Zoes Kitchen Catering Menu with Prices 2023

Zoes Kitchen Catering: Should you believe that “fast food” and “healthy” are mutually exclusive terms, Zoes Kitchen is here to challenge your preconceptions.

This innovative, Mediterranean-inspired fast-food restaurant employs fresh, quality ingredients to create meals that are not only delicious but also nutritious, encouraging people to gather and enjoy fantastic food together.

Zoes Kitchen Catering

Zoes Kitchen offers a versatile catering menu, perfect for any event, be it a small, intimate family gathering requiring savory delights, or extensive corporate functions. With a diverse range of catering packages available, Zoes Kitchen can accommodate events of varying sizes.

The catering offerings feature party starters suitable for 10-15 guests, individually boxed lunches, and grilled gatherings—catering packages devised for large events serving 18-20 people, inclusive of party trays, assorted bowls, salads, sides, and desserts.

Additionally, a selection of refreshing beverages can be added to round out the meal experience.

What truly distinguishes Zoes Kitchen, beyond its commitment to wholesome, flavorful food, is the diversity within its catering menu. It offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices, an allergen guide, and even items that are Whole30 approved.

Moreover, the website highlights the most popular dishes, assisting you in making optimal selections. The assorted dip platter, baked falafel platter, and signature soups are excellent appetizers, while the three primary catering packages—Kabob, Pita, or Rollup—are sure to satisfy, filling guests with energy, positivity, and essential nutrients.

The boxed lunches feature an array of choices such as kabob combos, baked falafel plates, a variety of Greek chicken, lamb, and salmon pitas, rollups, sandwiches, and salad plates, each complemented by hummus.

You also have the flexibility to create your own boxed lunch assortments, with three distinctive options available: pita assortment, rollup assortment, or a popular combination of dishes, all served with Tzatziki.

At Zoes Kitchen, we transcend the traditional boundaries of fast food, offering a menu replete with diverse, healthy, and flavorful options, ensuring a catering experience that is as enriching as it is delicious. Whether you crave something light and refreshing or a hearty, fulfilling meal, our expansive menu is designed to cater to a multitude of preferences and dietary needs, bringing the joy of balanced, wholesome eating to your table.

Zoes Kitchen Catering Package Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Package
Zoes Kitchen Catering Packagesizeservesprice
Pita Package (Chicken, Falafel Pitas & Steak)Medium8-10$149.99
Kabob Package (Chicken Grilled Fresh & Steak Kabobs)Medium10-12$159.99
Rollup Package (Chicken, Spinach Feta Rollups & Steak)Medium8-10$139.99

Zoes Kitchen Catering Lunch Box Packages Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Lunch Box Packages
Zoes Kitchen Catering Lunch Box Packagesprice
Popular Assortment$127.99
Pita Assortment$115.99
Salad Assortment$132.99
Rollup Assortment$115.99
Kabob Combo$14.69
Roasted Corn & Avocado Cobb Salad780$10.49
Chicken Kabobs (Spicy)380$12.59
Chicken Kabobs340$11.99
Steak Kabobs470$15.19
Shrimp Kabobs190$13.19
Falafel Pita (Baked)530$10.29
Steak Pita520$12.19
Chicken Rollups620$10.79
Greek Grilled Chicken Pita 480$10.99
Rollup Spinach Feta 420$10.79
Steak Rollups580$11.49
Flt (Served On Multigrain Bread)610$9.79
Turkey Smashed Avocado Sandwich470$10.99
Traditional Greek550$9.39
Chicken Sandwich With Salad 600$9.99
Hummus And Salad Plate820$10.19
Falafel And Salad Plate900$10.69

Zoes Kitchen Catering Grilled Gatherings Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Grilled Gatherings
Grilled Gatherings Menucalorieprice
Chicken Kabobs340$11.99
Kabob Combo$14.69
Shrimp Kabobs190$13.19
Chicken Kabobs (Spicy)380$12.59
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Plate380$11.49
Steak Kabobs470$15.19

Zoes Kitchen Catering Party Trays Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering  Party Trays
Zoes Kitchen Party Trayssizeservesprice
Greek Chicken (Pita)Small (10 Halves)4-6$45.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$79.39
Large (36 Halves)18-20$152.79
Falafel PitaSmall (10 Halves)4-6$45.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$79.39
Large (36 Halves)18-20$152.79
Chicken RollupsSmall (20 Halves)4-6$44.29
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$73.89
Large (72 Halves)18-20$147.79
Steak PitaSmall (10 Halves)4-6$59.79
Medium (18 Halves)8-10$99.89
Large (36 Halves)18-20$199.69
Steak RollupSmall (20 Halves)4-6$54.99
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$91.79
Large (72 Halves)18-20$183.39
Spinach Feta (Rollup)Small (20 Halves)4-6$44.29
Medium (36 Halves)8-10$73.89
Large (72 Halves)18-20$147.79
Chicken Sandwich With Salad Small (10 Halves)4-64-6
Medium (18 Halves)8-108-10
Large (36 Halves)18-2018-20
FLT (Served On Multigrain Bread)Small (10 Halves)4-64-6
Medium (18 Halves)8-108-10
Large (36 Halves)18-2018-20

Zoes Kitchen Catering Party Starters Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering  Party Starters
Party Starterssizecalorieservesprice
Baked Falafel Include Lemon Herb Tahini PlatterMedium10-15$35.59
Baked Falafel Include Lemon Herb Tahini PlatterLarge20-30$45.79
Choice of Assorted Dip Platter Medium (3 1/2 Pints)10-15$32.99
Choice of Assorted Dip PlatterLarge (3 Pints)20-30$45.99
Mediterranean Green Lentil SoupQuart3303-5$14.59
Chicken Orzo Soup (Served With Pita)Quart1303-5$14.79
Tomato BisqueQuart3803-5$14.59

Zoes Kitchen Catering Bowls Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Bowls
Zoes Kitchen Bowlssizecalorieprice
Cauliflower RiceSmall360$66.29
Chicken Cauliflower Small360$78.49
Falafel Cauliflower (Rice)Small360$78.49

Zoes Kitchen Catering Salads Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Salads
Salads Menusizecalorieservesprice
Roasted Corn & Avocado CobbSmall7804-6$30.59

Zoes Kitchen Catering Sides Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Sides
Cauliflower RiceSmall904-6$14.29
Roasted Corn (Fire)Small1104-6$10.69
Chicken SaladSmall3904-6$13.29
White Beans (Braised) Small1904-6$10.69
Pasta SaladSmall1804-6$10.69
Grilled Potato (Salad)Small2404-6$10.69
Potato SaladSmall2304-6$10.69
Pita BreadSmall1604-6$10.19
Turmeric RiceSmall1504-6$10.69
Roasted VegetablesSmall1304-6$10.69
Original Sea Salt – Deep River Snacks150$1.99
Pita Bread160$1.99
Lemon Tahini (Herb)Half Pint80$6.69
HarissaHalf Pint35$6.69
SkhugHalf Pint40$6.69
Salsa VerdeHalf Pint100$6.69
TzatzikiHalf Pint20$7.69
Spicy AioliHalf Pint170$6.69

Zoes Kitchen Catering Desserts Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Desserts
Cookie BowlLarge590$59.99
Whole Chocolate Cake (Yaya’s)600$45.99
Chocolate Chip (Cookie)600$2.99
Cookie BowlMedium400$35.99
Chocolate Cake (Yaya’s)410$3.99

Zoes Kitchen Catering Drinks Menu with Prices

Zoes Kitchen Catering Drinks
Sweet TeaGallon80$11.19
Unsweet TeaGallon$11.19
Spindrift Grapefruit$2.99
Spindrift Lemon$2.99
Spindrift Raspberry$2.99
Spindrift Blackberry$2.99
Open Water (Still)$2.49
Open Water (Sparkling)$2.49

Delight in the Culinary Excellence of Zoes Kitchen

If you’re yearning for a refreshing change from the typical fast-food items and are ready to indulge in something more exciting, Zoes Kitchen has an assortment of impeccable dishes just for you.

With its unique, fresh, and nutritious approach, our Mediterranean cuisine is bound to appeal to even the most discerning tastes.

Here are some of the standout food items from Zoes Kitchen that will undoubtedly have you coming back for more:

Chicken Kabobs

Chicken Kabobs remain a timeless favorite at Zoes Kitchen, encompassing 380 calories of nutritious, flavorful chicken paired with tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers, delivering a well-rounded meal. To elevate your dining experience, consider adding soup, dessert, hummus, and drinks for a complete culinary journey.

Cauliflower Rice Bowls

Bowls hold a special place in the Zoes Kitchen Menu, with the Cauliflower Rice bowl exemplifying the essence of authentic Mediterranean flavors. The harmonious blend of feta, chilled cauliflower, fresh dill, and cucumbers, accentuated with Skhug, promises a sensory delight. Drizzled with traditional Tzatziki, it can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or a flavorful side.

Falafel Pita

At 460 calories per serving, this wrapped falafel is a gourmet gift to your palate. It’s convenient, delectable, and can be customized to a vegan option by omitting feta and Tzatziki. Accompanied by Skhug, it serves as a warm, welcoming dish for any event, guaranteed to bring smiles all around. Available in 10, 18, and 36 halves, it can be adapted to suit the scale of your event seamlessly.

Chicken Orzo Soup

Listed as a party starter on Zoes Kitchen’s catering menu, a single serving of this savory, warm soup can satisfy up to five individuals. The classic fusion of noodles, tender chicken pieces, and orzo is sure to enchant your guests with its simplicity and richness.

Catering Orders with Zoes Kitchen

In partnership with DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats, Zoes Kitchen provides a user-friendly online platform offering two principal catering order options: delivery and pickup.

For those who prefer a more traditional approach, orders can be conveniently placed in person or via a phone call.

Please be aware that a minimum order value of $100 is required for delivering catering orders to homes or event venues.

Ordering Process

  1. Locate Your Nearest Zoes Kitchen or Specify Delivery Address: Enter your address or find the closest location for delivery options.
  2. Choose Date and Time: Select the desired date and time suitable for your event.
  3. Create Your Perfect Meal: Browse through our diverse menu to curate the ideal culinary experience for your guests, ensuring every preference is catered to.

Zoes Kitchen Catering Delivery Services

  • In-Store: Available for catering
  • Drive-Thru: Not available for catering
  • Home Delivery: Available for catering
  • Curbside Pickup: Not available for catering

Zoes Kitchen Catering Pros and Cons

Every individual may have a unique viewpoint shaped by their experiences and expectations, but we can still distill some generalized pros and cons to give you a sense of the food and service quality at Zoes Kitchen.

Exceptional customer serviceCleanliness concerns
Fresh and healthy offeringsService efficiency could be improved
Prompt deliveryPrices may be high for some customers
Extensive menu variety

Zoes Kitchen Customer Services

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FAQs Regarding Zoes Catering Menu

Final Thoughts

Zoes Kitchen catering presents a sophisticated and delightful dining experience for you and your guests. With an extensive array of menu selections and customizable packages, this Mediterranean fast-food chain can accommodate any event, from intimate family gatherings to large corporate functions, tailoring its offerings to meet your specific needs.

Relish in the diverse, fresh, and nutritious creations that add a vibrant touch to your event. With flexible options for pickup and delivery, the ease of online ordering, and a variety of payment solutions, organizing your event’s catering needs has never been more convenient.

Choose Zoes Kitchen and elevate your event with our innovative and delectable Mediterranean dishes.

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