Fairway Kosher Catering Menu with Prices 2023

Fairway Market Catering

You can take a benefit from Fairway Kosher Catering with modern packages, such as the Latin dinner having beef fajitas, as well as the “Pollo a la Brasa. Whereas there is also an interesting package named the Game Day that has homemade potato chips, BBQ brisket latke bites, bruschetta chicken, steaks sushi, chimichurri sauce, rolls, and much more.

The main course comes up with grilled fillets, lemon chicken, state platters, and salmon platters. Pasta includes yummy cheese and macaroni, lasagna, tri-color bowtie, and some other recipes.

Fairway Market Kosher Catering

You get a variety from fairway caterers with all types of foods to cater to different people’s tastes. There are yummy starters and appetizers, such as grilled vegetables, crudité platters, Mediterranean platters, fruit and cheese, shrimps, tortillas, and much more.

You can also order chicken wings, pastries, rib sliders, and salmon steaks for an event. There is also a huge list of poultry, desserts, cakes, beer, and beverages

Fairway Brunch

This category includes a fish menu such as salmon as smoked and some other forms available as platters. Moreover, there are bakery products, bagels, and homemade bread. People love to enhance a breakfast meeting with challah French toasts, quiche, and blitzes.

fairway market catering

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding, a business lunch, or a friends’ party, you can contact the fairway market for catering and food. Having traditional food at reasonable rates can help you cut down the total cost of the event.

Fairway Kosher Catering Brunch Menu with Prices

Fairway Kosher Catering BrunchSizesPrices
Smoked Fish Platter With SturgeonSmall$110
Smoked Fish Platter With SturgeonMedium$200
Smoked Fish Platter With SturgeonLarge$300
Smoked Fish Platter Without SturgeonSmall$95
Smoked Fish Platter Without SturgeonMedium$170
Smoked Fish Platter Without SturgeonLarge$250
Smoked Salmon PlatterSmall$55
Smoked Salmon PlatterMedium$125
Smoked Salmon PlatterLarge$210
Parfait PlatterSmall$50
Bagel PlatterSmall$30
Bagel PlatterLarge$55
Bakery PlatterSmall$25
Fairway Homemade QuicheServes 6 -8$15

Fairway Salads and Sandwiches

The salad menu by fairway market includes the classic Greek, tossed, mesclun, and cranberry pecan. These salads are available in small and large packs having different prices. There are sandwiches for kids and adults with different servings, and the sandwich platter is very cost-effective.

Fairway Kosher Catering Salads Prices

Salads menuSizesPrices
Classic CaesarSmall$25
Classic CaesarLarge$40
Classic GreekSmall$30
Classic GreekLarge$55
Classic ItalianSmall$20
Classic ItalianLarge$40
Cranberry PecanSmall$30
Cranberry PecanLarge$55

Fairway Kosher Catering Classic Sandwich Platters

Classic Sandwich Platters Sizes  Prices
Sandwich Platter (Choose 3)Small$60
Sandwich Platter (Choose 6)Large$110

Fairway Kosher Catering Menu with Prices

There is a very interesting fairway catering menu waiting for you, including themed and la carte offers. Like, you can order Italian, Israeli, deli, and Latino whatever you prefer. The store chain also offers rewards and gift cards for its customers.

does fairway have kosher catering

Fairway Kosher Catering Appetizers and Starters Prices

Appetizers and StartersSizesPrices
Crudite PlatterSmall$30
Crudite PlatterMedium$55
Crudite PlatterLarge$100
Grilled Vegetable PlatterSmall$45
Grilled Vegetable PlatterLarge$75
Fruit And Cheese PlatterSmall$40
Fruit And Cheese PlatterLarge$65
Round Antipasto PlatterServes 10$65
Mediterranean PlatterSmall$55
Mediterranean PlatterLarge$85
Seasonal Fresh Fruit PlatterSmall$30
Seasonal Fresh Fruit PlatterMedium$55
Seasonal Fresh Fruit PlatterLarge$90
Mozzarella And Tomato PlatterSmall$45
Mozzarella And Tomato PlatterLarge$80
Domestic Cheese PlatterSmall$40
Domestic Cheese PlatterMedium$75
Domestic Cheese PlatterLarge$125
Classic Cheese PlatterSmall$50
Classic Cheese PlatterMedium$90
Classic Cheese PlatterLarge$165
Antipasto PlatterSmall$45
Antipasto PlatterLarge$80
Shrimp PlatterSmall$55
Shrimp PlatterMedium$100
Shrimp PlatterLarge$175
Stuffed Bread With Spinach Artichoke DipServes 10$45
Tortilla BowlServes 10$25

Fairway Kosher Kids Catering Prices

Just For Kids SandwichesServes Prices
Sandwiches (Choose 4)Large (Serves 10-12)$60

Fairway Kosher Catering Deli Platters Prices

Deli Platters Serves  Prices
Classic Deli PlatterServes 6 -8$90
Classic Deli PlatterServes 12-16$170
Kosher Deli PlatterServes 6 -8$110
Kosher Deli PlatterServes 12-16$190

Fairway Kosher Catering Wraps and Pinwheels Platter Prices

Wraps and Pinwheels PlatterSizesPrices
Wraps And Pinwheels Platter (Choose 3)Small$60
Wraps And Pinwheels Platter (Choose 6)Large$110

Fairway Kosher Catering A La Carte

A La CarteSizesPrices
Grains1 Lb$6.99
Macaroni1 Lb$5.99
Potato1 Lb$5.99
Coleslaw1 Lb$5.99
Lucia Potato Salad1 Lb$5.99
Healthy Coleslaw1 Lb$5.99
Mozzarella & Tomato Salad1 Lb$7.99
Bruschetta1 Lb$7.99
Italian Pasta Salad1 Lb$7.99
Pasta w/ Spinach & Fresh Mozzarella1 Lb$7.99
Tuna1 Lb$9.99
Egg1 Lb$7.99
Whitefish1 Lb$14.99
Chicken1 Lb$9.99
Baked Salmon1 Lb$12.99

Fairway Kosher Catering Vegetables

Cucumber & Dill Sauce1 Lb$6.99
Spinach-Shiitake Mushrooms1 Lb$9.99
Roasted Vegetables1 Lb$7.99
Israeli Salad1 Lb$7.99
Broccoli with Garlic & Oil1 Lb$7.99
Green Beans with Shallots1 Lb$8.99

Fairway Kosher Potatoes Menu Prices

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes or Mashed PotatoesHalf Tray$40
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes or Mashed PotatoesFull Tray$75

Fairway Market Main Course Platters Prices

Main Course PlattersSizesPrices
Grilled Fillet Mignon PlatterSmall$75
Grilled Fillet Mignon PlatterLarge$125
Grilled Lemon Chicken Paillard PlatterSmall$55
Grilled Lemon Chicken Paillard PlatterLarge$100
Sate PlatterSmall$70
Sate PlatterLarge$130
Salmon PlatterSmall$75
Salmon PlatterLarge$140
Whole Poached Salmon PlatterServes 10-15$150

Fairway Kosher Catering Sliders Menu Prices

BBQ Skirt Steak with Caramelized Onions24$50
Mini Burgers with Caramelized Onions24$50
Grilled Chicken with Fairway Fresh Hand-pulled Mozzarella and
Roasted Peppers

Fairway Kosher Catering Sushi Prices

Rainbow Roll Platter54 Pcs$65
Rainbow Roll Platter108 Pcs$120
Sunny Delight Platter54 Pcs$65
Sunny Delight Platter108 Pcs$120
California Roll Platter54 Pcs$65
California Roll Platter108 Pcs$120
Fairway Deluxe Sushi Platter54 Pcs$65
Fairway Deluxe Sushi Platter108 Pcs$120
Vegetarian Roll Platter54 Pcs$65
Vegetarian Roll Platter108 Pcs$120

Fairway Kosher South Of The Border Menu

South Of The Border ServesPrices
Fajita PackageServes 10$60
EmpanadasServes 15$45

Fairway Market Catering Dessert Platters Prices

Dessert Platters MenuSizesPrices
Fairway Cookie PlatterSmall$30
Fairway Cookie PlatterMedium$55
Fairway Cookie PlatterLarge$90
Fairway Brownies And Fruit Bars PlatterSmall$30
Fairway Brownies And Fruit Bars PlatterMedium$55
Fairway Mini Pastries Platter1 Lb$12.50
Fairway Mini Pastries Platter2 Lb$25
Fairway Mini Pastries Platter3 Lb$37.50

Fairway Catering Cakes Prices with Serves

Cakes menuServesPrices
RoundServes 10-12$30
Quarter sheetServes 20-25$45
Half sheetServes 40-45$60
Full sheetServes 60-70$105
CupcakesServes  12$19
Edible Images $10

Fairway Catering Entrees Menu Prices 2023

Fairway Kosher Pasta Entrees Menu Prices

Pasta EntreesSizesPrices
Baked ZitiHalf Tray$45
Baked ZitiFull Tray$90
LasagnaHalf Tray$55
LasagnaFull Tray$100
Penne A La VodkaHalf Tray$50
Penne A La VodkaFull Tray$90
Tri-Color Bowtie PrimaveraHalf Tray$55
Tri-Color Bowtie PrimaveraFull Tray$100
Macaroni And CheeseHalf Tray$40
Macaroni And CheeseFull Tray$75

Fairway Kosher Beef Entrees Menu Prices

Beef EntreesSizesPrices
Flank SteakHalf Tray$60
Flank SteakFull Tray$110
Italian Or Mini Swedish MeatballsHalf Tray$40
Italian Or Mini Swedish MeatballsFull Tray$75
BrisketHalf Tray$50
BrisketFull Tray$95

Fairway Kosher Pork Entrees Menu Prices

Pork EntreesSizesPrices
Sausage And PeppersHalf Tray$45
Sausage And PeppersFull Tray$85
Honey-Glazed Spiral HamHalf Tray$50
Honey-Glazed Spiral HamFull Tray$95
Baby Back RibsHalf Tray$50
Baby Back RibsFull Tray$95

Fairway Market Poultry Entrees Menu Prices

Poultry EntreesSizesPrices
Chicken FracaiseHalf Tray$50
Chicken FracaiseFull Tray$95
Chicken MarsalaHalf Tray$50
Chicken MarsalaFull Tray$95
Chicken ParmigianoHalf Tray$50
Chicken ParmigianoFull Tray$90
Sliced Roast Turkey BreastHalf Tray$50
Sliced Roast Turkey BreastFull Tray$90
Fairway Kosher Catering Rotisserie Chicken $8.99
Chicken WingsHalf Tray$50
Chicken WingsFull Tray$90
Chicken Florentine With Spinach And ArtichokesHalf Tray$50
Chicken Florentine With Spinach And ArtichokesFull Tray$90
Chicken FingersHalf Tray$50
Chicken FingersFull Tray$90

Fairway Market Seafood Entrees Menu Prices

Seafood EntreesSizesPrices
Herb-Rolled Fillet Of SoleHalf Tray$60
Herb-Rolled Fillet Of SoleFull Tray$110
Tilapia OreganataHalf Tray$60
Tilapia OreganataFull Tray$110

Fairway Market Vegetarian Entrees Menu Prices

Vegetarian EntreesSizesPrices
Eggplant ParmesanHalf Tray$45
Eggplant ParmesanFull Tray$85
Eggplant RollatiniHalf Tray$45
Eggplant RollatiniFull Tray$85
Spinach PieHalf Tray$50
Spinach PieFull Tray$95

Fairway Catering Drinks Menu 2023

Fairway Catering Beverages Prices

Soda And Water  
All varieties of Pepsi and Coke sodas2 Liter$3
All varieties of Pepsi and Coke sodas20 oz$2
Fairway still or sparkling water750 ml$3
Fairway still or sparkling waterCase Of 12$24
Coffee Box $17
Orange Juice89 oz$6.99
Ice7 Lb$5

Fairway Catering Beer Prices

Beer menuSizesPrices
New Castle6 Pk$12
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog6 Pk$12
Dogfish Indian Brown6 Pk$12
Stella Artois6 Pk$12
Laguintas12 Pk$23
Dogfish6 Pk$14
Dogfish 90 Minute6 Pk$14
Brooklyn Lager6 Pk$12
Sam Adams Seasonal6 Pk$12
Flying Dog Snake Dog6 Pk$12
Smuttynose6 Pk$12
Magic Hat IPA On Tour6 Pk$12
Brooklyn East India12 Pk$23
Oskar Blue Dale12 Pk$23
Sierra Nevada12 Pk$23
Peak Organic6 Pk$12
Flying Dog Doggy Style6 Pk$12
Magic Hat #96 Pk$12
Laguintas6 Pk$12
Blue Moon6 Pk$12
Shock Top Ale6 Pk$12
Magic Hat Circus Boy6 Pk$12
Guinness6 Pk$16
Sam Adams6 Pk$12
Brooklyn Black Chocolate4 Pk$10
Budweiser12 Pk$16
Bud Light12 Pk$16
Corona Extra12 Pk$19
Corona Light12 Pk$19
Amstel Light12 Pk$19

Some Other Foods

There are also deli platters, including classic deli, and kosher deli platters. Moreover, the wraps platter is another specialty with pinwheels.

fairway kosher catering

The Heroes include a grilled chicken, roasted beef, grilled vegetables, BBQ steak sandwich, buffalo chicken, roasted Turkey, pig meat, crabs, mushrooms, smoked salmon, and much more. Moreover, there is pasta, coleslaw, chips, vegetables, etc.

Fairway Kosher Catering Heroes Menu Prices

The ItalianServes 12$60
The ItalianServes 22$110
The AmericanServes 12$60
The AmericanServes 22$110
Fairway Oven-Roasted BeefServes 12$60
Fairway Oven-Roasted BeefServes 22$110
Grilled ChickenServes 12$60
Grilled ChickenServes 22$110
Breaded Chicken CutletServes 12$60
Breaded Chicken CutletServes 22$110
Eggplant HeroServes 12$60
Eggplant HeroServes 22$110
Grilled VegetableServes 12$60
Grilled VegetableServes 22$110
Buffalo ChickenServes 12$60
Buffalo ChickenServes 22$110
BBQ Steak SandwichServes 12$60
BBQ Steak SandwichServes 22$110
Fairway Oven-Roasted TurkeyServes 12$60
Fairway Oven-Roasted TurkeyServes 22$110
Turkey FiestaServes 12$60
Turkey FiestaServes 22$110

Fairway Kosher Catering Hors Doeuvres Menu

Hors DoeuvresSizesPrices
Pigs in a Blanket12$20
Mini Quiches12$20
Stuffed Mushrooms12$20
Mini Crab Cakes12$20
Mini Brie en Croute12$35
Mini Beef Wellington12$35
Bacon-wrapped Scallops12$35
Clams Casino12$35
Grilled Filet Mignon on Ficelle12$35
Smoked Salmon and Marscapone on Cocktail Pumpernickel12$35
Cucumber Caviar Cups12$35
Melon and Prosciutto12$35
Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto12$35

Fairway’s Kosher Catering Services

You don’t need to run after vendors to arrange an event because you can have it with fairway kosher catering. The service is available throughout the year in stores owned by fairway market.

You can get rental utensils, furniture, flower arrangements, and a serving staff whenever your event needs.

  • Contact Number: 516.752.9407
  • Address: 1091 N Broadway, Massapequa NY 11758
  • Email: [email protected]

FAQs Regarding Fairway Market Catering

Does Fairway Have Kosher Catering?

Yes, fairway market offers kosher catering for those living in New York. The catering comes up with interesting menus.

What Is Fairway Market?

Fairway Market is a food retailer based in New York, having multiple stores for one-stop shopping. The stores sell fresh, organic, and natural food. You can also have prepared meals for your event with catering services.

Does Fairway Market Offer Rewards?

Yes, the store offers gift cards and huge discounts on special events. The brand also raises funds for a noble cause.

Who owns Fairway Market?

Fairway Market is currently owned by Village Super Market, Inc., a company that operates supermarkets serving communities throughout New York and New Jersey. Village Super Market acquired Fairway in March 2020 after the company filed for bankruptcy.

How many fairway locations are there?

As of March 8, 2023, there are 4 remaining Fairway Market locations. These are located in:
Astoria, Queens, New York
Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York
Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York
Westchester, New York

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