Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 with Reviews

Do you want to know about the Harmons Thanksgiving dinner menu? The menu is full of amazing food served with Turkey stuffed with different side dishes.

Plenty of people want the romantic Norman Rockwell versions for having the perfect cooking feast for the family gathering.

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The holiday feast must be filled with delicious and fantastic food that includes the Turkey Day Classics and non-traditional twists for both the dine-in and takeout. 

The blog shows HarmonsThanksgiving Dinner 2022, for fantastic food served in Turkish taste to be done at family gatherings. What is included in the menu, and how can the menu be improved? All this will be given in this article.

Affordable Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner 

The celebrations are always meant for your family gathering. The celebrations are the special occasions spent with family and friends.

The elementary thing in this dinner is the cooking, which must be best for making the time more special and memorable.

Harmons has done the work to create an excellent Thanksgiving meal at home. Harmons thhas covered almost everything in its medium traditional turkey dinner.

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The complete meal offered by the harmons is the ready-to-roast turkey food, including the seasoned in the roasting bag. The food is always ready to cook for your family feast.

The food offered by Harmons thanksgiving Dinner can be provided to up to six to eight people, and it costs almost $175. This menu serves different food items, like 12 pounds of seasoned turkey, 2 fresh quartz hubs, various sauces, and freshly roasted yams. The menu also has other side dishes of your own choice.

Harmons Traditional Holiday Meals 2022 with Prices

There are different menu meals which are provided by harmons in the traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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The meals can be served to different people and gatherings and include different dishes for the family feast. Harmon’s thanksgiving dinner for 2 and more than 2 people has other menu deals.

What are those dishes, and what can be served? Let’s have a look over them.

Heat and Serve Traditional Turkey Breast Dinner

The turkey breast dinner can be served in the traditional cooking style. The family can spend less time in the kitchen, and you can enjoy a memorable time with friends and family.

The family can serve delicious food and juicy turkey breast from Harmons. The family can enjoy excellent food taste and the perfect holiday meal. 

The complete dinner can be served for almost 6 to 8 people. The food items include:

  • 7 to 8-pound butter-basted turkey breast.
  • 2 quarts artisan bread and fresh herb stuffing.
  • 1 quart fresh roasted yams.
  • 2 quarts Yukon gold mashed potatoes
  • 1-quart homestyle pan gravy.
  • 1 dozen beehive dinner rolls & cinnamon honey butter
  • 1 nine inches Harmons freshly baked pie 

These dishes can be served for the family feast and provide juicy food for the family relatives.

Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner Price: $200.00

Ready to Roast Traditional Turkey Dinner (medium)

Ready-to-roast traditional turkey dinners include different dishes to make the food yummier and can be better for the large family dinner feast.

There are different dishes included in the traditional turkey dinner, and it may consist of members of 6-8 people for the feed. Let’s have a look over the dishes that are included in the harmons turkey meal.

  • 12-pound free ready-to-taste basted turkey.
  • 2 quartz fresh herbs served with Harmons Artisan bread.
  • 1 quart fresh roasted caramelized yams.
  • 1-quart homestyle pan gravy.
  • 1 dozen beehive dinner rolls
  • 1-quart homestyle pan gravy.
  • 1 nine-inch Harmons fresh baked pie.

Medium Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner Price: $175.00

Ready to Roast Traditional Turkey Dinner (Large)

The ready-to-roast traditional turkey dinner can be provided for the big family gathering. The older traditional turkey dinner includes different meal features for the ready-to-roast turkey seasoned in the roasting bag and disposable pan.

The meal is ready to cook and can be served to all the family members better.

The complete traditional dinner is served to almost 10 to 12 people:

  • 12-pound free ready to taste basted turkey.
  • 3 quarts of fresh herb stuffing with Harmon’s artisan bread.
  • 2 quartz fresh roasted yams
  • ½ quart of homestyle pan gravy.
  • 2 dozen Beehive dinner rolls and cinnamon honey butter
  • 2 nine-inch Harmons fresh baked pies.

Large Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner Price: $230.00

Other Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Harmons Online Malls

Harmons online malls provide the feature of having the best food in the town. The meals are ready to cook and can be served to the family on just order placement.

The online malls have different menu dishes served with Turkish taste, including different side dishes for the customers.

Online shopping comprises different weekly deals, Harmons Christmas deals, and other food items from the local shop. Usually, on Thanksgiving, the grocery shop is open for customers.

This year, the store is closed for the customers to give them the opportunity to have the feast at their home. Harmons grocery store thanksgiving dinner is ready to make dinner for the family.

Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner Reviews

Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner is a annual event that Harmons Grocery store offers. This is a three course dinner that comes with all the Harmons brand fixin’s.

This dinner is Harmons Grocery store’s way of showing how thankful they are for their customers and to give back during the holiday season. This Harmons Thanksgiving dinner is usually inexpensive and Harmons offers coupons leading up to the event.

The Harmons Thanksgiving Dinner is a great way to have a stress-free Thanksgiving because all you have to do is heat up the food. All of Harmons food is made from scratch and is preservative free.


What is included in the Whole Foods Thanksgiving?

The traditional menu covers turkey, green beans, and mashed potatoes with holiday favorites. The different food items are served in the holiday for celebration with the family.

What are the common foods at Thanksgiving?

Old-time dishes like turkey, gravy, stuffing, and potatoes are served in various sauces. Such dishes are among the typical foods served at Thanksgiving dinner.

What is a basic Thanksgiving dinner menu?

The menu includes different dishes, including turkey, stuffed onions, and mashed potatoes. The food items are served with a turkey taste and have different sauces for the family festival.


The article is linked with Harmons Thanksgiving dinner, which has different dishes and is served with delicious menu deals.

The menu deals can be served for the family celebration at the family festival and are available at the grocery store.

You can enjoy the ready-to-made deals for making time better and more enjoyable with the family members.

Harmons offer different deals to make your time better and tasty with the family. You can use the harmons thanksgiving dinner promo code for amazing dinner deals.

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