Albertsons Catering Menu Prices 2024 – [Deli Trays Prices]

Albertsons Catering services have become essential to every occasion, whether it is a corporate gathering or a family gathering.

Albertsons, a well-known supermarket chain, provides various catering options for multiple occasions. This article will provide in-depth information regarding the Albertsons Food catering menu and why it should be your first choice for your upcoming event.

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Albertsons Food Menu Catering: Perfect for Any Occasion


  • The Albertsons menu offers a variety of appetizers to choose from.
  • From classic favorites like deviled eggs and chicken wings to exotic options like shrimp cocktails and spinach artichoke dip, their appetizers will impress your guests.
  • Their cheese and cracker platters are perfect for a light snack, while their fruit and vegetable platters are healthy and delicious.


  • Albertsons store catering menu has a wide range of entrees to choose from.
  • Their roasted turkey and honey-glazed ham are perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, while their BBQ brisket and smoked pulled pork is perfect for casual gatherings.
  • They also offer a variety of pasta dishes, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. Their shrimp scampi and grilled salmon are ideal for seafood lovers.
  • Albertson’s entrees menu along with their prices. Below is a list of entrees offered by Albertson’s catering menu.

Albertsons Desserts:

  • From traditional cakes and pies to sophisticated desserts like cheesecake and tiramisu, the Albertsons menu offers various dessert alternatives.
  • Their chocolate-covered strawberries and mini-cupcakes are ideal for a sweet snack, but their fruit tarts and cream puffs suit a more elegant dessert.

Albertsons Catering Menu with Prices

The catering menu at Albertsons offers a diverse selection of options. Albertsons’ assortment of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts is extensive. In addition, they provide customized catering options.

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There is something for everyone on the catering menu at Albertsons, from fresh salads and sandwiches to hot and exquisite entrees. There are also gluten-free and vegetarian options, so every guest’s needs can be met.

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Albertsons Deli Sandwiches Tray

Party tray
Hormel Gatherings Honey Ham and Turkey28Oz.$14.99
Hormel Gatherings Hard Salami and Pepperoni28Oz.$14.99
Deli Catering Tray
Sandwich Pinwheel16”$49.99
Sandwich Pinwheel12”$27.99
Fruit & Cheese (serves 4-6)$16.99
Turkey & Cheddar (1940 Cal)$14.99
Croissant Sandwich (serves 4-6, 2190 Cal)$14.99
Sandwich Hoagie16”$44.99
Fruit & Cheese16”$64.99
Nibbler Fruit & Cheese12”$24.99
Classic Meat & Cheese (serves 20-24)16”$54.99
Sandwich Party Roll16”$44.99
Sandwich Party Roll18”$49.99
Nibbler Fruit & Cheese18”$49.99
Wing Fling16”$49.99
Classic Meat & Cheese12”$29.99
Classic Meat & Cheese16”$54.99
Big Dipper16”$49.99
Sandwich Croissant16”$49.99
Sandwich Croissant18”$54.99
Sandwich Finger16”$39.99
Nibbler Meat & Cheese12”$24.99
Nibbler Meat & Cheese18”$49.99
Party Pack$64.99
Sandwich Submarine All American3”$44.99
Sandwich Pita Pocket18”$49.99
Sliced Cheese12”$18.99
Sliced Cheese16”$44.99
Italian Meat & Cheese16”$54.99
Sandwich Club Salad18”$39.99
Meat Lovers12”$27.99
Meat Lovers16”$54.99
Str Finger Sandwich Small$14.99

Albertson’s Catering Trays

Party Tray
Gatherings Hard Salami & Pepperoni28 oz.$14.99
Honey Ham & Turkey28 oz.$14.99
Tray Hard Salami14 oz.$9.99

Albertsons Seafood Deli

Ready Meal Tray Duo
Duo Seafood Salad with Crackers8 oz.590$4.99
Tuna Salad with Crackers8 oz.600$4.99


Ready Meal Tray Duo
Sliced Salami & Cheddar with Crackers8 oz.590$4.99
Chicken Salad with Cracker8 oz.550$4.99

Ready Meal

Spinach Dip Quad12 oz.490$4.99
Chicken Salad Duo8 oz.720$4.99

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Tasting Board12.5 oz.$17.99

Ready Chef Go

Deli Catering Tray Hye Roller4-6$16.99

Old Croc

Variety Pack12 oz.$12.99

Other affordable Catering Menus with Prices,

Customized Catering:

The catering menu at Albertsons also has options that can be changed to meet your needs. Whether you want a certain kind of food or can’t eat certain things, they can meet your needs.

Their team of expert chefs and caterers can help you create a menu that fits your tastes and preferences.

Albertsons Customer Services


Finally, Albertsons’ catering menu has various alternatives, including appetizers, meals, desserts, and customizable catering options.

Their trained chefs and catering staff can assist you in creating the ideal cuisine for your next occasion. Albertson’s catering menu should be your go-to option for impressing visitors with excellent food and impeccable service.

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