional party favorites. such as chicken salad sandwiches, macaroni and cheese. And more upscale dishes like filet mignon with a béarnaise sauce.

They also offers vegetarian entrees to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.

They have several options available for you, including

If you’re not sure what would best suit the needs of your guests, don’t hesitate to call them! 

Central Market Catering Reviews

The Central Market is one of the most popular places for people to go shopping in Austin. This upscale food market has a variety of different shops, including restaurants and bakeries. There are many reviews on their catering services, but we wanted to share our recent experience with them that was really great!

We were able to customize an order for our office party that included appetizers, sandwiches, salads and even desserts! It was so easy because they have tons of options available online. The staff at the store was very helpful too when it came time to set up delivery times. All in all this company did everything they could do make sure our event went smoothly without any problems!
We will definitely be using them again in the future!

Catering Menus With Prices

Other Affordable Catering Menus With Prices,

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