Starbucks Catering Menu with Prices 2024

Starbucks offers a great selection for any event or meeting with their catering menu. You can pick from different packages, like the “Dozen Sweets and Treats” for $29.99, which has brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and sugar cookies. They also have a bagel pack called “9 Bagels and Cream Cheese” for $24.99, where you get nine different bagels with cream cheese.

If you like pastries, they offer “Dozen Croissants and Danish” and “Dozen Coffee Cakes and Doughnuts” for $29.99 and $27.99, which include a mix of croissants, danishes, coffee cakes, and doughnuts. There’s also a “Dozen Assorted Pastries” package for $24.99 with a mix of doughnuts, cakes, danishes, croissants, and bagels.

For coffee, the Coffee Travelers menu has options like a 96-ounce coffee for $14.95 or bigger sizes like 2.5 gallons for $45.00 and 5 gallons for $90.00. These choices make it easy to find something everyone will like at your event, all with the well-known Starbucks quality.

Starbuck Catering menu highlights,

The image displays a catering menu from Starbucks, featuring a variety of food packages and coffee traveler options with detailed descriptions and prices.
Starbucks Catering Menu: Delicious assortment of pastries and coffee options for every event.

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Catering Packages Prices at Starbucks

Dozen Sweets and Treats$29.994 Brownies, 4 Chocolate Chip Cookies, and 4 Sugar Cookies
9 Bagels and Cream Cheese$24.999 assorted Bagels, and Cream Cheese
Dozen Croissants and Danish$29.993 Cheese Danish, 3 Almond Danish, 3 Chocolate Croissants, and 3 Butter Croissants
Dozen Coffee Cakes and Doughnuts$27.996 Coffee Cakes, and 6 Doughnuts
Dozen Assorted Pastries$24.992 Doughnuts, 2 Coffee Cakes, 2 Cheese Danish, 2 Butter Croissants, 2 Chocolate Croissants, and 2 Bagels with Cream Cheese

Starbucks Coffee Travelers Menu Prices

Size & RoastPrice
96 ounces Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$14.95
2.5 gallons Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$45.00
5 gallons Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$90.00

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