PF Changs Catering Menu with Prices 2023

PF Changs Catering Menu Review: Consult our guide before you dive into that delightful (chicken) wrap! Elevate your corporate events and cherished family gatherings with Pf Chang’s trio of catering options.

‘The Get-together’ caters to intimate affairs of up to 10 guests, while ‘The Gathering’ can accommodate 20. For grand events, ‘The Whole Kitchen’ serves a generous 30 attendees.

Pf Changs Catering menu

Choose from an extensive range of 8 varied menus, which includes 6 appetizers, 14 main entrées, 4 unique Dim Sum selections, 3 sushi assortments, 2 fresh salads, 3 noodle and rice bowls, 2 desserts, and 4 refreshing beverages. Each platter is complemented with a pan of your preferred white or brown rice.

Highlighting our offerings are the signature Chang’s lettuce wraps and the tantalizing spicy chicken, renowned for their distinct flavors.

The Origins of Pf Changs Catering: From Artistry to Culinary Mastery

The seeds of P.F. Chang’s were sown in an unexpected place: the dreams of a young, jobless artist named Phillip Chang. Fresh from art school and finding himself adrift in the early 1960s, Phillip stepped into the culinary world by assisting at his mother’s restaurant.

His mother wasn’t just any chef; she was the renowned Cecilia Chiang. Under her expertise, her restaurant thrived, becoming a favorite spot for the celebrities of the era.

Cecilia holds the distinctive honor of introducing traditional Chinese cooking to America. Thanks to her influence, P.F. Chang’s remains synonymous with authentic Chinese cuisine today.

In a twist of fate, Phillip’s culinary prowess caught the attention of Paul Fleming, an established restaurateur from Arizona. Struck by Phillip’s remarkable talent for conjuring rich flavors from minimal ingredients, a partnership was forged.

Thus, in 1993, P.F. Chang’s emerged in Arizona, marking the inception of what would become a global chain, with over 300 locations worldwide.

Today, the restaurant stands testament to the magic of combining simple ingredients. With meals crafted from scratch daily, P.F. Chang’s continues to win hearts with its authentic and delightful dishes.

PF Changs Catering Packages Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Packages
Pf Changs Catering Packagesservesprice
Get Together (Per Person Choose)10 people$205
2 Dim Sum or Appetizers
2 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees
Gathering (Per Person Choose)20 people$370
3 Dim Sum or Appetizers
3 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees
Whole Kitchen (Per Person Choose)30 people$495
4 Dim Sum or Appetizers
4 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees

Pf Changs Catering Appetizers Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Appetizers
Lettuce Wrapsservescaloriesprice
Chicken Pan6-8 persons2920$56
Vegetarian Pan6-8 persons2560$56
Green Crispy Beans
The spicy dipping sauce, Tempura-battered– Pan6-8 persons3960$44
Pork Ribs Spare BBQ
 BBQ Asian sauce with pork ribs Braised– Pan24 pieces3240$60
Tossed kosher salt Pan6-8 persons1600$36
Brussels Sprouts Kung Pao
Wok Brussels sprouts, peanuts, pods chili, Pao sauce – Pan6-8 persons2880$40
Chili Garlic Beans Green
Chili sauce Fiery red, Sichuan preserves, fresh garlic– Pan6-8 persons2120$36

PF Changs Catering Dim Sum Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Dim Sums
HANDMADE DUMPLINGSpricecaloriespriceserves
Chili drizzle sauce, Steamed/Pan-fried
Pork Pan24 pieces1740/2050$52Each pan serves 6-8
Shrimp Pan24 pieces1160/1470$52Each pan serves 6-8
Sweet & chili sauce, Crispy rolls with julienned veggies– Pan24 pieces2970$48Each pan serves 6-8
Onion, plum Spicy sauce, Creamy crab, bell pepper– Pan24 pieces2360$52Each pan serves 6-8
Veggies Julienned, sour & sweet mustard sauce – Pan24 pieces5700$54Each pan serves 6-8

Pf Changs Catering Sushi Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Sushi
CALIFORNIA ROLLpricescaloriesprice
Kama Kani, avocado, sauce umami, cucumber Pan32 pieces1520$52
Spicy Sriracha, Ahi, cucumber pan32 pieces1200$56
Pan32 pieces1360$54

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Pf Changs Catering Main Entrees Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Main Entrees
Spicy Chickenservescaloriesprice
Spicy & sweet chili sauce, Onion Pan6-8 persons3360$80
Ginger Broccoli Chicken
Ginger & garlic, green onion, broccoli – Pan6-8 persons1920$76
Sesame Chicken
Sesame sauce, bell peppers, broccoli, onion Pan6-8 persons3480$72
Sour & Sweet Chicken
Sour &Sweet  sauce, bell peppers, onion, pineapple, ginger – Pan6-8 persons3440$66
Crispy Honey Chicken
Lightly battered, honey sauce, green onion Pan6-8 persons4080$76
Kung Pao Chicken
Spicy Sichuan chili sauce, green onion, peanuts, red chili peppers – Pan6-8 persons3840$80
Catering Orange Chicken
Lightly battered, citrus chili sauce, fresh orange slices6-8 persons3440$66
Kung Pao Shrimp
Sichuan chili sauce, green onion, peanuts, red chili peppers – Pan6-8 persons3040$88
Lobster Sauce With Shrimp
Asian mushrooms, egg, beans chopped, green onion Pan6-8 persons2000$80
Mongolian Beef
Sweet soy, garlic, green onion – Pan6-8 persons3080$92
Pepper Steak
Pepper-garlic sauce, onion, flank steak, bell pepper – Pan6-8 persons2560$80
Beef With Broccoli
Flank steak, green onion, ginger-garlic aromatics, steamed broccoli – Pan6-8 persons2680$76
Honey Crispy Shrimp
Honey sauce, Lightly battered, Green onion- Pan6-8 persons4080$86
Buddha’s Feast Stir-Fried
5 spice tofu, shiitakes, savory sauce, green beans, broccoli, carrots – Pan6-8 persons1520$60
Buddha’s Feast Steamed6-8 persons1040$60
Stir-Fried Eggplant
Chinese eggplant, green onion, sweet chili soy, garlic – Pan6-8 persons2120$60

Pf Changs Catering Noodles & Rice Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Noodles & Rice
Pad Thai Chickenservescaloriesprice
Noodles Rice, Tofu, Spices Thai, Green onion, peanuts Pan6-8 persons4920$72
Signature Lo Mein
Asian vegetables, Wok-tossed noodles, savory soy sauce
Chicken Pan6-8 persons3800$64
Vegetable Pan6-8 persons3040$60
Fried Rice
Egg with tossed Wok, bean sprouts, carrots, green onion
Combo Pan6-8 persons4800$68
Chicken Pan6-8 persons4400$60
Vegetable Pan6-8 persons3640$56

Pf Changs Catering Salads Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Salads
CRUNCH SALAD MANDARINservescaloriesprice
Mandarin vinaigrette pan, rice sticks, almonds mandarin orange, vegetables, cabbage
CRUNCH SALAD MANDARIN6-8 persons750$58
With Chicken6-8 persons750$74
With Salmon6-8 persons750$78
Toasted sesame seeds, parmesan, Romaine, wonton croutons – Pan
ASIAN CAESAR SALAD6-8 persons410$58
With Chicken6-8 persons410$74
With Salmon6-8 persons410$78

Pf Changs Catering Beverages Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Beverages
Iced Tea, Freshly Brewed (half gal.)0$10
Lemonade (half gal.)1280$10
Strawberry Lemonade (per bottle)150$4.50

Pf Chang’s Catering Desserts Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Desserts
Chocolate Wallcaloriesprice
6 layers of Cake, Frosting Chocolate
Sweet Semi Chips Chocolate – Slice1700$12
Cheesecake, New York-Style
Cheesecake Creamy, Crust Cracker Graham, Berries940$9.50

Pf Changs Catering Gluten-Free Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Gluten-Free
Pf Changs Catering Gluten-Free Cateringservescaloriesprice
Chicken Lettuce Wraps6-8 persons2920$58
Spicy Chicken6-8 persons3360$84
Mongolian Beef6-8 persons3080$96
Beef with Broccoli6-8 persons4080$80
Catering GF Fried Rice
Combo6-8 persons4800$72
Chicken6-8 persons4400$64
Vegetable6-8 persons3640$60
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce6-8 persons2000$84
Chicken Pad Thai6-8 persons4920$76

Pf Changs Catering Menu Top Picks

Dive into the heart of P.F Chang’s menu with an array of dishes that capture the essence of both traditional and innovative Asian cuisine. These top favorites, renowned for their rich flavors and authenticity, have become the signature dishes of PF Changs Catering.

Hand-Folded Crab Wontons

Delicately hand-folded to perfection, these wontons hide a treasure of the freshest crab meat, complemented by plum sauce, bell pepper, and green onions. Every bite promises a creamy delight, beautifully presented and irresistibly aromatic.

Dynamite Shrimp

As electrifying as its name suggests! Experience a burst of flavor with every bite of the ocean’s finest shrimp, married perfectly with a blend of spices. The audible crunch harmonizes with the zesty sriracha aioli, offering a treat that’s also dairy-free.

Chang’s Spicy Chicken

A harmonious blend of sweet meets spicy! This dish is a flavorful dance of tender chicken, tangy chili sauce, and fresh green onions. Should your taste buds need respite from its fiery charm, a bowl of white rice awaits to soothe.

Buddha’s Feast

A vegetarian’s paradise on a plate! Relish the taste of perfectly seasoned five-spice tofu, combined with the crunch of green beans, broccoli, and carrots, all drenched in an exquisite rice wine and mushroom soy sauce. Truly, a feast worthy of its name!

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Capturing the essence of spring in a roll, these vegetable delights promise a harmonious balance in every bite. Crispy, savory, and satisfying, they bring forth the perfect blend of flavors, ensuring a culinary experience that’s both refreshing and hearty.

How to Place an Order at Pf Changs Catering

Ordering from P.F. Chang’s is straightforward and convenient. Here are the steps to guide you:

  • Choose Your Platform: You can order either through their official website or by using their mobile app. Both options support delivery, takeout, and curbside pick-up.
  • Access and Download: Visit P.F. Chang’s official website or download their mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  • Select Your Package: Browse through the catering packages available, then input either your zip code for pickup or complete delivery address.
  • Personalize Your Order: Dive into the menu to choose and customize your catering platter.
  • Review and Checkout: Ensure all items in your cart are correct before finalizing your order.

Pf Chang’s Customer Services

Frequently Asked Questions about Pf Changs Catering

In Conclusion

P.F. Chang’s masterfully blends the charm of a gourmet restaurant with the authenticity of a traditional eatery. Whether you’re in the mood for the tang of chili sauce or the zing of crispy chicken, P.F. Chang’s promises a culinary journey that spans the globe, right from your plate.

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