Starbucks Catering Menu Prices 2023 with Reviews

Starbucks Catering Menu Prices are the most curious menu. Starbucks is a popular coffee company. Many people love to drink coffee from here. This company began operations in 1971. 

starbucks catering prices

Starbucks caters offers different coffee beans such as roasted beans, whole beans, ground beans, to customers.

Starbuck Catering coffee brand is present in different countries across the globe. If someone is holding a function, they can get Starbucks catering to help entertain guests.

A brief history of Starbucks

The first coffee shop got opened in Seattle, Washington. Founders included Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, as well as George Bowker.

This company began selling coffee beverages apart from coffee beans when it experienced growth across the years.

Starbucks Menu can now be found in more than 20,000 locations across the globe. This company is famous for its quality service as well as coffee beverages. Apart from letting customers drink coffee in their coffee shops, they provide catering services to customers.

Different activities like school activities, business conferences, company meetings, etc. can use this exciting Starbucks coffee catering.

It is possible to enjoy various food items to go with the coffee. Starbucks menu includes donuts, pastries, salads, etc. A customer can expect to get the best service onsite as well as when it comes to delivery.

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Starbucks Catering Menu with Prices

Starbucks Catering menu with prices

Starbucks Catering Coffee & Tea Menu

It is important to know the Starbucks Catering Menu before ordering this service from them. Starbucks menu includes coffee, this can be regular or decaf according to your wishes.

Pastries can even be ordered. The Starbucks catering menu includes butter croissant, classic coffee cake, blueberry muffin, espresso brownie, Sargent choice muffins with whole wheat triple berry, Sargent choice muffins with whole wheat corn, coffee almond bar, top pot donuts with classic glazed, top pot donuts with chocolate glazed, apple fritter, etc.

You can check out what the Starbucks menu will be in the area that you stay in. Generally, these are the things that can be expected.

starbucks catering coffee

Starbucks Catering Prices

Before deciding to get Starbucks catering services, it is necessary to know how much they cost. The prices may differ according to location. Generally, 12 coffees will cost around $12.95. The Starbucks coffee traveler price will be around $15.

The pastries will be in the range of $1.90, $1.75, etc. The Starbucks catering prices should be checked carefully in the location that one is.

Starbucks Catering Coffee Menu Prices

Starbucks Catering Coffee MenuPrices
Starbucks Coffee Information
Coffee Regular or Decaf: 96 fl. oz. (Serves 12)$12.95

Starbucks Catering Bakery Items

Starbucks is now offering a bakery menu with all sorts of new sweet treats! The items on the menu include muffins, scones, brownies, cookies and more.

Starbucks fans will not want to miss out on these delicious new items. Check out the Starbuccks bakery menu today!

Starbucks Catering Menu with Prices in 2023

Starbucks Pastry MenuPrices
Butter Croissant$1.90
Classic Coffee Cake$2.80
Blueberry Muffin$1.90
Espresso Brownie$1.90
Sargent Choice Muffins with Whole Wheat Triple Berry$1.90
Sargent Choice Muffins with Whole Wheat Corn$1.90
Toffee Almond Bar$1.90
Top Pot Donuts with Classic Glazed$1.75
Top Pot Donuts with Chocolate Glazed$1.75
Top Pot Donuts with$1.75
Apple Fritter$1.95

Starbucks Catering Menu Refreshers & Iced Coffee

Starbucks Catering coffee traveler is another option that is good. This is a convenient carrier that has 96 fl. Oz. of their featured tasty medium-roasted brewed coffee. This is a good option for meetings, picnics, and other occasions.

4 Types Of Starbucks Coffee Travelers

Starbucks offers four distinct types of coffee for travelers, each with a unique taste profile that depends on the type of coffee beans used and their roast level.

To ensure a satisfying experience, it’s recommended to choose the preference of the majority.

1. Starbucks Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend, Bright Sky)

  1. Blonde Roast (Veranda Blend, Bright Sky) The Blonde roast is a popular choice among coffee lovers who prefer a lighter, sweeter coffee.
  2. Its smooth texture and delicate flavor make it the most commonly ordered roast type at Starbucks.
  3. This blend has a lighter flavor mixture of milk, sugar, vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t like strong espresso flavors.

2. Starbucks Dark Roast (Sumatra, Cafe Verona, Morning Joe, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, French Roast)

  1. Dark Roast (Sumatra, Cafe Verona, Morning Joe, Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, French Roast) For those who need a strong and robust coffee to keep them alert through a long workday, the Dark roast is the way to go.
  2. This blend is the strongest-tasting coffee among the four options, making it perfect for early mornings or high-pressure meetings.
  3. Its rich, bold flavor screams caffeine and is a favorite among coffee drinkers of all ages.

3. Starbucks Pike Place Roast (Breakfast Blend, Columbia, House Blend)

  1. Pike Place Roast (Breakfast Blend, Columbia, House Blend) If you prefer a well-balanced coffee taste, you can’t go wrong with the Pike Place Roast.
  2. Developed by Starbucks’ master blenders and roasters in 2008, this blend has been a fan favorite ever since.
  3. It boasts a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, with smooth, rich notes of cocoa and toasted nuts from Latin America.
  4. It’s not too strong or too sweet, making it an ideal coffee for any time of day.

4. Starbucks Decaf Pike Place Roast

  1. Decaf Pike Place Roast For those who love the taste of coffee but are intolerant to caffeine or prefer to avoid it altogether, Starbucks offers the Decaf Pike Place Roast.
  2. This decaf version of the Pike Place Roast preserves the rich taste of the original blend, even though 96% of its caffeine content has been removed.
  3. You can still enjoy the delicious flavors of cocoa and nuts without worrying about sleepless nights or palpitations.

Starbucks offers a range of coffee options to suit any taste preference or caffeine requirement.

Whether you’re looking for a light and sweet coffee, a robust and bold blend, a well-balanced flavor, or a decaf option, Starbucks has got you covered.

So next time you’re on the go, don’t forget to try one of their delicious coffee blends!

Starbucks Menu Breakfast

Starbucks is a coffee chain that many people enjoy, whether it’s for the coffee, the food or the atmosphere. The menu for breakfast can be a little daunting if you’re not sure what to order.

Here, we will give you an overview of some of the most popular items on the Starbucks breakfast menu. Whether you’re a regular at Starbucks or just visiting, this post will help you make the right choice!

Starbucks Catering Lunch & Snacks

If you’re looking for a delicious and affordable catering option for your next meeting or event, look no further than Starbucks! They offer a wide range of breakfast, lunch, and snack options that are perfect for any occasion.

Plus, Their friendly and experienced staff will ensure that your event goes smoothly from start to finish. Contact them today to learn more about our catering services!

Why Starbucks Catering Menu?

It is important to know why it is a good idea to choose Starbucks Catering Menu when one is looking for a catering service. This company is a trusted one in this business.

They can be trusted to give good quality service and that in many countries. One should select a coffee shop that can allow guests to have the best coffee. It is necessary to make guests happy and enjoy your event.

It is also simple and convenient to use the Starbucks catering menu as nearly all the stores accept deliveries as well as orders from customers.

Starbucks offers many other scrumptious food products apart from coffee. This is another reason why one should try out their catering service. You will not need to find another shop to get pastries from.

Starbucks Menu has good packaging for their products which can be seen with the Starbucks coffee box. These are strong, so they keep the products safe and fresh. They are attractive as well so guests will like them.

Starbucks vs Dunkin Donuts vs McCafe

Drink TypeStarbucksDunkin’DonutsMcCafe
Hot CoffeesStarbucks offers taste-rich, strong flavors with a great variety.Dunkin’Donuts’ hot coffees are lighter, less powerful, and average-priced.McCafe’s hot coffees are tasteful, cheaper than Starbucks but lack variety.
Iced TeasStarbucks offers an extensive variety of robust, highly caffeinated flavors.Dunkin’Donuts offers highly caffeinated iced teas with limited variety.McCafe’s iced teas are less caffeinated and lack variety, but are cheaper than competitors.
Cold CoffeesStarbucks’ cold coffees are naturally smooth and sweet, with a powerful aroma and great variety.Dunkin’ Donuts’ cold coffees have a unique and distinctive flavor but lack variety.McCafe’s cold coffees are sweeter than Starbucks, with fewer flavors and a lighter taste.
Hot & Cold DrinksStarbucks offers robust energy and power-boost drinks with excellent taste and variety, with an affordable luxury.Dunkin’ Donuts has less variety than Starbucks but much cheaper in price.McCafe’s drinks are okay in taste, with less variety and an average price.

Steps to use Starbucks Catering Menu services

If you are interested in using these services, then you will want to know how to order from them. The steps are simple to use Starbucks Menu services,

  1. Customers need to begin by figuring out what location they wish to order from. It is advisable to choose the one that is close to the event. In case there is an issue, this can be solved easily.
  2. Customers should then choose what type of coffee and product they wish to get. This can be regular coffee, tea, coffee beverages. It is necessary even to figure out if they want these to be cold or hot.
  3. Starbucks Catering is suggested that customers place orders about an hour prior to the event. This depends on how many guests they will be.
  4. If the function is a big one, then it is better to order about 2-3 hours before. This is so that everything can be done perfectly.
  5. Starbucks catering menu is possible for customers to pick up orders.
  6. They can even choose to have them delivered to the particular venue that the event will be held. Cash, as well as credit, will be accepted for the orders.

Those people who want to order from a quality, fast as well as a reliable company then Starbucks Menu will be liked by them. Their guests will surely enjoy the delicious coffee and pastries that go with it.

Starbucks Customer Services

Starbucks Social Media Accounts

Starbucks Hours in 2023

You can buy one of the handcrafted potions (grande or bigger) and get another one for free. This Starbucks Buy One Get One offer is used using a happy hour coupon from the app.

  • Starbucks Monday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Starbucks Tuesday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Starbucks Wednesday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Starbucks Thursday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Starbucks Friday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM
  • Starbucks Saturday Hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Starbucks Catering Reviews

If you’re in the market for some delicious Starbucks catering, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered all of the best reviews from real customers to help make your decision easier.

From breakfast items to decadent desserts, there’s something for everyone here. Starbucks offers a variety of catering services.

Whether you need coffee and pastries for a meeting or a full meal for an event, Starbucks has you covered.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Starbucks’ catering menu and pricing to help you decide if it’s the right option for your next event.

Starbucks Catering Menu FAQs

How much is a box of coffee from Starbucks?

For your next gathering, why not pick up a box of Starbucks coffee? Starbucks comes in three sizes perfect for any crowd – 12 servings starting at $24.99! Each box contains 96oz of the featured medium roast and individual cups so everyone can enjoy it just how they like it.

How much does the Starbucks traveler cost?

Starbucks travelers make great gifts for the coffee lover in your life – and it won’t break the bank with prices ranging from just under $16 to a maximum of $20!

How much does a gallon of Starbucks coffee cost?

A gallon of Starbucks Coffee will cost you around $50.

How much does a carafe cost at Starbucks?

Refresh your morning with a carafe of extraordinary espresso! Starbucks’ selection of savory, aromatic coffee is perfect for sharing and comes at around $30 – although prices may vary depending on the blend..

How many people does a Starbucks traveler serve?

Starbucks Traveler amazing product holds 96 fl. oz. of your favorite beverage, enough to provide refreshment for up to 12 people all in one go.

How many does a box of Starbucks serve?

If you’re looking to party, these boxes are perfect for any size occasion! With three sizes available – 1-gallon, 2.5-gallon or 5– gallon – and varying price points ranging from $20-$90 depending on your event’s guest list of up to 16, 40 or 80 people respectively; they have something suitable whatever the scale of celebration.

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