Huey Magoos Menu with Prices 2023

In search of the crispiest chicken tenders in the U.S.? Look no further than Huey Magoos menu. Huey Magoo’s menu is replete with crowd-pleasers, especially their signature tender meals.

You can choose from three meal sizes: 3, 5, or 7 tenders. Each is accompanied by Texas toast, fries, and their renowned Magoo’s dip. Opt for their tenders in sauced, grilled, or hand-breaded variations. And if you’re in the mood for sandwiches or wraps, they come with delectable crinkle-cut fries.

Don’t miss out on their buffalo sandwich or the irresistible Magoo’s wrap. Health-conscious? Huey Magoo’s salad offerings are worth a try.

The Magoo’s favorite combines tenders with tomatoes and cranberries, while their side salad adds a wholesome flair to any meal. To enhance your salad, choose from six dressing options, ranging from the classic ranch to the gourmet raspberry walnut vinaigrette.

Dining with a partner? The meal for 2 offers eight chicken tenders, toast, two sides, and their signature dip. For younger patrons, the Little Magoo’s meal features tenders, fries, and apple juice.

For larger gatherings, consider the value meals tailored for families. With options for 20 or 30 tenders, these deals come with sides, Texas toast, and an abundance of Magoo’s dips.

If you’re after a smaller portion, the by-the-piece menu lets you order 6 or 10 tenders, with the freedom to select your desired sauce. Complement your meal with their fresh and specialty dips, and side options like crinkle or fresh-cut fries and coleslaw.

Planning an event? Explore Huey Magoo’s extensive catering offerings, from tenders and sides to party packs and lunches. To quench your thirst, craft beverages like iced tea, lemonade, and Coca-Cola are available. And for dessert? Indulge in one of their five delightful cookies.

Huey Magoo Menu Specials in 2023

Huey Magoo’s occasionally introduces unique menu items, available for a limited duration, giving patrons the opportunity to savor something different.

Some notable limited-time offerings from Huey Magoos Menu in the past include:

  • Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders: Tenders drenched in a fiery Nashville hot sauce, delivering a spicy kick.
  • Honey Butter Chicken Tenders: A delightful blend of sweet and sticky honey butter glaze makes these tenders irresistible.
  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tenders: A fusion of buffalo sauce and ranch dressing gives these tenders a bold, creamy flavor.
  • Southwestern Chicken Wrap: A delectable wrap filled with chicken tenders, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, and a dash of avocado ranch dressing.
  • Chicken and Waffles: A classic pairing of crispy chicken tenders laid on fluffy waffles, topped with syrup.

If you’re keen on exploring diverse flavors, don’t miss out on Huey Magoo’s special menu. It might lead you to a new favorite dish!

Additionally, Huey Magoo Menu introduces seasonal offerings throughout the year, especially around holidays or summertime.

Huey Magoo’s Menu with Prices

Huey Magoo’s offers a diverse range of flavorful dishes, tailored to tantalize taste buds. From spicy tenders to sweet-glazed delights, there’s something for every palate.

While prices vary, the consistent quality ensures value for every dollar spent. Check their official site or visit in-person for the most updated menu and pricing

Huey Magoos Menu Chicken Tenders Prices

Huey Magoo’s Menu Chicken Prices vary based on item selection.

Huey Magoo’s Menu Chicken Tenders – For The FamilyPrice
20 Grilled Tenders
(Choice Of 2 Family Sides, Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, Choice Of 4 Dips & 4 Texas Toast)
20 Hand Breaded Tenders
(Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, 4 Texas Toast, Choice Of 2 Family Sides & Choice Of 4 Dips)
20 Tenders Mix
(10 Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders & Choice Of 2 Family Sides, 4 Texas Toast & 10 Marinated Grilled Tenders, Choice Of 4 Dips)
30 Grilled Tenders
(Choice Of 3 Family Sides, Traditional Marinated Grilled Tenders, Choice Of 6 Dips & 6 Texas Toast)
30 Hand Breaded Tenders
(Choice Of 3 Family Sides, Traditional Hand Breaded Tenders, Choice Of 6 Dips & 6 Texas Toast)
30 Tenders Mix
(Marinated Grilled Tenders & Choice Of Hand Breaded, Choice Of 3 Family Sides, & Choice Of 6 Dips 6 Texas Toast)

Huey Magoos Meals For One Price

All items are served with personal cole slaw, crinkle-cut fries, 2 signature Magoo’s dips, and Texas toast. Prices may differ based on item choice

Meals For OnePrice
7 Grilled Sauced
marinated grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Hand Breaded Sauced
marinated grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Mixed Sauced
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 3 grilled tenders
$13.74 – $15.03
7 Grilled$13.74 – $15.03
7 Hand Breaded$11.99 – $13.28
7 Mix Original
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 3 grilled tenders
$10.99 – $12.28
5 Grilled$9.99 – $12.53
5 Hand Breaded$9.99 – $12.53
5 Mix Original
Choice of 3 hand breaded tenders and 2 grilled tenders
$9.99 – $12.53
3 Grilled$7.99 – $10.03
3 Hand Breaded$7.99 – $10.03
3 Mix Original
2 hand breaded tenders and 1  grilled tender
$7.99 – $10.03

Huey Magoos Meals For Two Prices

Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Item

Meals For TwoPrice
8 Sauced Grilled$18.99 – $22.59
8 Sauced Hand Breaded$18.99 – $22.59
8 Sauced Mixed
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 4 grilled tenders
$18.99 – $22.59
8 Grilled Tenders$16.99 – $20.59
8 Hand Breaded$16.99 – $20.59
8 Tenders Mix
Choice of 4 hand breaded tenders and 4 grilled tenders
$16.99 – $20.59

Huey Magoos Menu Sandwiches with Prices

Choice of Tenders, Toasted Bun, Dill Pickles & Signature Magoos Sauce. Prices may Vary Depending On the Choice of Items

Huey Magoo’s Sandwiches and WrapsPrice
Magoos Wrap$9.59 – $10.88
Magoos Sandwich$8.99 – $10.28
Buffalo Wrap$9.59 – $10.88
Buffalo Sandwich$9.59 – $10.88
Magoo Sandwich$6.59

Huey Magoos Menu Salads with Prices

House Made Salads made with Flavor Packed Grape Tomatoes, Seven Types of Spring Lettuce, Two Dressings & Mix Fresh Ingredients

Huey Magoos Menu SaladsSizePrice
Buffalo$10.99 – $11.79
Magoos Favorite$10.99 – $11.79
Farm Fresh$10.99 – $11.79

Huey Magoo’s Menu By The Piece with Prices

Huey Magoo’s Menu By The PiecePrice
20 Grilled
hand breaded tenders + 4 Magoo’s dips
$31.99 – $36.99
20 Hand Breaded
hand breaded tenders + 4 Magoo’s dips
$31.99 – $36.99
20 Mix
Choice of 10 hand breaded tenders, 10 marinated grilled tenders & 4 Magoo’s dips.
$31.99 – $36.99
10 Grilled
hand breaded tenders + 2 Magoo’s dips
$15.99 – $18.49
10 Hand Breaded
hand breaded tenders + 2 Magoo’s dips
$15.99 – $18.49
6 Hand Breaded
hand-breaded tenders + a Magoo’s dip
$15.99 – $18.49
10 Mix
choice of 5 hand-breaded tenders, 5 marinated grilled tenders & 2 Magoo’s dips
$9.99 – $11.49
6 Mix
Choice of 3 hand-breaded tenders, 3 marinated grilled tenders and a Magoo’s dip
$9.99 – $11.49
6 Mix
Choice of 3 hand breaded tenders, 3 marinated grilled tenders and a Magoo’s dip
$9.99 – $11.49

Huey Magoo’s Menu Sauces & Sides Prices

Sides are freshly prepared daily and made to order.

Huey Magoo’s Menu Sauces & SidesSizePrice
Large Signature Dip$4.99
Signature Dip$0.79
Fresh Cut ChipsRegular$2.79
Crinkle Cut FriesRegular$2.79
Texas Toast1 Pc$1.39
3 Pcs$3.77
Cole SlawRegular$2.79
Add Tender$1.39

Huey Magoo’s Kids Meal Menu with Prices

2 Marinated Grilled Tenders with Crinkle Cut Fries, Signature Magoo’s Dip, Texas Toast, & Kids Beverage: Lemonade, HiC Fruit Punch, Apple Juice, Sweet Tea, Watermelon Tea, Unsweet Tea

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb Root Beer, Sprite

Huey Magoo’s Kids MealPrice
Grilled$6.59 – $6.99
Hand Breaded$6.59 – $6.99

Huey Magoos Menu Desserts with Prices

Huey Magoos Menu DessertsSizePrice
Cookie (Baked Fresh)1 Pc$1.99
Cookie (Baked Fresh)2 Pcs$3.98
Cookie (Baked Fresh)4 Pcs$7.96
Cookie (Baked Fresh)6 Pcs$11.94

Huey Magoos Menu Beverages with Prices

Bottled Water$2.69
Fresh Brewed TeaRegular$2.69
Fresh Brewed TeaLarge$2.99
Fountain Drink (Freestyle)Regular$2.69
Diet Coke, Coke Zero Coke, Sprite Zero Sprite, Pibb Zero, Mr. Pibb Diet Root Beer, Barqs Root Beer Fanta Orange, Diet Ginger Ale,Powerade, Dasani H20Large$2.99
Gallon Drink$7.99
Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Watermelon Tea

Huey Magoos Catering Menu with Prices

Huey Magoo’s CateringPrice
Choice of Marinated Grilled Tenders or Hand Breaded 
100 Pcs$125.99
75 Pcs$94.99
50 Pcs$69.99
Snack Wrap 24 Pcs
(Magoos Or Buffalo)
Wrap Pack 15 Pcs
(Magoos or Buffalo) + Side Salad, 1 Banana Pudding Or Fifteen Assorted Cookies & Two Gallon Tea Or Lemonade
Wrap Box Minimum Order 10 Pcs
(Magoos Or Buffalo)
Sandwich Box Minimum Order 10 Pcs +
(Tenders, Dill Pickles & Signature Magoo’s Sauce, Built On A Toasted Bun, Fresh Cut Chips & A Cookie)
Texas Toast (15)$15.99
Garden Salad (15)$39.99
Coleslaw (15)$20.99
Baked Beans (15)$25.99
Fries (15)$20.99
Cookies (15)$20.99
Banana Pudding$30.99
Gallon Beverage
(Brewed Tea Or Lemonade)

Alternative Restaurants then Huey Magoo’s

  • Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers: Renowned for its hand-battered, all-white meat chicken fingers, this restaurant serves them up flawlessly cooked. Their Cane’s Sauce and Cayenne Pepper Sauce are favorites among dipping options.
  • Zaxby’s: Beyond their sought-after chicken fingers, Zaxby’s delights with an array of chicken offerings, including wings, sandwiches, and nuggets.
  • Chick-fil-A: While famed for its signature chicken sandwiches, Chick-fil-A also boasts chicken nuggets and strips. They’re equally notable for their exceptional customer service, a standard in the fast-food realm.
  • Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen: Popeyes is a haven for fried chicken enthusiasts, offering chicken marinated in a distinct blend of herbs and spices. Their menu also encompasses delicacies like fried shrimp, red beans and rice, and Cajun fries.

Huey Magoo’s Delivery Methods:

  • In-store: Yes
  • Drive Thru: Yes
  • Home Delivery: Yes
  • Curbside Pickup: Yes

How to Order Huey Magoos Menu Online?

Steps to order Huey Magoo menu in 2023,

  1. Navigate to Huey Magoo’s website or open their app.
  2. Browse through the menu and select your desired items.
  3. Opt for your favorite sauces and accompanying sides.
  4. Provide your contact details and complete the payment information.
  5. Confirm and place your order.

This process ensures you get the meal you crave with ease and convenience.

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Huey Magoos Menu FAQs

In Conclusion:

Huey Magoos is synonymous with crunchy chicken tenders. The nation is enamored by their signature tender crunch and delectable dips. If I had to single out their standout dish, it would undeniably be their chicken tenders, especially when drenched in Magoo sauce – a taste truly unparalleled.

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