PF Changs Catering Menu Prices 2024

Established in 1993, PF Chang’s has become known for its unique blend of Chinese-inspired cuisine served in an upscale bistro setting. This popular chain offers an extensive catering menu that includes everything from large party starters to main entrees, and even gluten-free options, ensuring a memorable dining experience for events ranging from small gatherings to grand celebrations.

They pride themselves on delivering top-notch service and using fresh ingredients, including herbs and spices imported from China, to create authentic and flavorful dishes.

PF Chang’s Catering is dedicated to providing a range of options to suit various dietary needs and preferences, making it a go-to option for quality catering services​

Pf Chang’s Catering Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Packages Prices

Pf Changs Catering menu
Get Together (Per Person Choose)10 people$205
– 2 Dim Sum or Appetizers
– 2 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees
Gathering (Per Person Choose)20 people$370
– 3 Dim Sum or Appetizers
– 3 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees
Whole Kitchen (Per Person Choose)30 people$495
– 4 Dim Sum or Appetizers
– 4 Noodles & Rice or Main Entrees

Pf Chang’s Appetizers

Chicken Lettuce Wraps6-8 persons2920$56
Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps6-8 persons2560$56
Green Crispy Beans6-8 persons3960$44
Pork Ribs Spare BBQ24 pieces3240$60
Edamame6-8 persons1600$36
Brussels Sprouts Kung Pao6-8 persons2880$40
Chili Garlic Beans Green6-8 persons2120$36

Dim Sum Menu Prices

HANDMADE DUMPLINGS Pork24 pieces1740/2050$52Each pan serves 6-8
HANDMADE DUMPLINGS Shrimp24 pieces1160/1470$52Each pan serves 6-8
SPRING ROLLS VEGETABLE24 pieces2970$48Each pan serves 6-8
WONTONS CRAB HAND FOLDED24 pieces2360$52Each pan serves 6-8
EGG & PORK ROLLS24 pieces5700$54Each pan serves 6-8

Sushi Menu Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Packages
CALIFORNIA ROLL32 pieces1520$52
TUNA ROLL SPICY32 pieces1200$56

Main Entrees Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Appetizers
Spicy Chicken6-8 persons3360$80
Ginger Broccoli Chicken6-8 persons1920$76
Sesame Chicken6-8 persons3480$72
Sour & Sweet Chicken6-8 persons3440$66
Crispy Honey Chicken6-8 persons4080$76
Kung Pao Chicken6-8 persons3840$80
Catering Orange Chicken6-8 persons3440$66
Kung Pao Shrimp6-8 persons3040$88
Lobster Sauce With Shrimp6-8 persons2000$80
Mongolian Beef6-8 persons3080$92
Pepper Steak6-8 persons2560$80
Beef With Broccoli6-8 persons2680$76
Honey Crispy Shrimp6-8 persons4080$86
Buddha’s Feast Stir-Fried6-8 persons1520– $60
Buddha’s Feast Steamed6-8 persons1040$60
Stir-Fried Eggplant6-8 persons2120$60

Noodles & Rice Menu with Prices

Pf Chang’s Catering Dim Sums
Pad Thai Chicken6-8 persons4920$72
Signature Lo Mein Chicken6-8 persons3800$64
Signature Lo Mein Vegetable6-8 persons3040$60
Fried Rice Combo6-8 persons4800$68
Fried Rice Chicken6-8 persons4400$60
Fried Rice Vegetable6-8 persons3640$56

Salads Menu with Prices

CRUNCH SALAD MANDARIN6-8 persons750$58
CRUNCH SALAD MANDARIN With Chicken6-8 persons750$74
CRUNCH SALAD MANDARIN With Salmon6-8 persons750$78
ASIAN CAESAR SALAD6-8 persons410$58
ASIAN CAESAR SALAD With Chicken6-8 persons410$74
ASIAN CAESAR SALAD With Salmon6-8 persons410$78

Beverages Prices

Iced Tea, Freshly Brewed (half gal.)0$10
Lemonade (half gal.)1280$10
Strawberry Lemonade (per bottle)150$4.50

Desserts Menu

Chocolate Wall1700$12
Cheesecake, New York-Style940$9.50

Pf Chang’s Gluten-Free Catering

Chicken Lettuce Wraps6-8 persons2920$58
Spicy Chicken6-8 persons3360$84
Mongolian Beef6-8 persons3080$96
Beef with Broccoli6-8 persons4080$80
Catering GF Fried Rice Combo6-8 persons4800$72
Catering GF Fried Rice Chicken6-8 persons4400$64
Catering GF Fried Rice Vegetable6-8 persons3640$60
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce6-8 persons2000$84
Chicken Pad Thai6-8 persons4920$76

Pf Chang’s Catering Sushi

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Pf Chang’s Catering Main Entrees
Pf Chang’s Catering Noodles & Rice
Pf Chang’s Catering Salads
Pf Chang’s Catering Beverages
Pf Chang’s Catering Desserts
Pf Chang’s Catering Gluten-Free

How to Place an Order at Pf Changs Catering

Ordering from P.F. Chang’s is straightforward and convenient. Here are the steps to guide you:

  • Choose Your Platform: You can order either through their official website or by using their mobile app. Both options support delivery, takeout, and curbside pick-up.
  • Access and Download: Visit P.F. Chang’s official website or download their mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  • Select Your Package: Browse through the catering packages available, then input either your zip code for pickup or complete delivery address.
  • Personalize Your Order: Dive into the menu to choose and customize your catering platter.
  • Review and Checkout: Ensure all items in your cart are correct before finalizing your order.

Pf Chang’s Customer Services

In Conclusion

P.F. Chang’s masterfully blends the charm of a gourmet restaurant with the authenticity of a traditional eatery. Whether you’re in the mood for the tang of chili sauce or the zing of crispy chicken, P.F. Chang’s promises a culinary journey that spans the globe, right from your plate.

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