Corner Bakery Catering Menu Prices 2022

The planning of any occasion, be it a wedding, party, funeral, workplace function, etc. is no easy task. Effort and preparation need to be present so that the best can be gotten.

One important part is the food. If you want to put this in the hands of someone trustworthy, have a look at the Corner Bakery Catering Menu. This is one for those who like delicious and scrumptious bakery goods as well as other choices for all.

Corner Bakery Catering Breakfasts

Sometimes people hold functions in the morning time so that guests can have a refreshing and unique experience. If you want everything to be different and provide people with a wonderful experience, consider this in the food choices as well. If you do this, it will adjust to the theme and everyone will enjoy themselves.

Corner bakery breakfast catering

Remember that people usually do not feel like eating much in the morning, but if there is a mouthwatering menu, no one can resist.

Those who want something like this can have a look at Corner Bakery catering. They have many options for breakfasts which includes all kinds of food. There are meat choices like bacon, chicken, and more. Vegetarians will not be dissatisfied with Corner Bakery café catering as well.

There have special salads that are unique to the brand. Fruit can also be gotten. The choices are many. You can get baskets and trays as well. Therefore, have a look at Corner bakery breakfast catering if you are having a morning function.

Corner Bakery Catering for Every Event

Looking to cater an event but don’t know where to start? Corner Bakery Catering has you covered! With various options for any occasion, Corner bakery can help make your next event a success. 

From Corner bakery lunch boxes and buffet catering to full-service event planning, They have everything you need to take the stress out of catering. Plus, Their food is always fresh and delicious. So what are you waiting for? Contact them today to get started!

Corner Bakery Cafe Catering

Looking for a delicious and affordable option for your next event or party? Corner Bakery Cafe offers catering that will satisfy everyone’s cravings. 

There’s something for everyone on the menu with options like sandwiches, salads, soups, pizzas, and desserts. Plus, with catering prices starting at just $5 per person, it’s easy to stay within your budget. Give Corner Bakery Cafe a call today to start planning your next event!

Corner Bakery Lunch Boxes

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to pack your lunch? Why not try a corner bakery lunch box! These boxes are filled with delicious food options that will keep you full all day long. 

Plus, they’re perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re packing a lunch for work or school, or you’re looking for something special to take with you on a picnic, a corner bakery lunch box is the perfect option!​

Corner Bakery Breakfast Catering

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable breakfast catering option, look no further than your local corner bakery breakfast catering. Corner Bakery offers a wide selection of pastries, muffins, and other breakfast items perfect for any occasion. 

Plus, their prices are usually much more affordable than those of larger caterers. So if you’re planning an early morning meeting or event, be sure to check out the Corner bakery breakfast catering menu at your local bakery. You won’t be disappointed!

Corner Bakery Catering Menu Prices 

Corner Bakery Breakfast Catering Menu Prices 2022

The Big Scramble $65.00
Add Coffee (Serves up to 12) $10.00
Add Orange Juice $10.00
Add Hot Kit $5.00

Corner Bakery Breakfast Catering  Prices

Small (serves 8-10) $75.00
Medium (serves 11-15) $100.00
Large (serves 16-20) $120.00
Add Fresh Fruit Medley or Fresh Fruit Tray $0.00
Add Coffee (Serves up to 12) $10.00
Add Orange Juice $10.00

Corner Bakery Catering Breakfast Basket Menu Prices

Small (15 Pieces) $45.00
Medium (23 Pieces) $65.00
Large (34 Pieces) $85.00

Corner Bakery Catering Muffin & Bagel Basket Prices

Small (12 Pieces) $35.00
Medium (20 Pieces) $50.00
Large (28 Pieces) $65.00

Corner Bakery Catering Power Flat Tray Prices

Flatbread Bacon Sandwich $65.00
Flatbread Sausage Sandwich $65.00
Flatbread Egg & Cheese Sandwich $65.00
Add Hot Kit $5.00

Corner Bakery Catering Breakfast Bite Tray Prices 

Small Breakfast Bites Tray $25.00
Medium Breakfast Bites Tray $35.00
Large Breakfast Bites Tray $45.00
California Breakfast Bar $45.00

Corner Bakery Catering Fresh Fruit Medley Prices

Small (serves 8 – 10) $30.00
Medium (serves 11 – 15) $40.00
Large (serves 16 – 20) $50.00

Corner Bakery Catering Fresh Fruit Tray Prices

Small (serves 8 – 10) $35.00
Medium (serves 11 – 15) $50.00
Large (serves 16 – 20) $65.00
Chilled Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal $45.00

Corner Bakery Sandwich Baskets and Trays Prices

Small (serves 6-10) $140.00
Medium (serves 11-14) $190.00
Large (serves 15-20) $260.00
Add 10 Beverages or more for $1.00 Each

Corner Bakery Classic Sandwich Builder Prices

Small $140.00
Medium $190.00
Large $260.00
Add 10 Beverages or more for $1.00 Each

What type of food to have on an occasion from Corner Bakery catering menu?

Whatever occasion you are holding, according to this you will organize what food will be the best. For example, like the above, if it is breakfast you will be considering lightweight options like sandwiches, muffins, cakes, etc.

If the occasion is a wedding then you will want chic options. Sandwiches look fun here and are easy on the taste buds. One can even have pasta dishes, soups, etc.

Corner Bakery café catering

Those who are looking for a catering service that will provide for every function, have a look at the Corner Bakery catering options. There are many choices, including ones that are light and heavy meals also. Beverages are numerous when you choose the Corner Baker café catering menu.

Here you can personalize the menu according to your requirements as well. Therefore, you can make it like what the guests want. They are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, having separate menus for these.

Corner Bakery Catering Services

It is tough cooking and handling, feeding guests. When you do this by yourself it becomes hectic and you may make some people dissatisfied. This is why catering services are present to make the load of work less on you.

Some take care of all the occasion’s food needs like the Corner Bakery Café catering menu. With a service, one can get delicious food without doing any hard work.

Some people are concerned about the cost of these services. You can check them online or ask the business. For instance, Corner Bakery catering prices can be asked so that you have an idea of how much it will cost you. It is possible to get coupons to allow you to save more money. There is the Corner Bakery catering coupon which can help clients out.

If you decide to choose a catering service check its reviews and menu carefully. Try out Corner Bakery café catering especially if you are holding a special occasion.

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