Costa Vida Catering Menu Prices 2023

Costa Vida Catering Menu

Costa Vida is a fast-casual Mexican grill restaurant that is mainly famous because of its catering services and Mexican foods. The catering services include the most popular food items on the Mexican menu.

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However, the famous food menu includes tacos, burritos, enchilada, and salad. While the style of their catering services is like a buffet.

The founders of Costa Vida are JD and Sarah Gardner, who launched the first branch in 2003 in Clayton, Utah. After it, they opened branches of restaurants in different parts of California.

Along with the variety of delicious food items, Costa Vida has become one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Moreover, the catering services are just beyond while the staff is very friendly and humble.

In this ultimate guide, you will get all the updates from Costa Vida catering in 2023. Moreover, what are the prices of their food items and their services? Without wasting any time, let’s discover the new updates from the fast-casual Mexican grill restaurant named Costa Vida.

Specifications of Costa Vida Catering:  

The interesting history behind opening the Mexican grill restaurant in Utah is that one day the founders of this restaurant were spending their holidays in the Coastal part of Mexico.

They thought that they should open a restaurant in their city the same as Mexican ones. However, the menu will include Mexican dishes.

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Hence, they opened a restaurant in their hometown city Utah where all the friends and families in the city could enjoy the Mexican taste in their own city. Moreover, their catering services are very unique, and the staff is very humble and friendly.

The most interesting thing about Costa Vida is they make fresh food, especially from scratch. And that thing makes it separate from all other Mexican-based restaurants.

Additionally, their whole menu contains fresh food and unique flavors. They provide a variety of food choices to their customers. So that they can add tacos and tortillas to their availed package.

How much does Costa Vida Catering Cost:

The menu of Costa Vida is full of flavors and colors, while the catering services are very unique and attractive. Furthermore, they provide a flexible menu to their customers.

Individuals who do not eat meat or have gluten sensitivity can choose a healthy meal for them.

Costco Vida Catering also has vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and alternatives. However, they are very conservative about the health of their customers. So how much is Costa Vida Catering? Let’s look at the prices of the delicious menu.

Costco Vida Catering Menu with Prices 2023

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Costa Vida Catering Featured Items Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Featured ItemsCaloriesPrice
Choose Of Beans & Sauce (Burrito)CaloriesPrice
Grilled Chicken Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Sweet Pork Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Barbacoa Beef  Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Bean And Cheese  Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$9.49
Grilled Steak Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$12.49

Costa Vida Catering Entrees Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering EntreesCaloriesPrice
Grilled Chicken Burrito690-1490$10.99
Sweet Pork Burrito690-1490$9.99
Grilled Steak Burrito690-1490$11.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Burrito690-1490$10.99
Bean & Cheese Burrito690-1490$8.99
Grilled Chicken Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Sweet Pork Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$10.49
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Barbacoa Beef Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$11.49
Bean and Cheese Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$9.49
Grilled Steak Burrito (Queso Smothered)746-1546$12.49

Costa Vida Catering Tortilla, Sauce & Beans (1 Enchilada) Prices

Costa Vida Catering Tortilla, Sauce & Beans CaloriesPrice
Grilled Chicken 1 Enchilada438-1485$7.59
Sweet Pork 1 Enchilada438-1485$7.59
Grilled Steak  1 Enchilada438-1485$9.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken 1 Enchilada438-1485$8.59
Cheese 1 Enchilada438-1485$6.59
Grilled Chicken 2 Enchilada438-1485$10.59
Sweet Pork 2 Enchilada438-1485$9.59
Grilled Steak  2 Enchilada438-1485$11.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken 2 Enchilada438-1485$10.59
Cheese 2 Enchilada438-1485$8.59

Costa Vida Catering A La Carte Entrees Menu with Prices

(A La Carte doesn’t come with Rice and beans)

Costa Vida Catering A La Carte EntreesSizesCaloriesPrices
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Enchilada 438-1485$4.49
(ALC) Sweet Pork Enchilada 438-1485$3.49
(ALC) Enchilada Grilled Steak 438-1485$5.29
(ALC) Cheese Enchilada438-1485$3.49
(ALC) Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Enchilada 438-1485$4.99
Grilled Chicken SaladRegular280-1825$10.99
Sweet Pork SaladRegular280-1825$9.99
Grilled Steak SaladRegular280-1825$11.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken SaladRegular280-1825$10.99
Veggie Salad (Rice & Beans)Regular280-1825$8.99
Grilled Chicken SaladSmall280-1825$7.99
Sweet Pork SaladSmall280-1825$7.99
Grilled Steak SaladSmall280-1825$9.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken SaladSmall280-1825$8.99
Veggie Salad (Rice & Beans)Small280-1825$6.99
Grilled Chicken QuesadillaRegular1115-1465$10.59
Sweet Pork QuesadillaRegular1115-1465$9.59
Grilled Steak QuesadillaRegular1115-1465$11.59
Chipotle Chicken Raspberry QuesadillaRegular1115-1465$10.59
Cheese QuesadillaRegular1115-1465$8.59
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Quesadilla  1115-1465$7.49
(ALC) Sweet Pork Quesadilla  1115-1465$6.49
(ALC) Grilled Steak Quesadilla  1115-1465$8.49
(ALC) Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Quesadilla  1115-1465$7.99
(ALC) Cheese Quesadilla  1115-1465$5.49
Grilled Chicken One Taco419-1005$7.59
Sweet Pork One Taco419-1005$7.59
Grilled Steak One Taco419-1005$9.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken One Tacos419-1005$8.59
Grilled Chicken Two Tacos419-1005$10.59
Sweet Pork Two Tacos419-1005$9.59
Grilled Steak Two Tacos419-1005$11.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Two Tacos419-1005$10.59
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Tacos  419-1005$4.49
(ALC) Sweet Pork Tacos  419-1005$3.99
(ALC) Grilled Steak Tacos  419-1005$5.29
(ALC) Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Tacos  419-1005$4.99
Grilled Chicken NachosRegular/Small900-1790$10.99/$8.29
Sweet Pork NachosRegular/Small900-1790$9.99/$8.29
Grilled Steak NachosRegular/Small900-1790$11.99/$10.29
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken NachosRegular/Small900-1790$10.99/$9.29
Cheese NachosRegular/Small900-1790$8.99/$7.29

Costa Vida Catering Menu Sauce & Beans (Baja Bowl) with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Menu Sauce & BeansCaloriesPrices
Grilled Chicken Filled with meat (Baja Bowl)595-900$9.99
Sweet Pork Filled with meat (Baja Bowl)595-900$8.99
Grilled Steak Filled with meat (Baja Bowl)595-900$10.99
Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Filled with meat (Baja Bowl)595-900$9.99
Bean & Cheese Filled with meat (Baja Bowl)595-900$7.99

Costa Vida Catering Menu Appetizers with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Appetizers SizesCaloriesPrices
Chips and QuesoRegular477-1048$5.79
Chips and QuesoSmall477-1048$4.39
Chips and SalsaRegular368-894$4.49
Chips and SalsaSmall368-894$3.49
Chicken Tortilla Soup$5.79
Chips and QuesoRegular477-1048$5.79
Chips and QuesoSmall477-1048$4.39

Costa Vida Catering Light Entrees Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Light Entrees Menu SizeCaloriesPrice
Grilled Chicken Single Enchilada438-920$7.59
Sweet Pork Single Enchilada438-920$7.59
Grilled Steak Single Enchilada438-920$9.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Single Enchilada438-920$8.59
Cheese Single Enchilada438-920$6.59
Grilled Chicken SaladSmall280-965$7.99
Sweet Pork SaladSmall280-965$7.99
Grilled Steak SaladSmall280-965$9.99
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken SaladSmall280-965$8.99
Veggie Salad (Rice and Beans)Small280-965$6.99
Grilled Chicken NachosSmall900-1020$8.29
Sweet Pork NachosSmall900-1020$8.29
Grilled Steak NachosSmall900-1020$10.29
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken NachosSmall900-1020$9.29
Cheese NachosSmall900-1020$7.29
Choose of Tortilla & Beans (Taco)CaloriesPrices
Grilled Chicken Single Taco419-640$7.59
Sweet Pork Single Taco419-640$7.59
Grilled Steak Single Taco419-640$9.59
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Single Taco419-640$8.59

Costa Vida Catering Kids Meals Prices

Costa Vida Catering Kids MealsCaloriesPrices
Sweet Pork Enchilada375-530$5.29
Cheese Enchilada375-530$5.29
Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Enchilada375-530$5.99
Grilled Chicken Enchilada375-530$5.29
Grilled Steak Enchilada375-530$6.29
(ALC) Sweet Pork Enchilada 375-530$2.49
(ALC) Cheese Enchilada 375-530$2.29
(ALC) Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Enchilada 375-530$3.99
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Enchilada 375-530$3.49
(ALC) Grilled Steak Enchilada 375-530$4.49
Grilled Chicken Taco315-460$5.29
Sweet Pork Taco315-460$5.29
Grilled Steak Taco315-460$6.29
Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Taco315-460$5.99
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Taco 315-460$3.49
(ALC) Sweet Pork Taco 315-460$2.49
(ALC) Grilled Steak Taco 315-460$4.49
(ALC) Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Taco 315-460$3.99
Sweet Pork Quesadilla360-495$5.29
Cheese Quesadilla360-495$5.29
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla360-495$5.99
Grilled Chicken Quesadilla360-495$5.29
Grilled Steak Quesadilla360-495$6.29
(ALC) Sweet Pork Quesadilla 360-495$2.49
(ALC) Cheese Quesadilla 360-495$1.99
(ALC) Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla 360-495$3.99
(ALC) Grilled Chicken Quesadilla 360-495$3.49
(ALC) Grilled Steak Quesadilla 360-495$4.49

Costa Vida Catering Beverages menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Beverages SizeCaloriesPrices
Bottled Water$1.99
Soft Drinks12 Oz0-390$2.59
Soft Drinks22 Oz0-390$2.49
Soft Drinks32 Oz0-390$1.19

Costa Vida Catering Desserts menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering DessertsCaloriesPrices
Tres Leches1100$4.49
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla (6 Inch)262$0.99
Key Lime Pie950$4.49
Three Chocolate Chip Cookies960$3.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie320$1.25

Costa Vida Catering A La Carte Entrees Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering A La Carte EntreesPrices
Grilled Chicken$4.49
Sweet Pork$3.99
Grilled Steak$5.29
Raspberry Chipotle Chicken$4.99
Grilled Chicken Enchiladas$4.49
Sweet Pork Enchiladas$3.99
Grilled Steak Enchiladas$5.29
Chipotle Chicken Raspberry Enchiladas$4.99
Cheese Enchiladas$4.99
Grilled Chicken Quesadillas$7.49
Sweet Pork Quesadillas$6.49
Grilled Steak Quesadillas$8.49
Raspberry Chipotle Quesadillas$7.99
Cheese Quesadillas$5.49

Costa Vida Catering Sides Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering SidesSizesPrices
Side Rice4 Oz$1.29
Chicken Side Of Meat 4 Oz$4.99
Pork Side Of Meat 4 Oz$3.99
Steak Side Of Meat 4 Oz$5.99
Guacamole1 Oz$0.99
Pinto Beans 3oz$1.29
Black Beans 3oz$1.29
Queso 4 Oz$1.99
Queso 2 Oz$0.99
Sour Cream1 Oz$0.50
Cotija Cheese$0.99
Shredded Cheese$0.99
Salsa Fresca4 Oz$0.99
Salsa Pico De Gallo4 Oz$0.99
Salsa Roja4 Oz$1.00
Salsa Fresca2 Oz$0.50
Salsa Pico De Gallo2 Oz$0.50
Salsa Roja2 Oz$0.50
Vinaigrette Cilantro Lime (Dressing)4 Oz$0.99
Tomatillo Ranch (Dressing)4 Oz$0.99
Vinaigrette Cilantro Lime (Dressing)2 Oz$0.50
Tomatillo Ranch (Dressing)2 Oz$0.50
Roasted Green Chile (Sauce)4 Oz$1.99
Red Enchilada (Sauce)4 Oz$1.99
Raspberry Chipotle (Sauce)4 Oz$1.99
Tomatillo Cilantro (Sauce)4 Oz$1.99

Costa Vida Catering Extra Tortillas Menu with Prices

Costa Vida Catering Extra TortillasSizesPrices
Flour TortillaSmall$0.25
Flour TortillaLarge$0.50
Corn TortillaSmall$0.25
Gf Corn TortillaSmall$0.25

Costa Vida Customer Services

Costa Vida Catering Menu Reviews:

Costa Vida catering also provides home delivery services to their customers. To place an order, you may ask the manager of the branch. Moreover, follow the mentioned steps to place an order for delicious Mexican food.

  • Select the entree (burritos, enchilada, quesadilla, taco, salad, or nachos)
  • Select the tortilla (flour or wheat)
  • Select your favorite beans (refried, pinto, and black beans)
  • Select your protein (sweet pork, raspberry chicken, shredded beef, grilled chicken, grilled beef, or no protein at all)

However, the delivery service of Costa Vida is very fast. They also ensure that the food should be hot and ready to eat when it reaches its doorstep.

You can order by calling their hotline or by an online platform such as The services of the Costa Vida catering are very nice and satisfactory as compared to all other Mexican-based restaurants.

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