Starbucks Catering Coffee Menu Prices 2024

Starbucks Catering offers coffee and food for events like meetings or parties. You can buy large amounts of coffee starting at $12.95, which is enough for around 12 people. They also sell snacks like croissants and muffins, with prices starting from $1.75. To order, just pick the Starbucks closest to you, choose what you want, and order before your event, especially if you have a lot of guests.

The cost can change depending on where you are and what you choose. Starbucks is known for good service and they let you pick up your order or can deliver it to you. This service is handy for providing quality coffee and snacks at events.

Starbucks Coffee Travelers Menu Prices

Size & RoastPrice
96 ounces Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$14.95
2.5 gallons Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$45.00
5 gallons Dark, Medium, or Blonde Roast$90.00

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